Inside Workable: Scaling a sales team successfully


It’s not the easiest situation, but that’s where the sales team at Workable was at the end of 2018. Employer branding includes applications through Workable’s careers page. We used Workable’s Referrals platform to make it easy for everyone to refer someone they know. That’s why Workable’s sales team decided to add a cash bonus for successful referrals that motivates employees to look into their network and find people who’d fit in the team.

Building a winning engineering team: Workable CTO tells his story


When you talk to Spyros Magiatis about his experience building the engineering team that owns Workable’s recruitment software, you quickly understand that it was like Rome – it didn’t happen in a day.

Best job ad examples from the Workable job board


To inspire you, we dove into the Workable job board to identify some of the best job ad examples that are currently out there. 8 of the best job ad examples from the Workable job board: If you want to promote your company culture.

What is the future of HR technology? A Workable Chat


Workable It was very much two halves – the old incumbents with very large marketing budgets #WorkableChat. Workable and a lot of startups that were trying new things in the HR space #WorkableChat — Matt Buckland (@ElSatanico) October 30, 2014. emergingrecruit @Workable Both!

Why Structured Recruiting Creates Predictable Success

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We’ve partnered with Workable and put together some actionable steps that will put you on the path to predictable success: Set stages in your process. Data reporting is without a doubt one of the biggest topics of discussion across every industry.

Don’t blame AI for gender bias – blame the data


But, as reported, the data the system was fed to learn how to score candidates was “successful resumes” and “unsuccessful resumes” from the past 10 years. A good system can provide you with data you can’t find yourself (or don’t have the time to).

Next Up On The Workforce Landscape: Independence Pass

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They both pack a punch with data and graphs galore. This report has some great data and insights to help you think it through. China Gorman Contingent Workforce Data Point Tuesday Gig Economy Independent Workers McKinsey Global Institute

People-focused hiring and relationship building


RobLong @Workable Hi everyone. Workable we have some very unique challenges because of the space we are in. Workable competing with the likes of Google, FB, Twitter etc is something all tech companies are experiencing #WorkableChat — Natalie Ledbetter (@ShapewaysTalent) November 20, 2014. Workable considering that NYC isn’t really a hub for manufacturing, finding manufacturing professionals has been tough #workablechat — Natalie Ledbetter (@ShapewaysTalent) November 20, 2014.

Don’t forget the ‘human’ in Brexit HR implications


Although I spoke to other recruiters in the industry who expressed similar feelings, there was no concrete data to support the anecdotal evidence we all felt was so obvious. In the time since the vote, I also changed my role and moved to Workable.

Recruiting KPIs: time to fill


With more and more businesses take their hiring online, millions of jobs and candidates are finding each other through applicant tracking systems, so there’s an abundance of data to look at, including time to fill metrics. Benchmark data from Workable).

Key hiring metrics: Useful benchmarks for tech roles


So, to help you determine how effectively your company hires for tech roles, we’ve created benchmarks of key hiring metrics based on anonymized data from millions of candidates processed in our system. Get a demo to see how Workable helps you.

Time to hire: key recruiting KPIs to track


Hiring managers, business owners and recruiters need data that delivers actionable insights. Following the release of Workable’s new Reporting Center we’re taking an in-depth look at the four key performance indicators (KPIs) worth tracking. Benchmark data from Workable ).

HR Tech World takeaways: employer branding tools and international hiring tips


Workable (@Workable) October 28, 2015. Their data shows that their DIY content performed much better than their glossy, agency-produced content. Workable (@Workable) October 28, 2015. Workable (@Workable) October 28, 2015. Talk to us at @workable. Did you miss Day One of #HRTechWorld ? We’ve got you covered.

CRM List that you can parse in


Resume data or Jobs can be picked up from multiple source depending on where your data is generally stored. MyBizzMail Human Resource Workable Zoho Recruit Workboard Breezy HR People HR Boon SharpSpring Responder

Qualified candidates per hire: By location and business function


However, if you find yourself with a hiring process brimming with talented people, you can still keep them engaged: streamline your hiring and evaluate candidates fast using a system like Workable. How many qualified candidates do you need exactly in order to make an informed hiring decision?

3 Reasons to Consider Payroll Integration


Integrated HR payroll refers to the concept of synchronized data between payroll and the human resource information system (HRIS). In some cases, especially with small to medium sized companies, the light integration is a perfectly workable solution.

How Are Businesses Making the Most Out of Augmented Reality?


With AR innovation it is presently workable for us to identify issues with explicit items and fix them utilizing the stepwise direction of AR overlays. The technological scene is constantly advancing, bringing forth advancements that are quickly changing our lives to improve things.

Interviews per hire: recruiting KPIs


This means it’s doubly important to track what you can control, like your own recruiting efficiency and throughput, all of which can be found via Workable’s new Reporting Center. Benchmark data from Workable ).

