Sun.Jul 24, 2022

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What is The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Procurement Management?


Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest topics in technology. And with the introduction of AI in procurement, organizations are leveraging various types of benefits, and AI allows procurement management software platforms to solve complicated issues more efficiently. What makes AI unique is that it uses intelligent computer algorithms.

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Insider Threat: Employer Risk in a World of Home Delivery


Did you know that only 17% of employers screen their employees at least annually? However, with the availability of continuous criminal monitoring, this number is on the rise. And with a nationwide increase in home delivery services since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise. While in-home utility services and delivery of goods such as appliances have been around for years, home delivery of goods such as groceries and restaurant/takeout food increased 113% as a result of the


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Increased wage demands: Can you afford to play hard-ball or is it time to get smarter on package negotiations


The case for pay increase restraint is not made. With inflation at a 40 year high in the UK (9.4%) and a 31 year high in Australia (5.1%) , the cost of living crisis is impacting economies around the world. However, it’s clear that wage packets of workers in some countries are under far more pressure than those in others. Government finance chiefs and economists have been cautioning against employers giving inflation busting pay rises, with a narrative that goes something like this….

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12 Sourcing Tactics to Help You Find Exceptional Candidates

Linkedin Talent Blog

Hidden gems. Undiscovered talent. If you’re a recruiter looking to find the special candidates who are overlooked by others, sourcing expert Angie Verros can help. We spoke to Angie, founder, CEO, and “sourceress” of Vaia Talent , to arm you with the right tools for the task. Angie has been in the sourcing game for more than 15 years, and she’s picked up a lot of tricks and tips along the way.

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6 Strategies to Navigate Social Determinants of Health for a Better Workplace

In today’s dynamic work landscape, where the lines between personal and professional life blur, understanding the intricate interplay between social determinants of health (SDoH) and emotional wellbeing is paramount. Employers must acknowledge that the whole person comes to work and every aspect of a person’s personal and professional life, especially their mental health, comes with them.

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Holistic Workforce Planning with Tresha Moreland

HR C-Suite

Holistic Workforce Planning with Tresha Moreland on Talk Talent to Me Podcast.

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7 Strategies To Reinvent Your Career

Forbes Leadership Strategy

The last few years have caused many of us to reevaluate our values and priorities. If you're finally ready to reinvent your career, these strategies will get you started.

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Payroll Management Software: To Pay or Not to Pay?


In any business, you have to choose where to invest your money. When you’re looking at payroll software, it’s natural to wonder if you can get by with free software rather than having to buy something. Free payroll software may get the job done, especially if you are a small business, but it also typically requires more work on your part. For example, open-source software for payroll administration is typically free.

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Seven Ways To Create A Content Experience

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Using email, texting and social media, companies and brands are taking advantage of an effective way to connect with customers.

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How to Deal with Employee Absenteeism in the Workplace?


Unscheduled and unattended employee absenteeism can adversely affect workers’ productivity and organisational outcomes. Rebuking or chastising employees isn’t always a favorable option. Employees are human beings, too; restricting their personal life doesn’t yield optimal results. That’s why the resolution of absenteeism at work only lies in well-structured regulations and effective communications.

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Here Are the HR Trends to Watch in 2024 + Plus Advice for Driving Impact!

The pressure is on to create a positive onboarding experience. Plus, a sub-par onboarding process can domino into other concerns such as low performance, burnout (for you and new hires), and retention challenges. Our 2024 State of HR report will give you a realistic picture of the HR landscape and tips to onboarding effectively in the year to come.

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The Inflation Picture Darkens

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Each bit of inflation news discredits Washington’s excuses and makes clearer how fundamental the problem is.