Sat.Jun 08, 2024

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Gamification in Employee Recognition: How it helps?

Vantage Circle

Gamification in employee recognition has emerged as a revolutionary approach in enhancing employee engagement and performance. This approach makes mundane workdays into an enjoyable and motivating experience. As employees earn rewards and climb leaderboards, they experience a sense of accomplishment and belonging, which in turn boosts morale and productivity.

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Using The Kaizen Method For Personal Growth And Success


Jump to section What is Kaizen & how does it work? Kaizen as a personal development vs.


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Positive Employee Feedback: Practical Examples

HR Stacks Blog

Regular feedback is a powerful method for keeping your employees happy, making them more productive, and helping them improve regularly. Positive feedback is one of the best ways to appreciate employees ’ hard work and keep them motivated. It will eventually help the organization grow overall. In this article, we will look at all the essential aspects of employee feedback with practical examples.

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Guide to Selecting the Perfect LMS for FCA Compliance Training


Choosing the right Learning Management System (LMS) for FCA Compliance Training is crucial for financial institutions looking to stay compliant with stringent regulatory requirements. An effective LMS ensures that all employees receive consistent, high-quality compliance training, helping to mitigate risks and maintain the integrity of your organization.

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Using an HSA to Save for Health Care in Retirement

Saving for retirement is no easy task, and as an employer we know you want to help your employees get what they need out of their retirement benefits. With a health savings account (HSA), you can relieve the burden of health care costs for both you and your employees. With our new report, “Using an HSA to Save for Health Care in Retirement,” you can get insights on the costs of a modern retirement and dive into the details of the triple-tax benefits HSAs offer.

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Reward Power: Should You Use It To Motivate Team Members?

Niagara Institute

In the organizational context, reward power is one of the key types of power that leaders and managers can use to influence their team members or employees.


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Average Holiday Pay – changes to the rules


The Government has announced further changes to how businesses should calculate annual leave payments for employees who work inconsistent hours or only work part of the year. The government previously … The post Average Holiday Pay – changes to the rules appeared first on MAD-HR.

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Black Workers Files Lawsuit against General Mills for Racism at Georgia Plant

HR Digest

A lawsuit has been filed against General Mills, the manufacturer of Cheerios and other well-known cereals. General Mills, is being sued by eight Black employees working at a Georgia plant who say it’s rampant with racism under the control of its white managers. (Image Credit: generalmills) In the federal lawsuit filed on June 2, the employees accuse the managers at the General Mills Covington plant with favoring White employees for promotions over Black workers.

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South Korea’s Samsung Union Stages First Walkout Over Pay

HR Digest

Samsung Electronics union staged its first walkout on Friday, signaling more assertiveness among workers just as South Korea’s most powerful conglomerate races to catch up in chips used in artificial intelligence (AI). The National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU), whose roughly 28,000 members make up over a fifth of the firm’s workforce, said it will go no a strike for a day to demand better pay.