Restaurant Time & Attendance Tracking

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You also probably discovered—very quickly—that there was an administrative side to things that involved parts of the business you weren’t particularly fond of, like paperwork, and employment laws, and tracking time and attendance for your restaurant. Does your restaurant have the right time & attendance tracking software in place? Restaurants and food industry businesses of all sizes continue to manually track time and attendance, or rely on outdated technology.

Time & Attendance Software Can Help Temporary Workers Get Going

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That includes your time & attendance software. How easy it is for temporary workers to understand and use your time & attendance can make all the difference when it comes to mitigating potential time theft. But it can also be time consuming.

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7 time-clock software features designed to solve attendance issues

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Department of Labor says 78 million Americans — about 59% of the workforce — punch a time clock every day. If your company has hourly workers, you know that keeping track of time and attendance is a challenge. to 5% of gross payroll to time clock fraud each year.

Screen Time Recommendations: How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

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Executive Summary: This article explores some of the consequences of excessive screen time (ie: sleep deprivation, depression, obesity, cognitive effects) and offers screen time recommendations for achieving an optimal balance of time spent online and offline. But it is important that people are also mindful of the possible drawbacks of online activity, including the effect excessive screen time can have on their physical and emotional wellness.

Six Ways Technology is Reshaping Time Management in Construction


It’s easy to look back and say things were better “back in the day”, when simpler times afforded less screen time and smart devices – but that would be discrediting the tremendous advances […].

Keep Employees Busy with Time and Attendance Scheduling

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With a cloud based time and attendance software, you have access to deep labor analytics to improve workforce management. Analyzing time and attendance records from previous summers can be your first step.

Managing Meals and Breaks with Time and Attendance Software

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Bona fide meal periods (typically lasting at least 30 minutes), serve a different purpose than coffee or snack breaks and, thus, are not work time and are not compensable. An automated time and attendance system has a highly visual “dashboard” for managers.

Automate Your Manufacturing Incidents & Attendance Issues

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Traditional manual process methods for time and attendance don’t give your employees the flexibility or efficiency they often need to be productive. Process Time and Resource Savings.

Easy-to-Read Time and Attendance Reports: Making Sense of Workforce Data

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Take time and attendance data as an example. Your supervisors sign off on time sheets and pass the information onto payroll for processing. There’s a lot of information in those steps: number of hours, time to approve, and payroll costs. Data is like hidden money.

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Different Pay Rates: Paying Employees the Right Rate at the Right Time

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On TV and in movies, we frequently see workers moving across the screen performing a set role. An advanced time and attendance system is an automatic solution to make sure you are paying employees the right rate at the right time.

12 Days of Advice For Time Tracking and Payroll Management


If you’re up for a challenge, we’ve curated twelve days of FingerCheck time tracking and payroll advice for your consideration. If you haven’t already heard of employee self-service, it’s an add-on employee perk that can save you time, effort, and energy.

Movie, Life Insurance Test Provide Friendly Reminder Not To Screen Employees


To see her one last time before she passes, family from the U.S. and Japan go home to China to visit Nai Nai under the guise of attending a wedding. In the newly released movie, The Farewell , everyone in the family knows that the matriarch, Nai Nai, only has three months to live—except Nai Nai. The family decides not to tell Nai Nai so she won’t be worried. Corporate Wellness

should I ask to be paid to attend the holiday party, how do people call in sick, and more

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Should I skip the holiday party unless I’m paid to attend? It is after hours and I found out from the HR manager that we are all expected to attend. I am part-time and hourly; the “after hours” part of this is four hours after my day usually ends, and I would not be paid for the time spent. and have my time respected? Technically, if the party is truly mandatory and you’re hourly, they need to pay you for your time there.

The Keys to Successful Time Management With FingerCheck


As a manager, no one knows the value of time management more than you. With very little time to dedicate to tasks outside your managerial agenda, you are only as productive as your technology is. Approve time cards quickly. Make mass time entries in no time.

Leverage Text Messaging to Screen More Job Candidates, Market Your Brand

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Recruiting the right people is an integral part of any business plan, but unfortunately, it is also a challenging and time-consuming task. Learn how to effectively use text messaging to save on recruiting time and improve the candidate experience.

Managing Meals and Breaks with Time and Attendance Software

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On the other hand, meal periods typically last 30 minutes or longer, and are not counted as work time according to the FLSA. This can inadvertently lead to time theft. Has time theft become an issue at your company? Maybe there’s an issue with the way you’re tracking time.

Recruiters, It's Time to Start Texting Candidates

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I finally decided it was time to go through them (enough is enough, even I have standards people!). Adding text messaging into the mix could be the answer to more effectively—and successfully—connecting with talent in real time. And just like artificial intelligence (AI), video interviewing and chatbot recruiting assistants are becoming more commonplace to help quickly screen candidates and quicken the hiring process, so too is texting. Time to Text?

5 sessions I’m excited to attend at #SHRM16


If you haven’t developed succession plans for positions company-wide, now is the time to start. Why Your Employee Engagement Survey Doesn’t Cut It: It’s Time to Customize the Employee Experience. By Deb LaMere, VP of Employee Engagement, Ceridian.

Do Employees Need to Sign Off on Time Cards?

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For most companies, this involves some system of sign off before they submit an employee’s time card to payroll. How to Implement a Sign-Off Process for Employee Time Cards. And a lot of it depends on what type of time & attendance system you’re using.”.