Security Series 2 – Introduction

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Today, we are still hunting for a workable formula that recognizes the pace of economic and social change while increasing the quality of the employee’s attachment to the organization. “Almost all security problems, intentional or otherwise, come from people.

Best Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018

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We received a lot of interest in the post given this data set hadn’t been explored before, and figured it was time for an update! We hope the data presented here will help you get a sense for the overall market. The Data Set. The data set comes from Datanyze , a sales and investing intelligence platform. Workable. Workable. Workable and Workday both jump into the top 10 with 1.75% and 1.76% gains respectively. Issues with this data.

Qualified job candidates per hire: recruiting metrics that matter


While there is plenty of data on offer from key recruitment metrics, interpreting that data in a way that will improve your hiring process is complicated. Benchmark data from Workable ). How and what we need to measure in recruiting remains an active discussion.

Lessons from a distributed team


Like a lot of its peers Workable began life as a fully distributed team. Three years later, the Workable virtual teams are fast approaching 80 people. Workable belongs to the second of these and is significantly invested in two main hubs in the US and Greece.

The Best HR Tech for Mid-Market Companies


The company offers an interactive and highly customizable survey platform that provides enterprise-level reporting and data. The service also provides fully actionable data that allows management to address problem areas accordingly. Workable.

Best Applicant Tracking Systems

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We wanted to shed some light on the nebulous ATS landscape with a bit of data around marketshare, who’s growing the most, and who’s customers are staying the longest. Please use this data to widdle down your list to those solutions that are most relevant to your business. The Data Set.

7 recruitment metrics you should be tracking


There is a lot of data out there, but what are the most important metrics to look at? According to research from Workable , it can vary between 40 days for customer service roles and 62 days for engineering roles.

3 ATSs That Make it Easy to Be an Equal Opportunity Employer


Workable. An ATS, on the other hand, is built to help you juggle all of these compliance laws, or at least offer you the opportunity of storing the hard data that shows you haven’t violated any regulations. Workable. Workable. Workable’s interview scorecard.

Top 12 recruiting software for hiring technical talent

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People Search (Workable). HireVue promises tech recruiters a modern, simple approach to hiring through insightful data. People Search (Workable). This search engine from Workable helps tech recruiters source candidates using “information aggregated from multiple sources in real-time,” streamline applicant tracking processes and manage interviews. For data-driven hiring decisions, Glider offers auto-scored coding tasks, video interviews, and real-world simulations.

Applicant Tracking System Pricing Overview

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We’ve been looking around at various price points for ATS’s for a while, but hadn’t found good data until we were introduced to the folks at Siftery. Workable is the only company here that charges on a per job basis. The Data.

#6Things: It was Always You, Khafka & Goldman Sachs Gets Moral All of a Sudden

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It’s called Khafka and it was developed by LinkedIn engineers to handle real-time data streaming. He’s headed to Workable to lend his considerable intellect to an already pretty impressive product. This line could be in a valentine: For me this wasn’t about joining any old vendor, I could only ever have joined Workable. Workable ). With Time Off For Good Behavior. via George Larocque ( @glarocque ).

Infographic: Recruiting Automation Landscape


Recruiting automation aims to make recruiting a faster and more data driven process, which means you can automate your simple tasks and get back to the highly strategic recruiting work.

AI in recruitment: What the future holds for businesses and recruiters


For example, Workable’s own AI-powered feature, Auto-Suggest , searches thousands of public online profiles in seconds to find candidates who match the skills and requirements listed in your job descriptions.

5 Must-Read Digital HR and HR Tech Articles of April 2018

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Mistake 2: Hiring data scientists and asking them to ‘do people analytics’. You don’t want them to be data scientists who don’t understand the business problems that data is meant to address. Data analysts are in high demand.

2016 social recruitment trends forecast


Workable, for example, works seamlessly with social media. The Chrome extension enables you to import prospective candidates from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble, Behance, and Github.The stack of resumes sitting on your hard drive can also be automatically enriched with social profile data when you upload them to Workable. Some job boards, such as Indeed have this functionality, and Workable’s own forms enable job seekers to apply on mobile via LinkedIn with one click.

Jurassic World: A Reminder How Workplace Intentions Can Go Horribly Wrong

TLNT: The Business of HR

A good flow of communication and data is essential to any enterprise, especially when things go wrong. It may even be — hard as it is to think about — that the entire concept just isn’t workable.

Adventist HealthCare: Transforming Supply Chain Management


When negotiating with vendors, previously we couldn’t easily access the data needed to guide those pricing conversations. We also wanted our various department leaders to be empowered to drill into workable reports on budget information and data on their own. As a faith-based, not-for-profit organization, Adventist HealthCare is committed to providing quality, compassionate care for its patients.