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The Future Of Work: How The Workplace Is Changing In 2017


These technology-driven workplace changes will continue to spread and accelerate in 2017. Here are five key 2017 workplace trend predictions. One AI technology that is likely to see growing workplace popularity in 2017 is scheduling assistants. Efficiency. Programs such as Amy from Productivity. In the U.S.,

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Halogen Experts Share Top HR Trends for 2017


One of the most popular HR trends leading up to 2017 has been about preparing for the workforce of the future. And it’s not only about giving employees the option to work from home or their favorite coffee shop and equipping them with the technology to IM or join virtual meetings. Obviously, there’s a lot to think about.


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Our favorite Josh Bersin quotes on employee engagement


Last month we hosted a webinar with Josh Bersin — Building an Irresistible Organization: A Refreshed Look at Employee Engagement. And we’re so excited to have Josh Bersin keynote our Limeade Engage conference next week. He’s passionate about employee engagement and on top of the latest research and trends.

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2017 HR Trends We’re Excited About Right Now


The new year can mean a fresh start and employees come back from the holiday break ready to reset their goals and make waves in their company and for their career. It’s always fun to see what trends are predicted and imagine what the next year may hold. to see what they have planned (and are excited about) in 2017.

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People Analytics and HR-Tech Reading List

Littal Shemer

Together, these trends are shaping a new era of distributed and digitally enabled networks of workers where the work comes to workers instead of the workers going to work. The readers will develop insights into the topics like primary metrics, KPIs, and processes involved in different HR subdomains like recruitment and employee engagement.”

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6 Talent Management Trends for 2018

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

So, what should talent management professionals be thinking about in 2018? Here’s a list of trends we think will impact the talent management function of HR this year. Digitizing the employee experience and essentially treating employees as if they were internal customers was a hot trend in 2017.

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7 Predictions for the New (Ab)normal Workplace


This global pandemic is expediting many of the trends that “ future of work ” experts have been talking about for years, while completely upending others. We already saw a trend for the gig economy. This requires an entirely new approach to talent development and career progression, especially as the hierarchies become flatter.”.

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