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I’ve seen a couple of interesting articles lately about recruiting. One aspect of the recruiting process that’s often overlooked is posting compliance. I think it’s important to note that making sure applicants have access to posters is required by law when recruiting.

Bookmark This! The GDPR Compliance Edition

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The compliance deadline is Friday, May 25, so I thought it appropriate to share a few more resources you might find helpful. Undercover Recruiter published an article on “ Why GDPR and GDPR-Compliance Matters ”. 8 Aspects of Compliance: A Brief Guide for HR Functions. 3 Compliance Steps Explained. Our friends at Criteria Corp did a blog post recently on GDPR Compliance: What You Need to Know. The GDPR Compliance Edition appeared first on hr bartender.


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A Basic Recruiting Compliance Checklist

ClearCompany Recruiting

Following best practices for record keeping in your recruiting process will help to minimize your company’s risk exposure in the event of a government audit or lawsuit. Recruiting & SourcingFederal and state laws require employers to maintain a number of specific records relating to the company’s hiring and employment practices. Failing to collect and retain the necessary records can result in fines, exclusion from government contracts and other sanctions.

A recruiter’s guide to GDPR compliance


GDPR places the burden of ensuring compliance on your entire organisation, especially functions like recruiting which rely heavily on collecting candidates’ personal data. What should employers do to ensure GDPR compliance when they find candidates online or collect candidate data in their talent pools? Who must comply with GDPR and what are the penalties for non-compliance? What are the basic GDPR terms and how do they relate to recruiting?

2020 Report: The Future of HR

Paycor asked more than 500 leaders of medium and small businesses to talk about the present and future of HR. Download the guide and see what they said. Their responses will surprise you!

Maintaining Recruiting Compliance


It’s easy to see how the added burden of managing recruiting compliance – much less keeping track of and understanding it all – can be incredibly challenging. What can happen if your company is found to be using discriminatory recruiting or hiring practices?

Recruitment Compliance: What is It and How Software Helps


Are you up to date with all the rules and obligations of recruitment compliance ? Compliance is a very important issue that must be taken into account at each stage of the hiring process! Learn everything you need to know to ensure the compliance of your whole hiring process. RecruitingRead More.

How We're Fostering Diversity & EEOC Compliance in High Volume Recruiting


And since we’re the high-volume recruitment experts , we wanted to discover how these events can impact a solid diversity recruitment strategy. Diversity RecruitingStriving to increase workplace diversity is simply a good business decision. Countless studies and recent research prove this. Diverse teams are remarkably more effective than teams where each member has the same perspectives and experiences.

HRdirect Helps HR Teams Streamline and Simplify Compliance


Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Learn more about HR Technology and Product Reviews from Workology. See our FTC disclosure at the end of this review. HR teams have a lot on their collective plate, from finding candidates to.

Compliance Officer job description


This Compliance Officer job description template is optimized for posting to online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize for your company. Compliance Officer Responsibilities. Include: Developing and implementing an effective legal compliance program. The post Compliance Officer job description appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better.

Up Your Analytics Game: How to Empower People to Take Action

Speaker: Tom Davenport, President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management, Babson College

Join top-ranked analyst and bestselling author of Competing on Analytics, Tom Davenport, to learn how analytics technology provides Financial Services HR professionals with unique insights that create strategic value.

Onboarding: Your Connection Between Recruiting and Learning

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However, too much competition can cause employers to throw money at their recruiting problems. In my experience, when recruiting gets tough, organizations might be reluctant to terminate employees for fear that they won’t be able to find a replacement for months. As a result of these “full employment” recruiting challenges, the recruiting and training functions must work together to fill the talent pipeline. Document compliance requirements.

Recruiting Best Practices- Your Technology and You


Most of us achieve this by using one of the many vendor provided Recruiting Systems. Compliance. One of the ways a modern recruiting system achieves this is by requesting EEO data from your candidates, and keeping it confidential. The system will then allow the recruiter and hiring manager to make decisions that will be made on the candidate’s merits and not impacted by confidential data. Written by: Bob Campagnoni.

