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Does Corporate ESG Encourage Recruitment and Retention for Employees?


These statistics refer to the “E” and “G” in ESG, respectively. Unprecedented levels of employee turnover and the rising cost of living have spurred business leaders to take action to improve retention through benefits that support employees in aspects of their lives beyond work. Financial well-being is one such area.

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How to Create a Successful Hiring Timeline | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

There are plenty of aspects of recruiting that keep you on your toes. A structured hiring timeline helps you keep recruiting on track and find, interview, and hire the best candidates consistently. It gives you the ability to provide excellent candidate and onboarding experiences, which improve retention.


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4 Questions HR Leaders Need to Ask About Holiday Workers Now


Instead of copying others, you need to identify where you will gain the most advantage from adding to the costs of your workforce — whether it’s by investing in employee perks or weekly retention bonuses. With a shift towards e-commerce, hiring managers are now focused on filling positions in warehouses and shipping facilities.

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HR’s Guide to Analyzing and Lowering Attrition Rate

Analytics in HR

Difference between attrition and turnover Types of attrition Factors impacting attrition How to calculate employee attrition rate The risks of high attrition rate for the business How to identify and analyze a high attrition rate HR strategies for reducing attrition rate What is attrition rate? Contents What is attrition rate?

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Core Company Values: An Essential Part of Recruiting & Retention


Core company values aren’t just something you throw on your website to show off to clients and prospects, they’re meant for employees, and ensuring potential new hires understand your company values is an essential part of the recruiting process. Embody the core company values throughout the recruiting process.

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Is the HR Accountable for Mass Layoffs?

Keka HR Blog

You were there when it happened. The meetings to discuss the need to hire recruiters. The job postings on LinkedIn. The applications. The interviews, the offer letters and the acceptance. You were there when it happened. You, the HR. The inductions, the training of hundreds of new employees. The promotions and the increments.

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Hospitality’s Secret Ingredient for Success?


Having a half-baked recruitment strategy will always end in disaster. Labour turnover in 2018 (AI Group). The Skills Forecast report found that employers in the hospitality & tourism industry identified the following challenges: Recruitment and retention. It will reduce your turnover rates. By Andrew Martin.