HR, It's Time to Improve Your Employee Retention Strategy

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The best incentive to retain top talent is to give them challenging work (not more work), ongoing personal and professional development such as training or coaching, or a new role," says Josh Kuehler, an employee analytics specialist for business advisory firm FMG Leading. 2) Establish Formal Career Pathing Encourage and help employees create formal career paths for themselves so both employees and their managers have a concrete understanding of each other's goals and expectations.

20 Best Learning Management Systems of 2020

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An LMS (Learning Management System), is a medium to train or upskill employees by delivering educational courses, training programs , or learning and development programs. It gives the administrator or the manager access to track, monitor, and assign the materials to the team members.

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Cafe Classic: Happy Holidays & an Evidence-Based New Year!

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Editor's Note: Although Big Data, Analytics and now Artificial Intelligence have arrived, and evidence-based management (seeking and using evidence to make better-informed decisions) is mainstream practice, there are still many of us (in HR and even in the field of rewards) who aren't where we should be in embracing this new reality. Doesn't sound like a crowd eager to embrace analytics, does it? Evidence abounds that evidence-based management is our future.

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #253: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

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People Analytics Firm Visier Announces Appointment of Nick Lisi as Chief Sales Officer Link ». And any good project manager, notice you can have two of those three, you can’t have all three.

Everything to know about Human Resource Management


With globalization, Human Resource Management or Personnel Management as it was called in earlier days has transformed. What is Human Resource Management? Human resource management (HRM) is the strategic approach towards effective people management in a company or organization such that it helps the business gain a competitive advantage. It is aimed at synergizing the entire spectrum of creating, managing, and cultivating the employer-employee relationship.

4 Tips for Recruiting the Best Financial Talent Available Right Now


Jim Eckenrode , the managing director of the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, lists a handful of reasons for this rapid evolution, ranging from increasingly digitized interactions between individuals to globalized tariffs and governmental changes. . In light of this growth and change, it is more vital than ever to optimize the hiring process for analysts, investment managers and operations staff.