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86ing High Turnover: How to Reduce Restaurant Turnover with HR Technology

Netchex HR Blog

Turnover has always been a problem in restaurants, but it’s getting harder to ignore. Excessive turnover can become a never-ending loop, with the poor conditions causing more workers to quit. Most common reasons for high restaurant turnover Some workers were never going to last long at your restaurant. Pay attention to resumes.

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24 Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms

Semos Cloud

24 Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms. See which employee engagement software platforms you can include in your HR Tech stack to encourage employee engagement. Employee engagement software platforms are becoming the essential parts of companies’ HR Tech stacks. Onboarding.


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HR Analytics: What do Data & Reporting Mean for Human Resources?

Netchex HR Blog

Accordingly, qualitative variables like employee satisfaction are easier to analyze with quantitative data points like numerical surveys and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) like turnover. HR software makes it easier to collect and process data automatically, from absenteeism to the relative popularity of different employee benefits.

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11 Tips for Remote Employee Engagement


It’s easy to let communication, recognition, effective onboarding, and professional development slip. Managers default to micromanagement, causing distrust among their employees. The good news is that businesses can overcome these challenges with proven tactics that help remote employees collaborate and stay engaged.

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How On-the-Job Training Helps Blue Collar Employers Boost Productivity


That on-the-job training plan should include upskilling, reskilling, and learning management programs for all levels of employees. On-the-job training can be especially useful for speeding up the learning process in roles that involve special equipment or complicated procedures. What is On-the-Job Training?

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How Learning Management Software Impacts Business

Tandem HR

Training and career development are essential strategies for attracting, engaging , and retaining talent. Additionally, continual learning benefits your organization as employees become more effective and efficient at their jobs. Many creative options have become available with more employees working remotely.

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5 Ways to Efficiently Onboard And Retain EMS Employees

HR Management

According to the American Ambulance Association, the emergency medical services (EMS) sector posted poor worker retention rates in 2022, with overall turnover rates being in the range of between 21% and 36% for the different occupations within the industry. About The Author Germaine Ignacio is a freelance writer.