Strategic Reasons you need a new Human Capital Management System


These systems may be “supplemented” by one or more point solutions that serve as an Applicant Tracking system, support Performance Management or administer and deliver training programs. So, how do you build that strategic business case for your new Human Capital Management System? #1

How To Implement A.I. in Human Capital Management Processes


Human capital management (HCM) is one of many company functions that are evolving with the implementation of artificial intelligence (A.I.). As the industry evolves in the wake of new tech, human resource professionals are using A.I. Employee Engagement

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How to Improve Your Human Capital Management


Costs related to employees—keeping them well-trained, well informed, and happy—represent a huge chunk of your company’s budget. That makes your ability to lead human capital management critical to the bottom line. In order to improve human capital management, HR needs to prioritize the employee experience and become drivers of organizational effectiveness and business strategy. 4: Listen to employees.

The State of Human Capital Management

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A recent study by HR.Com showed increased focus on the replacement of HRIS, Payroll and/or Performance Management systems. Piloting programs can yield actionable data but turning baby steps into a marathon can tarnish long-term engagement. Steady as She Goes The aforementioned study showed Employee Recognition programs remaining unchanged throughout most organizations.

5 ways that technology can make your life easier in human capital management


If you want to run a business that’s first-rate when it comes to human capital management, you’ll quickly learn that it requires being on top of countless little goals and tasks. HCM greatness is a combination of top-notch payroll processing, benefits administration, employee engagement strategies, retention tactics, corporate health and wellness and so on.

BetterUp Named a 2019 “Cool Vendor” in Human Capital Management: Enhancing Employee Experience by Gartner


We are thrilled to announce that BetterUp has been named a “Cool Vendor” in the Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management: Enhancing Employee Experience report by Gartner, Inc.

YouEarnedIt and HighGround Join Forces to Transform Human Capital Management Industry


Leaders in engagement and performance management combine to prioritize the employee experience in today’s workforce. YouEarnedIt started in 2013 with a vision to provide an employee-first solution that would positively impact the employee experience and bottom-line business results across growing organizations. HighGround modernizes traditional HR processes by putting the employee experience first.

5 Employee Development Trends in Human Capital Management

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As a business leader, you want to stay on top of the latest trends in employee development and retention. The rapidly evolving human capital management (“HCM”) field is full of innovation and change, and there are some great ideas out there you can adapt to your own team’s development.

This Week in Human Capital Management – Employee Engagement, Company Culture, and More!


Our highly subjective selection of the most interesting recent writings on Human Capital Management. Human Capital Management Water Cooler HCM Human Resources Administration Human Resources Management

State of Retail Human Capital Management: Cloud, Compliance, and Collaboration


Talking to peers about the challenges – and opportunities – they face with workforce management (WFM) is useful, and quantitative research can deepen these insights. That’s why Ceridian collaborated with Innovative Retail Technologies to survey more than 150 retail workforce managers to better understand their most important HCM (inclusive of WFM) initiatives over the past year. Employee engagement. By John Orr, SVP of Retail, Ceridian.

This Week in Human Capital Management – March Madness, Employee Engagement, and More!


Our highly subjective selection of the most interesting recent writings on Human Capital Management. Human Capital Management Water Cooler HCM Human Resources Administration Human Resources Management

Human Capital Management: 3 Simple Solutions

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In a time of massive change taking place in the global economy, savvy businesses are looking at every possible option in using human capital management as a strategic advantage. See The future of business: Human resources.

Employee Engagement Is the Key to Innovation – Friday Distraction

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Kronos , a leading provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. We’ve all seen the reports that engaged employees are more productive.

This Week in Human Capital Management – Employee Engagement, Vaccinations, Valentine’s Day, and More!


(Our highly subjective selection of the most interesting recent writings on Human Capital Management.). Human Capital Management Water Cooler HCM Human Resources Administration Human Resources Management

3 ways to strengthen human capital management with a performance management tool


By Deb LaMere, Vice President of Employee Engagement at Ceridian. As companies seek to improve their human capital management strategies, one thing they need to do is constantly take the pulse of their employees’ performance. Recruitment & Talent Management analytics employee feedback Gen Y Human resources Millennials performance management performance reviews talent management workforce

This Week in Human Capital Management – ACA Compliance, Employee Engagement, and More!


Our highly subjective selection of the most interesting recent writings on Human Capital Management. Human Capital Management Water Cooler HCM Human Resources Administration Human Resources Management talent management Talent Management Strategy

Emphasizing employee recognition and 3 other human capital management tips (A Top 10 Blog Post in 2014)


From employee engagement to the Affordable Care Act, there were a number of trending HR topics on the Ceridian HCM Blog this year. In human capital management, corporate leaders often find themselves looking for new strategies to […]. Employee Engagement corporate culture employee accountability employee engagement employee recognition employee satisfaction hiring

From Digital HR to Human Capital Management – How HR has evolved


Human resources (HR) is evolving fast. Employees are willing to chase opportunities and workplace culture across the globe – right now there are 95,000 skilled migrants in Australia for this very reason – meaning HR teams must be nimble and competitive to find and keep the right people for their organisations. Understanding how HR has changed, including the new demands placed on HR professionals, is critical to effective people management. Employees are more diverse.