Peopletrail To Attend The 2018 SHRM Convention In Chicago


Peopletrail, a leading background check and employment screening company, announced today it will attend the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) annual convention, June 17-21, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. It’s About Time.

my boss sent a chat message I wasn’t supposed to see — but it popped up on a shared screen

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When it came time for the first planning meetings, I was excluded from the invites by my boss. I gather he implied it was because our other coworker wastes time with long-winded, off-topic explanations, and just having Mark there would be more efficient. My boss said that was fine and that I could bring the new team member up to speed and she could attend too. ” It was a shared screen from the project head’s computer and someone else was controlling her screen.

Read This Before You Screen Your Next Hire


At the same time, you want to ensure an effective hiring process. Time: 10 a.m. – Can’t attend? The post Read This Before You Screen Your Next Hire appeared first on HRWatchdog by HRWatchdog. When you consider the digital age and all the ways employers can now access information about current and prospective employees, sometimes you learn too much about a person. If you’re not careful, what you do know can hurt you.

3 FAQs on stratustime Mobile

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With 90% of American adults owning a cell phone and 58% of those using a smartphone, it’s no surprise that stratus time’s mobile module is a hot topic among our clients (Source: Pew Research Internet Project ). The thing about stratus time is we are already cloud-based.

Emerging Recruiting Technology Trends: When the War for Talent Comes Down to Time

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Learn how to improve your mobile ready applications so that candidates actually apply, when attend the webinar, “ Online Job Applications that Rock: Getting Top Talent to Click Submit. It’s not just about locating candidates “just in time” anymore.

New and Improved: No More Inactive Jobs on the Mobile App


FingerCheck Time and Attendance fingercheck mobile fix improvement inactive jobs mobile app punch screenIf you or your employees are avid users of the FingerCheck mobile app, your experience just got a little better.

What is the EU time tracking law? Information for business owners


If you’re new to this whole time tracking thing, take it from an expert: Time tracking doesn’t have to be painful. And how can employers and employees both benefit from measuring employee time? What does the new EU time tracking law mean for employers? Track Time UK

my screen share showed an inappropriate tab during a meeting, my boss’s son is a reckless driver, and more

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My screen share showed an inappropriate browser tab during a meeting. We do these over video conference, and lately I’ve been sharing my screen to review the to-do list and ensure the notes that I capture are accurate. Today I was sharing my screen during a weekly meeting with a large group (nine people). I’m working remotely so I just shared my whole screen (with the focus on a Confluence page in my browser). It’s five answers to five questions.

my coworker is lying about attending meetings, I need to fire a volunteer, and more

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My coworker is lying about attending meetings. My fellow coworker, who is also a director in my unit, is supposed to attend a weekly meeting on marketing and report back to our staff. The head of Marketing told me that no one from our unit has attended the weekly meetings in six months. I offered to attend a few weeks if she couldn’t make it. Jane says no one from our unit has attended the marketing meetings in six months.

Free Up Your Time: 5 Types of Flexible HR Software

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Scheduling is often integrated with time and attendance software. 2: Time & Attendance. Time and attendance software allows an employee to clock in and out, request time off and view PTO accrued.

Mobile technology is transforming our approach to HCM


Business success is all about efficiency – if you can get more done and save more time, you make more money. Business success is all about efficiency – if you can get more done and save more time, you make more money.

What is the Best Time Clock App for Business Owners?


It’s important to have the right tool to serve as your time-tracking sidekick and alleviate one area of stress in the hectic world of business management, and in this high-tech, connected world, paper time cards just don’t cut it. Our app will keep tracking data at all times. .

screening for candidates who will be comfortable with cursing and crude jokes, bringing a backpack to an interview, and more

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Can I screen for candidates who won’t be uncomfortable with our cursing and crude jokes? It’s also important to make sure that “screening for cultural fit” doesn’t end up meaning “screening for people from similar demographic backgrounds,” which it may, even if you don’t intend it to. Getting paid to attend board meetings. I’m wondering this about board members — when they attend events at our nonprofit (meetings, etc.),

9 Ways Calendar Connectivity Saves Employees Time


We’re big fans of finding ways to help you save time. That’s why we’ve combined some of our customer success stories and case studies to create a fictional account of the different ways employees can save time using calendar sync. Time saved: 15 minutes.

Embrace Paperless – How FingerCheck360 is Replacing Countless Tasks & Paperwork


Built with your needs in mind, FingerCheck360 uses a simplified approach to business management, connecting services like HR/applicant tracking, employee onboarding, time tracking, and payroll within one system. . Paperless Time Tracking .

Daylight Saving Time (DST) Reminder 11/4/2018


Daylight Saving Time (DST) is ending this Sunday (11/4/2018). The system will automatically adjust time punches that cross 2 a.m. If you are using the local clock setting to adjust for DST, please confirm the start and end date/time have been entered for the new year: 1.

First-Time Conference Speaker: 8 Things to Know Before Facing the Firing Squad

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A Stanford study by Bower and Clark found that subjects recalled six to seven times the information (93 percent versus 13 percent) when they constructed it into a narrative. When you are sitting through an hour-long talk, it’s easy to find your head drifting at times.

10 Developing Uses for Biometrics in the Workplace & Beyond


Malaysia recently announced that foreign workers must record their fingerprints under their biometric system before gaining avenues to employment, as there have been cases of workers using other individuals for health screening purposes. .