Sun.May 19, 2024

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Opportunities and Advantages: How Today's Small Businesses Are Recruiting

Linkedin Talent Blog

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are like the welterweights of the business world: With their agility and impact, they often punch above their weight. But they face unique challenges when it comes to hiring. That’s particularly true now that the workplace is changing so rapidly, with everything from the adoption of generative AI to increased calls for return-to-office.

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How Bob makes multi-national compliance simple


Global expansion brings exciting opportunities, not to mention more revenue. It also brings a thicket of compliance laws and regulations to navigate through—and finding a way forward is about to become more difficult for many companies in 2024. Upcoming Environmental, Social, and Governance ( ESG) laws in Europe and the United Kingdom will require organizations to have thorough reporting measures in place to prove compliance.


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Finances 101: Essentials for Personal Money Management

Heyyy HR!

Are you trying to figure out how to stop living from paycheck to paycheck? Want to buy your first home, but you aren’t sure where to start? Personal money management is the first step to getting financial freedom and this blog post will tell you all about it. Understanding the basics of finance is a critical step toward achieving personal financial stability and success.

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Three Breathwork Exercises to Reduce Work Anxiety and Stress


If work is making you feel stressed and anxious, you're not alone. Here are three solid exercises you can do anywhere to reduce stress! The post Three Breathwork Exercises to Reduce Work Anxiety and Stress appeared first on Workology.

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How to Conquer These 4 Top-of-Mind HR Challenges

It’s a never-ending tightrope act, trying to find the balance between creating benefits offerings that adapt to the uniqueness of your people, managing your own time and resources, and maintaining the organization’s bottom line. And the ever-changing policies and laws can make cultivating a competitive employee benefits strategy feel impossible. Whether you’re concerned about adapting to new pay transparency laws, managing global benefits packages, return-to-office mandates, or 401(k) and retire

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How To Manage Your Non-Inclusive Manager?


We have all experienced it at one point or another in our professional lives – working under a non-inclusive manager. The feeling of being left out, undervalued, and unsupported can be demotivating and frustrating, especially when we are trying to excel in our careers. Unfortunately, this is an issue that many individuals face daily, and the impact of a non-inclusive manager goes beyond just creating a toxic work environment.

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What Is Positive Leadership? An Employer’s Guide to Upliftment

HR Digest

Any leader who believes in a gentle, supportive approach to management must pause to ask themselves, “What is positive leadership?” Effective leaders today must cultivate an environment where employees feel supported, empowered, and inspired to excel. This is where the concept of positive leadership comes into play–a transformative approach that can profoundly impact organizational culture, employee engagement, and overall productivity.

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Strategies for Reducing Stress in the Modern Workplace

HR C-Suite

Discover how implementing these proven strategies can transform your workplace into a haven of calm, boosting employee well-being and productivity.

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What a Professional Development Plan Is & How to Write One


Jump to section What’s a professional development plan?

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The 3 Powerful HR Metrics That Drive Action (That no one uses)

Dr. John Sullivan

Most HR metrics are “so what metrics” because they don’t create a sense of urgency or drive action. In direct contrast, the metrics recommended here have been proven to spur action because they allow managers to easily see performance trendlines, what actions must be taken, and what problems are coming. A Think Piece – That’s designed to get you to demand HR metrics that drive action.

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Here Are the HR Trends to Watch in 2024 + Plus Advice for Driving Impact!

The pressure is on to create a positive onboarding experience. Plus, a sub-par onboarding process can domino into other concerns such as low performance, burnout (for you and new hires), and retention challenges. Our 2024 State of HR report will give you a realistic picture of the HR landscape and tips to onboarding effectively in the year to come.

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In-House Payroll vs. Outsourcing: Which is Better?

HR Lineup

In the complex world of business operations, managing payroll is a crucial task that ensures employees are paid accurately and on time. However, companies often face the dilemma of whether to handle payroll in-house or to outsource this function to a third-party provider. Both approaches come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, and the decision largely depends on the specific needs, resources, and goals of the organization.

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Ensure Your Summer Employees Comply With Youth Employment Laws


Each year, millions of teenagers take on summer jobs. Early work experiences can be very rewarding, while providing teens with great opportunities to learn important work skills. If you’re employing teens, the Department of Labor (DOL) oversees the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) child labor provisions. This specifies the hours young workers can work, the jobs they may perform and the jobs that are designated too hazardous for them to perform.

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Workplace Conflict Resolution: A Comprehensive Guide for HR Pros


Learn how to manage and resolve workplace conflicts with our in-depth guide.