Your Due Diligence HR Compliance Checklist

HR Digest

This year’s continuing focus on the pandemic and growing concerns over business disruptions means your company needs to make sure its HR policies and procedures cover all areas of HR Compliance thoroughly. HR Compliance Checklist. HR Compliance Posters. Recruitment & Hiring.

5 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Compliance Training

HR Hardball

Compliance training has come out of the shadows and into the spotlight, following high-profile sexual harassment scandals that have dominated the news cycle for months. As a result, many organizations across industries are more aware of the risk of ethics and compliance violations, and the damaging consequences on their reputation, productivity, employee engagement, recruitment and retention and financial viability.

18 Job Boards Perfect for Diversity Recruiting Compliance Efforts


HR diversity diversity hiring diversity recruiting good faith efforts HR compliance OFCCPJob boards remain an excellent way to engage talent, especially diverse candidates. This is especially important if you are a federal contractor and required to focus on good faith efforts for nine protected classes that include: 1) Age (over 40), 2) Disability, 3) Genetic Information, 4) National Origin, 5) Pregnancy, 6) Race/Color, 7) Religion, 8) Sex and 9) Veterans. Under […] Source.

Audit Your Recruitment Process Marketing Content to Delight Job Seekers


Use this audit checklist to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your recruiting process-related content. I’m not the first one to say that recruiters, human resources professionals and marketing specialists should team up to create content that engages top talent in your recruitment process. If you don’t have a benchmark from which to grow, your organization will have a tough time figuring out which recruiting content is worth the investment of time and money.

Tools to meet GDPR compliance requirements for recruitment


So, by this stage, you’ve probably got a pretty good, general overview of GDPR as it relates to recruiting—what you need to do for candidates, why and when (hint: it’s soon). How will you find time to meet the detailed GDPR compliance requirements when the day-to-day demands of hiring are all-consuming? Whatever the size of your hiring team or your data processing operation, we’ve got a range of different integrated options—from existing features to new, GDPR compliance tools.

Pay Compliance Risks


Download Chapter 3: Pay Compliance Risks. I consent to joining the 360HR Mailing List to keep up to date with the latest news in HR, Recruitment and Professional Development. TALK TO A PAY COMPLIANCE SPECIALIST. Managing pay compliance is a key capability at 360HR. Whether you need assistance managing or understanding pay compliance risk for your business, contact 360HR today. The post Pay Compliance Risks appeared first on.

5 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Compliance Training

HR Hardball

Compliance training has come out of the shadows and into the spotlight, following high-profile sexual harassment scandals that have dominated the news cycle for months. As a result, many organizations across industries are more aware of the risk of ethics and compliance violations, and the damaging consequences on their reputation, productivity, employee engagement, recruitment and retention and financial viability.

Why LMS Compliance Training is an Onboarding Must-Have


An HRMS with an integrated LMS is the best practice for compliance training. What are the benefits of using an LMS for compliance training? LMS companies specialize in immersive and engaging compliance coursework. WorkforceHUB has extensive compliance tools.

Top Time Management Tips for Recruiters

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Recruiting is a vital business function, whether in-house or outsourced, which means recruiters have a lot of trust put in them. Getting the planning part right means incorporating good time management into everything a recruiter does.

Improve Quality of Hire Using Recruiting Data and Analytics

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Technology can bring compliance, consistency, and scalability. The reason I’m bringing this up is because recruiting technologies, data, and analytics aren’t anything for organizations to be hesitant about. Now let’s shift to recruiting data. Organizations might be reluctant to use data and analytics in recruiting. The good news is there are many different types of recruiting data. Using Recruiting Data Responsibly.

Data 269

Managing HR Compliance in the Age of Technology

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Compliance may not be the rock star of HR tasks, but it is the one that is necessary to keep the band together. Without compliance, businesses are at risk of fines, lawsuits, bankruptcy, and closure. Research by Forrester concluded that businesses who do not effectively manage risk or implement compliance policies are at risk of losing billions of dollars. For many companies, technology has changed the ways in which they manage HR compliance. Compliance challenges.

