Planning for 2022: Incentives, Bonuses, and Variable Compensation

Astron Solutions

As with our review of 2022 compensation budgeting in the last Astronology® , predictions on how variable compensation will unfold are challenging. We explore the impact of these challenges on the continued use of variable compensation in the 2022 total rewards mix.

Cafe Classic: The Compensation Cookbook

Compensation Cafe

Editor's Note: Here, for a little midweek fun, we bring you Jim Brennan and his long-awaited, utterly authoritative and instantly gratifying dictionary of compensation decisions. Imagine having the solution to every pay issue in one volume! The Compensation Cookbook will solve all your problems. No compensation chef should be without this essential guide to serve up the ideal menu in your café, restaurant, or eatery .


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Cafe Classic: The Compensation Cookbook

Compensation Cafe

Editor's Note: In today's post, Jim Brennan serves up his Classic tale of The Answer to our compensation design and practice challenges. . Imagine having the solution to every pay issue in one volume! The Compensation Cookbook will solve all your problems. No compensation chef should be without this essential guide to serve up the ideal menu in your café, restaurant, or eatery .

10 Employee Incentive Programs to Engage Your Team


Incentives give employees something to strive for and provide tangible acknowledgement of their great work. When an incentive is offered, 85 percent of workers feel more motivated to do their best. What are employee incentive programs? The value of employee incentive programs.

Employee bonus programs: What’s right for your company?


A thoughtful, high-value employee bonus program can help make the difference between struggling to recruit and retain talented employees , and having a workplace that employees never want to leave. Employee bonus programs defined. Types of bonus programs. Performance-based bonus.

5 Best Compensation Management Software 2021

HR Lineup

One of the ways to achieve employee satisfaction is by designing an effective compensation plan that provides fair salaries and other pay programs like bonuses, commissions, equity, and more. However, this can be a challenge, especially if you still rely on a manual compensation system.

3 Reasons Great Equity Compensation Creates Great Responsibility

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More and more companies outside of the traditional sectors of technology, life sciences, finance are turning to equity compensation to reward their employees. Equity compensation can give companies superpowers. Companies work hard to hire the best people they can.

Astron’s Yearly Compensation Review Part II: Incentives, Bonuses, and Variable Compensation – Oh Boy!

Astron Solutions

As Astron’s clients begin their 2019 compensation program budgeting, we are often asked whether or not the practice of providing variable compensation will grow, shrink, or remain about the same as in 2018. Astron Solutions has seen many of its clients, both profit and not-for-profit, rethinking the use of variable compensation. employers gave out performance-based bonuses. Astron Solutions’ Observations and Recommendations. Photo by Lukas from Pexels.

SPAC Attack: Executive Compensation Top 10 List

Compensation Cafe

If you are reading this series ( SPAC Attack 1 , Equity Compensation ) of articles closely, you are probably working at a high-growth, privately-held company with aspirations of being an even higher-growth publicly traded company. Yes, even if you hire a consultant.

What is the Difference Between Benefits, Perks, Gifts, Awards, Incentives, and Rewards?


While most companies talk about employee perks, benefits, incentives, gifts, awards, and rewards in the same breath, the truth is, they each have their distinct characteristics and impact people in different ways. What are incentives?

Recruiting experts’ top 9 strategies to hire the best talent

HR Morning

In a perfect world, HR pros like yourselves would take as much time as necessary to find that great hire. But the reality is, you have many more tasks than just hiring to focus on, and managers are typically pestering you to find someone ASAP. No matter the size of your company or the time frame you have to make a hire, you can still find the best talent out there. 1 source of new hires, Lee says. Be honest about compensation.

Cafe Classic: Life Cycles and Compensation

Compensation Cafe

Compensation programs need to adapt to these different stages as companies grow and evolve. For example, compensation plans needed for start-ups are very different compared to those needed for mature companies. Let’s see how the various stages impact compensation. .

Compensation Planning in 7 Actionable Steps

Analytics in HR

Thorough compensation planning allows your organization to create compensation systems that reward employees fairly and support business goals. What exactly is compensation planning, what are its objectives, and how do you go about compensation planning in practice?

