Why Knowledge Management Didn’t Save General Motors: Addressing Complex Issues By Convening Conversation

Conversation Matters

GM was brought down by a flawed strategy, but an organization’s strategy is clearly a product of the knowledge that exists within its walls. The knowledge existed within GM to develop a more competitive strategy. The types of issues that require leveraging the collective knowledge.

Leveraging Collective Knowledge: NASA’s Constellation Program

Conversation Matters

Every organization has the problem of how to save the knowledge it has created, but after the cancelation of the Constellation program (CxP), NASA has that problem in spades. NASA learned its lesson about losing knowledge early in 1990. Cognitive Diversity.

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Organizational Studies that Don't Just Sit on the Shelf: Participatory Action Research

Conversation Matters

In most situations in which an organization asks or is required to take an in-depth, objective look at an issue, the study report is more likely to be the end rather than the beginning of change. By the third meeting, change related to the study issue had already begun to happen.

Study 63

A Wiki for Generals

Conversation Matters

Here are a few examples of the kind of knowledge in those 100 manuals. In this time of accelerated change any organization’s principles and strategies require constant examination and challenge. The Army has a many great examples of Generals participating in knowledge management activities, like Major General Michael Oates holding open chats with the troops, and Admiral Stavridis who blogs regularly and participates on Facebook.

Organizational Network Analysis—Cracking The Code for HR

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Knowledge flows along existing pathways in organizations. If we want to understand how to improve the flow of knowledge, we need to understand those pathways. His HR manager worked with an ONA consultant. by Patti Anklam, principal consultant, Net Work.