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Cultural Change: An Update on Workforce Diversity

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As I’ve begun to explore the interpersonal dynamics of workplace discrimination more closely, I have gone back to update my own understanding of workforce diversity data and what it tells us about the the demographic makeup of the modern workforce.

How to Use People Analytics and Recognition to Strengthen Culture


Data and analytics are the next big thing in HR, but do you really know how to implement your findings in meaningful ways? Management guru” David Ulrich took a meta approach to this problem by applying analytics to assess the impact of analytics. What’s the big deal about data?

Regulatory Rundown: HR Pros Should Be Ready to Act on 3 Compliance Rules

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There are three regulatory changes in the works that will require additional reporting. These changes attempt to address the gender pay gap, overtime eligibility, and disproportionate executive pay. Here’s a rundown of the three changes and how they might affect your work.