10 Ways HR Technology Helps Manage Labor Cost More Effectively

Netchex HR Blog

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, wages and salary costs make up about 70% of employer costs for employee compensation. Discover 10 ways HR departments can help manage labor cost more effectively through the use of HR technology. Time & attendance software.

9 Employee Bonus Ideas and How to Use Them Effectively

Semos Cloud

9 Employee Bonus Ideas and How to Use Them Effectively. What are different types of employee bonuses and how can you use them to increase retention and productivity in your organization? What Is Employee Bonus. What is an employee bonus in the first place? Signing bonus.

What COVID means to compensation


This is the second in a series on compensation during the pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has upended scores of traditional HR structures: hiring, recruiting, onboarding and compensation. This is the second in a series on compensation during the pandemic.

Compensate Accordingly

HRO Today

The great opening up of offices remains a work in progress, and part of that process involves renegotiating compensation plans for remote or hybrid employees. Many managers and CEOs remain confused about how to navigate these new compensation waters.

Critical Incentive Pay Lesson from a Jeopardy Champion

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This is where we can leverage Jeopardy to improve incentive plans. Most incentive plans are very heavily weighted toward “winning.” When you have already earmarked your potential incentive compensation, this risk of losing some of it can stop you from earning all of it. Incentive plans can be designed to offer measurable value if a real effort is made even when results may not be achieved. This provides an incentive to try.

Compensation Strategy and Culture: 3 Steps to Create Alignment

Analytics in HR

The compensation strategy plays a crucial role in ensuring clarity when making salary and benefits decisions within your organization. With a clear framework for compensation, you will be able to help your organization become more competitive when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

When Incentive Pay Goes Rogue!

Compensation Cafe

A friend of mine likes to say: “It’s not that incentive pay doesn’t work well, it’s that it works TOO well. When this happens, compensation professionals usually cry foul. Like any well-designed incentive compensation plan, Wells Fargo’s started with a strong company culture and a simple goal that required special effort. Where was the team whose counter-incentive plan was based on finding and correcting fraudulent activity on the part of plan participants?

Stuff Changes

Compensation Cafe

The way things change over time affects almost every compensation situation. What do you mean, the CEO bonus plan needs to be modified?” The executive compensation formula acceptable at a small startup operation in its early days before a steady positive income flow has been established may become unconscionable later. James (Jim) Brennan is an independent compensation advisor with extensive total rewards experience. S tuff changes.

The Thought Doesn’t Count

Compensation Cafe

I often say that the most important aspect of any incentive plan is its intent. The lack of technical expertise, proper recordkeeping and plan management tools, the lack of attention to detail, or a simple lack of ongoing focus can lead to a great idea resulting in little or no return.

Cafe Classic: Advice for Start-Up Compensation That Has Something for Everyone!

Compensation Cafe

Molly Graham, in an article for First Round, calls her approach to start-up compensation counterintuitive. She emerged on the other side that experience as a reward champion, extolling the value of a "solid, standardized compensation system.".

Another New Year- Time to Think About Bonuses

Affinity HR Group

With 2019 over and at the dawn of a new decade, it’s an ideal time to think about bonuses for 2020. Organizations of all sizes and across all industries use bonus programs as an important component of total compensation. There are many different types of bonus programs.

FABulous Pay Improves Talent Acquisition

Compensation Cafe

Your recruiters, staffing professionals and talent acquisition stars can do the same with your compensation plans (and you can easily help them). Examples include: 1) “Our pay philosophy is to offer moderate base pay with an industry-leading potential for incentive pay.”. 2) “We offer non-qualified stock options for every new hire and also have an annual grant program.”. Dan has written several industry resources including the recent Performance-Based Equity Compensation.

Compensation Package: A Guide For HR

Digital HR Tech

Offering an appealing and generous compensation package is an important part of your employee value proposition. To stand out from other organizations, what should your compensation package include and how do you go about assembling one? Contents What is a compensation package?