Strategies to Hire Diverse Candidates & Go Beyond OFCCP Compliance


Diversity is a mix of compliance, responsibility and good business sense. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. HR Recruiting compliance diverse hire diversity hiring diversity recruiting OFCCP ofccp complianceAs of late the topic of diversity is weighing on my mind. According to a recent article by McKensey, ethnically diverse. Join the resource revolution.

Workplace Compliance: Clarify The Hot-Button Issues You Can’t Ignore Anymore


Do compliance worries keep you up night? 5 Compliance Basics for Employers. Human Resources oversees compliance for every team and business function. Compliance Issues for 2021. Ensure HRMS settings support compliance. Important Compliance Questions for Employers.

Strategic HR vs Compliance HR: What’s the Difference?


Compliance has traditionally been HR’s main focus and area of responsibility. Compliance HR continues to have its place in modern human resources, but growing access to employee data has seen the rise of strategic HR and the alignment between human resources and company goals. Defining Compliance HR. Compliance HR has two main goals: to ensure the employer treats employees fairly and to prevent the business from running afoul of legal repercussions.

Celebrating ADA Day: A Look at ADA Protections & Hiring Compliance

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Essentially, the ADA prohibits covered employers from discriminating against people with disabilities in the full range of employment-related activities, from recruitment to advancement, to pay and benefits. ADA Hiring Compliance. Compliance

CCPA compliance checklist: Are you ready for CCPA?


If you haven’t checked our CCPA FAQs , our comparison of CCPA vs. GDPR , and our guide on how recruiters are affected by CCPA , now is the time to do it. That’s why – on the eve of the CCPA era – we present you with a CCPA compliance checklist. Compliance HR Toolkit Tutorials CCPA

5 Reasons Why HR Compliance is More Complicated Than Ever


Because compliance is changing so quickly on the state and federal level, HR departments are finding it more and more challenging to keep up with current regulations and changes to employment law. A vendor partner can be the HR practitioner’s best support to help navigate the fast-moving legal compliance landscape that includes background screening, reference checks, and employment verification. Non-Compliance in HR is Complicated and Expensive.

How HR Tech Can Help You Master Compliance and Culture

Namely - Talent

Managing people risks and maintaining business compliance are two critical components of the HR function—but both are difficult to master. HR Compliance Employee Engagement

5 Things you need to know about compliance with freelancer laws


California AB-5 is making it harder for companies to maintain compliance with employee classification laws. The post 5 Things you need to know about compliance with freelancer laws appeared first on Sage Advice United States of America. People & Leadership Compliance HR Recruiting

Recruitment Risks


When you recruit staff, you take on significant risks – this is especially true in small and mid-size businesses. In fact, according to a recent Australian survey, most SMEs now rank ‘recruitment’ as their biggest challenge, nudging out ‘attracting and converting new customers’, traditionally regarded the. Download Chapter 1 of our new Knowledge Guide and learn how to reduce the pressure on your business when you recruit new staff… and leave nothing to chance.

Bridging The Distance For I-9 Compliance in Remote Hiring

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While recruiters and hiring managers are looking beyond their backyards for talent, employers currently do not have the freedom to send a hiring manager to the remote employee, or fly the employee to headquarters to complete the Form I-9.

The Balancing Act of Compliance

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What are the critical areas of compliance for you to stay on top of? Ensuring that the recruiting process does not violate regulations. The complexities of HR compliance aren’t for the faint of heart. The post The Balancing Act of Compliance appeared first on HR Topics.

FCRA Compliance: The Cost of Clarity

Crimcheck | Pre-Employment & Background Check Information

As you close up your office for the weekend, you’re satisfied that you’ve done a great job, and you’re looking forward to meeting eager young recruits. This really is an incredible company and I am so grateful that they are a part of MSO’s Compliance process.

Release Notes: Applicant Stages and Disqualification, Compliance Reporting and Application Template Updates


Release Notes: Applicant Stages and Disqualification, Compliance Reporting and Application Template Updates. If at any point the recruiter or hiring manager decides a candidate is disqualified for a specific position, he may use the menu within the candidate job application to select “Disqualify,” and then he’ll be prompted to enter one or more specific disqualification reasons using check boxes.