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5 ways to strengthen your onboarding and boost ‘time-to-productivity’


An efficient and effective onboarding process is critical for helping employees gain this knowledge and for maintaining workforce productivity, engagement and retention more broadly. Why time-to-productivity matters The risks of rushing employee onboarding —or dragging it out—are greater than many people might imagine.

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5 Ways to Measure Employee Onboarding Effectiveness | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

The employee onboarding process leaves much to be desired at most organizations — 88% of employees don’t have a good experience. Even companies with above-average ratings from CandE had a hard time successfully onboarding new hires, with many employees quitting before they even started.


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18 Must-Have Onboarding Documents (+ Free Templates)

Analytics in HR

Failing to standardize your onboarding documents hurts new hires and your company. Because undefined or inconsistent onboarding processes can result in a poor employee experience and weaker connections built between your new recruits and your company. When it comes to onboarding, first impressions count. Onboarding 3.

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How to Measure the Success of Your Onboarding Program

Essium HRM

A company’s onboarding program ideally sets up new hires for success. However, not all onboarding programs are created equal, and it’s often challenging for organizations to determine if theirs is hitting the right marks or falling short. Here are some metrics that can help you measure the success of your onboarding program.

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Retention Roadmap: Ways to Reduce Talent Turnover in 2022 and Beyond

In this eBook, get actionable tips to keep your global employees happy, engaged, and productive. The benefits of effective onboarding. So how can you retain your top talent while protecting your company’s best interests? Download this eBook to learn: The importance of career paths for employees.

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Why the Onboarding Experience Matters for Retention: A Data-Driven Analysis

Essium HRM

Most staffing firms understand that the onboarding experience has a dramatic impact on new hires. With a robust onboarding program, incoming employees typically reach full productivity faster. However, some recruitment agencies overlook the impact of the onboarding experience on retention.

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Take Care of the HR Prep Work with Restaurant Onboarding Software

Netchex HR Blog

One place where restaurants can further improve efficiency is welcoming and training new employees with efficient and easy-to-use restaurant onboarding software. Only 12% of American employees say their company does a good job of onboarding (source: Gallup) The ever-evolving restaurant management industry demands new and better HR solutions.

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Don't Let Them Leave Mad - Offboarding with Empathy

Speaker: Caroline Vernon, Director of Sales, CareerArc

Helps to maintain an engaged, productive workforce - especially those who are training for a new role within the company. Almost all organizations have a strategy in place for effective onboarding - now let’s talk about your off-boarding strategy! October 3, 2018 11 AM PST, 2 PM EST, 7 PM GMT

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An Ultimate Guide to New Hire Onboarding

A great onboarding experience improves employee retention by over 50%. Onboarding (done correctly) improves productivity by over 70%. So why don’t all companies have a purposeful onboarding program? Download this guide to learn: Techniques for optimizing your onboarding program while minimizing costs.

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Automate Your Onboarding Process In 7 Steps

Efficient employee onboarding is more than a warm welcome—it's a catalyst for business growth. Automated onboarding transforms new hires into productive team members faster, fostering long-term satisfaction and talent retention. Download to make your onboarding a strategic business advantage.

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Make Your Onboarding Inclusive & Engaging

Speaker: Daria Friedman, Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition and Engagement practices at Brandon Hall Group

Can an organization engage and train new hires during onboarding, regardless of location and circumstance? These low new-hire engagement levels cause high attrition levels and low productivity. The webinar will also include case studies featuring onboarding success stories through technology and innovative programs.

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Your Global Compliance Playbook: Onboarding Best Practices

In today's competitive global marketplace, a well-structured onboarding process not only plays a vital role in welcoming new employees, but it also helps them quickly become a productive, engaged, and loyal part of your global workforce.

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Cracking the Turnover Code: Navigating Onboarding Challenges in Small HR Teams

Speaker: Anthony P. Howard, LDSS, SHRM-SCP, SPHR - CEO and Founder of HR Certified

Delve into the world of process automation and learn practical tips to enhance overall productivity across your organization, even with limited resources.

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How Zapier Saves 206,185 Minutes a Year by Scaling Their Onboarding Program

Speaker: Ben Eubanks and Ashley Priebe Brown

If you don't already know, Zapier is the expert when it comes to automation and tech integrations––their product is a tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps. And with a fully remote workforce, they know a thing or two about improving process efficiencies.

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Make Recruiting More Human with AI

Speaker: Amy Miller, Senior Recruiter, Google

Leveraging her hard-earned insights, Amy Miller will discuss ways in which companies are leveraging automation technology to reduce administrative burden and improve productivity. Attendees will learn: A broad understanding of the AI-enabled technology landscape for screening, hiring, and onboarding today's workforce. PM PST, 3.30