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What Is Human Resources?

Analytics in HR

What is Human Resources? Human Resources is both a function and a department within an organization. As a function, HR covers the processes, practices, and strategies to attract, develop, and retain employees who contribute to the company’s overall success. What is HR Management?

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Building An HR Department: A Step-By-Step Guide

HR Tech Girl

Building an HR department is an exciting and challenging undertaking that will help your company grow and perform better, but it takes a thorough approach, patience, and strategic thinking. Lay faulty foundations of your HR function and you risk witnessing your business struggle over time or failing to reach the targeted success.


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Employee Cost: How to Calculate the Cost of an Employee?

HR Lineup

These include: Base Salary: The primary component of an employee’s compensation, typically determined by factors such as job role, experience, and market rates. Bonuses and Commissions: Additional incentives provided to employees based on performance, sales targets, or other predefined criteria.

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Types of Employee Benefits: 12 Benefits HR Should Know

Analytics in HR

The types of employee benefits an organization provides carry weight in today’s employment market. Compensation on its own is not enough to engage employees and attract job seekers who now expect more comprehensive rewards for their work. Contents What are employee benefits? Why are employee benefits important?

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Failed Incentive Programs: Why Some Fail & How to Fix Them


Failed incentive programs waste your company's time, money, resources, and trust. Fortunately, they're not a spontaneous, random occurrence that strikes businesses at will—they're often the result of a few common pitfalls. However, not every incentive hits the mark. What Is an Incentive Program? Undoubtedly, yes.

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Industry Insights: Senior Care


We have compiled the latest stats, arming you with all the data you need to make informed decisions when looking at your hiring plan. With no end date in sight, HR decision-makers will need to implement new technology to combat a candidate’s job market and show their current workforce they care. HIRING TIP. The Big Picture.

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Employee bonus programs: What’s right for your company?


A thoughtful, high-value employee bonus program can help make the difference between struggling to recruit and retain talented employees , and having a workplace that employees never want to leave. Here’s everything you need to think about at the outset of this journey, or if you’re in the process of reviewing existing plans.