Compensation Surveys: Are They Necessary?

Astron Solutions

Finding the fairest and most motivating compensation for your team members is one of the most important jobs for HR leaders like you. A popular method of evaluating a fair employee compensation strategy is to refer to a valid compensation (or salary) survey. Compensation

Should You Hire a Certified Compensation Professional?


Assuring staff is compensated fairly, aligned with skills, experience, and market conditions, and that payroll drives your strategic plan forward is critical to business success. For many organizations, compensation is an afterthought. What is a certified compensation professional? .

Cafe Classic: What Do Dead Horses Have To Do With Compensation?

Compensation Cafe

Editor's Note: Is your compensation program a breeding ranch for dead horses? For each business example, I've created one for how it might look in Compensation: 1) This dead horse is too big to fail. In Compensation?

What is Compensation Management?


One of the main benefits of a good compensation management system is pay equity, but there are ample other benefits, like aiding in budget creation, attracting recruits, reducing turnover, and more. It’s important for business owners and HR leaders to know how compensation management works, the benefits, and what to consider before investing in an appropriate system. . What is compensation management? What are the objectives of compensation management?

Mid-Career Hires Are Tricky

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There's a lot to be said for hiring a highly experienced new employee for your team. Make the most of tested solutions that an experienced employee can bring for inevitable project challenges. Enjoy the new hire's confidence in the face of pressing deadlines. At the same time, mid-career hires are tricky. You tend to have a deeper personal connection, earlier, with mid-career hires than with candidates hired earlier in their careers. Incentives.

What is Employee Compensation?


A Compensation Glossary . Total Compensation: An employee’s total pay package includes their base compensation, often known as their base salary, as well as the value of their benefits package. How to determine compensation? Types of Compensation.

Is Your Equity an Endangered Species? Privately Held Companies Edition

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Equity, as a compensation tool, is a finite resource with an infinite value. Only a fraction of that amount can be used to compensate employees. When that approved fraction is gone, it may not be possible to use equity as a compensation tool any longer.

A Complete Guide to Total Compensation


What is Total Compensation? The total compensation package is an employee’s base compensation, also known as their base salary, plus the value of the benefits package they receive. The best strategy for executive total compensation is unique to every business.

Cafe Classic: The Innovator's Dilemma, Reward Plan Edition

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When a company's culture, which has been a key reason for its business success, becomes an impediment to necessary change, the reward system may be a primary culprit. The authors share the example of Digitt, a global technology and information services company.

Cafe Classic: Performance Pay for Gig Workers?

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Gig platforms are everywhere now. If you need something done, whether it’s a simple microtask or a complete overhaul of your marketing strategy, chances are there’s a gig worker on a platform somewhere that can do it for you. Rubric-based quality bonus: Quality bonuses can be tricky.

Best of the Force: Ask Yourself. What Job Did You Hire That Pay Plan to Do?

Compensation Force

Designing new compensation plans. The company then engaged one of Christensen's colleagues, who approached the situation by trying to learn what "job" the customers were "hiring" the milkshake to do. When do they have to "hire" other tools to get the job they are trying to do done?

How to Make Employee Incentive Programs Work for Your Company


This is where a well-designed employee incentive program comes in. How can you get your employee incentive program rolling? What is an employee incentive program? There are a few different ways to define an employee incentive program—which can get pretty confusing.

The Squeak of the Hamster Wheel

Compensation Cafe

Lately, I have been wondering what it will really take to change things in the world of compensation. It would seem that we have more than enough motivation to result in real changes to compensation practices that have been ineffective, or worse, seemingly forever.

Stop Wasting Money on Signing Bonuses: 3 Recruiting Incentives That Actually Work


Candidates may feel great about getting a 5–25% bonus check but having to sign a scary-sounding contract detailing what’s going to happen if they leave too soon feels icky. And if word gets out that signing bonuses were offered to some employees and not others? And what if you never needed to provide a bonus in the first place because the candidate would have accepted your offer no matter what? Incentive 2: A Complete, Holistic Understanding of Your Company’s Total Rewards.