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Why employee retention is important in the construction industry


That’s why employee retention is important, especially in the construction industry. As of 2021 , the construction industry had an average turnover rate of 68%—higher than most other industries, where the average hovers between 30-40%. What is employee turnover? Employee turnover is when workers leave the business they work for.

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HR How-To: Fight Employee Turnover

Abel HR

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that one of our favorite topics is the concept of employee retention. With these high stakes in mind, we’ve identified six innovative strategies just about any business can employ to improve retention among its ranks. which we know is directly tied to employee retention.


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Employee Turnover Rate: How to Calculate it (& Tips for Improvement)

Semos Cloud

Employee Turnover Rate: How to Calculate it (& Tips for Improvement) . Employee turnover is costing companies money and resources. Find out why your employees quit and how to reduce your turnover rate. Many organizations today struggle with high employee turnover rates. What Is Employee Turnover .

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The Hidden Cost of Quiet Quitting: Strategies to Address this Growing Trend


The cost of employee turnover resulting from quiet quitting may impact the organisation’s bottom line. This can ultimately impact the company’s bottom line by reducing productivity, increasing turnover, and damaging the employer’s brand. This can help break down barriers and encourage open communication.

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Retain Your Talent: Proven Methods to Reduce Employee Turnover


But why is employee retention important and what can your business do to protect against high attrition rates? The Great Resignation “The Great Resignation” is a key example of why retention is critical to a successful workforce. This event refers to the sudden boom in employee resignations that took off in April 2021.

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Avoiding Employee Turnover: Long-Term Benefits of a Happy Workforce


A high employee turnover can impact your company’s overall performance and productivity, as well as its bottom line. A high turnover rate is costly since you’ll have to replace employees who have quit the company. The good news is, you can implement strategies to reduce staff turnover. What is employee turnover?

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How to Calculate and Reduce New Hire Turnover at Your Company

Analytics in HR

So, how can you reduce new hire turnover in your business today? Contents What is new hire turnover? How do you calculate new hire turnover? How to reduce new hire turnover. What is new hire turnover? New hire turnover can be voluntary —an employee decides to leave—or involuntary —an employee is asked to leave.