How HR and Internal Communications Can Collaborate to Drive Amazing Employee Engagement 


According to Gallup , 70% of employees are not engaged. Meanwhile, organizations that do improve employee communications can increase productivity by 20-25%. The thing is, good engagement and effective communication require a consolidated effort.

Do Remote Employees Actually Have Better Work-Life Balance?

Ultimate Software

There’s no visible mass exodus of coworkers to signal to virtual employees to go home. So, some employees end up staying on the clock longer than expected. Well, it turns out that some remote employees relate more to the tree in this scenario than many organizations realize.

Why a clear business purpose is vital to employee engagement


When an organizational purpose is clear and undeniable, customers, employees, and job candidates know exactly what to expect. This will translate into employees who have an honest and personal connection with your organization’s purpose and a sincere interest in helping to fulfill it.

Employee development: highly valued but highly neglected

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Employee Engagement & Retention management training human capital management managing people employee development learning and development learning culture

Top 10 human capital trends for 2017

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Employee Engagement & Retention Millennials team work employee engagement human capital management teamwork organizational design employee experienceBy Matt Poepsel.

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Going Beyond Employee Engagement to Business Results


It seems that we can’t turn around today without having a conversation that touches on employee engagement. In the graphic above, pulled from Google Trends, you can see the interest in employee engagement for over ten years. Gallup’s regular research into engagement points out a fairly dismal picture, and companies are trying to improve this measure to no avail. Engagement is Not a Program. Let’s create a program to push engagement up!”.

Breaking the barrier to employee engagement


Employee engagement is one of the most critical areas for businesses today. However, there is still a huge amount of organizations struggling with how to effectively approach, implement and manage engagement initiatives.

2016: Rethinking employee engagement


A lot has been written about on the need to rethink engagement. The process of conducting an annual employee engagement survey, identifying drivers, prioritizing them, and action-planning need to be supplemented if not replaced by a better process focused on the employee. Employee Engagement Human Capital Management employee engagement hourly workers Leadership performance management

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The (New) Definition of Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement has been one of the most talked-about topics in human capital management for twenty-five years. So we took a stab at giving it a proper definition, out of the context of any research study or management theory. Starting in on ‘engagement’.

Five Ways to Keep Millennial Employees Engaged at Work


Millennial employees are three times more likely to change jobs than their non-millennial counterparts, according to a recent Gallup report on millennials in the workplace. Part of the reason for this trend is that only 29% of millennials are engaged at work.

How employee engagement impacts profitability in the retail store


We live in an era where technology has largely replaced human interaction. Human Capital Management Aeropostale employee engagement Employee self-service FMOT HCM HR technology human capital management John Orr Leadership payroll Rawle Boatswain retail ZMOT By John Orr, SVP of Retail at Ceridian.

Paycor Challenges the Status Quo in Human Capital Management at TECH+ 2018 Event; Launches Enhanced Partner Loyalty Program


26, 2018 ( GLOBE NEWSWIRE ) -- Human Capital Management (HCM) company Paycor last week concluded its TECH+ Partner Forum , the company’s first national HCM conference for benefits brokers and financial advisors. Partners in this program are now able to benefit from co-branded marketing support, and will receive a dedicated Partner Relationship Manager, which provides a direct connection between partner and Paycor to answer questions regarding joint clients.

The new way to approach employee objective-setting

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Employee Engagement & Retention leadership management training human capital management leadership skills employee evaluations management tips leadership training leadership development employee development job objective setting employee objective setting

3 Simple Ways to Increase Employee Engagement


Each experience was unique, yet they all shared one thing: how it felt to be an employee. Regardless of what role you perform or what industry you operate in, every employee goes through a hiring, reviewing and managing process. How do you keep employees engaged?

Kronos Human Capital Management Helps HR Leaders Across Every Industry Better Engage Employees, Drive Productivity, and Minimize Compliance Risk

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Kronos Incorporated today announced that organizations across every industry are increasingly turning to the full-suite Kronos Workforce Ready human capital management (HCM) cloud platform to drive employee engagement and better business outcomes

Rules for mastering engaging employees in 2017 and beyond

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Employee Engagement & Retention turnover rate Human resources management workshops management training employee engagement happy employees human capital management unhappy employees turnoverBy Jillian Phipps.

Is employee engagement your No. 1 challenge? 5 other things to keep in mind


In most offices, talent management leaders have zoomed in on employee retention and productivity as crucial goals for both their short- and long-term needs. Engaged employees tend to stay in their positions longer and achieve more than their disengaged counterparts.

4 key trends to watch in employee engagement and customer satisfaction


For corporate leaders who spend a great deal of their time focused on human capital management , something you’re always keeping a close eye on are employee engagement levels, and with good reason. If your employees are engaged, they’ll do better work.

3 key things to know about employee engagement and making work life better in retail


By John Orr, Senior Vice President of Retail at Ceridian As the retail experience has evolved with consumers using multiple buying channels, the skill sets of retail employees have evolved too. Keeping retail employees engaged in this traditionally high-turnover sector is even more important — and not impossible — with the right tools.