How to build an honest and transparent brand: a true story


Finding the right way to anchor and authentically express your brand is like setting off on a road-trip to an undetermined destination. No-one in the car has been there before, the road markings seem unfamiliar, but somehow, you’ll know it’s the right place when you find it. Culture Clarity

Losing your best employees? Here's how to change that


Taking the temperature of your organization is important. Are your people happy? Do they feel recognized? The best leaders are connected to their organizations - they know if things are going well or something is awry. Furthermore, if something is awry, they're ready to take the steps to fix this.

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6 signs you're faking your workplace culture


The “fake it until you make it” ethos works in a lot of situations, but not when it comes to building a strong and authentic workplace culture. Sadly, there are a lot of companies out there faking happy work environments.

Want your internal communications to be heard? Use the right tool


Did you know that nearly 50% of communications professionals believe that their companies should rethink their digital workplace communications ? Clarity

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Guide to Lean Hiring

It's undeniable, over the years; hiring processes have become more complex. In many ways, this shouldn't come as a surprise. After all, the work that most of us do has become more sophiscated. But does complexity really lead to better, faster hires? Of course not. In fact, many smart organizations have started a trend, a return to simplicity, that allows them to compete for talent more efficiently. This trend is called lean hiring. Download the Guide to Lean Hiring and develop a systematic approach to recruiting that increases productivity while eliminating waste.

Five for Friday: Remote teams


Due to progress in technology, many of us no longer have to go to work to actually get work done. Some companies have even committed to being 100% remote. This saves time and costs, but it also presents challenges around company culture, employee engagement, and communication.

What Bert and Ernie can teach us about workplace conflict


At some point, almost all of us have had that moment in the workplace where we wanted to strangle the person sitting next to us. Getting along with everyone isn’t always easy, especially when quirks and mannerisms get in the way. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Clarity

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What's the key to intranet success?


Finding the right intranet can be a complex process. If you’re shopping around for one, you’ve probably unearthed a whole bunch of questions you didn’t know you’d have. What features should my intranet have? What exactly is a modern intranet?


Fed up of too many meetings? Get a good communications tool


If you’ve never suffered the nightmare of an inefficient meeting, you’re one of the lucky few. Too many times, I’ve heard colleagues utter the words “I’ve no idea why I was in that meeting ” after pouring an hour of productivity down the drain. Clarity

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Busting Millennial Myths: The Real Secret to Attracting, Hiring, and Retaining Millenials

Millennials in the workforce are here to stay and we'll show you what really wins them over (think opportunities for growth, mentorship, transparency, and your company's mission). Download the Ebook now.

What does role clarity have to do with leadership? Everything.


This year, the youngest team in the America’s Cup , Emirates Team New Zealand, swept the competition, overwhelming their American competitors 8 races to 1. Innovations in leadership and teamwork are widely acknowledged as key factors in their win.


Bringing positive psychology to the workplace


All the efforts we collectively invest in boosting employee engagement are to achieve happy workplaces. If we can deliver that, both engagement and productivity will soar. But getting there takes more than fun and jokes.

9 simple employee engagement ideas


Nowadays, the importance of employee engagement has become widely accepted. There seems to be more evidence than ever before to support the long-suspected belief that an employee who's engaged in their work is more productive than one who isn’t.

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3 reasons you think your colleague does nothing all day


Admit it. At some point in your career you’ve worked alongside someone who appears to do absolutely nothing all day. Clarity Trust

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The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

Choosing an applicant tracking system should be exciting, not confusing. We've developed a quick guide to everything you should look for while going through your selection process, to free you from the stress often associated with choosing a new ATS.

12 easy ways to improve workplace teamwork


Being part of a great team at work is a phenomenal feeling. You know that feeling? When your team is ‘in the zone’? It’s a sweet cocktail of emotions - excited, challenged, safe, successful. You’re pumped to get out of bed in the morning and energized throughout the day. Culture Purpose

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5 ways to keep a distributed team cohesive


As distributed teams become more and more common in organizations across the world, employees, managers, and executives are experiencing a myriad of benefits. Culture Clarity


How to be a motivational leader - without carrots and sticks


Many managers, at one time or another, struggle to motivate their team. Getting people to give their best at work can seem like a complicated challenge. Leadership often falls back on over-simplified solutions, such as "carrot" and "stick" approaches. But surely there's more to motivation?

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Five for Friday: Office perks


Organizations around the world are stepping up their office perk game; they're offering everything from free food to unlimited vacation. But, which perks are a waste of money and which ones really work? This week's Five for Friday focuses on answering this question. Culture Clarity


Building your Learning Experience! What’s it all about?

Join Jesse Novak as he covers what building a Learning Experience is all about, how this should tie into your company culture and why building a foundation around fun, value and recognition is important to engagement. We’ll also discuss how this ties into Gamification and Badging programs to build a brand beyond your organization.

How to create an inspiring workplace


The physical space you work in can have a big impact on communication, teamwork, and productivity. Research from Herman Miller shows that workspaces need to evolve to support the collaboration required for fast-moving businesses today. Culture Clarity

Five for Friday: Employee engagement


Employee engagement is a nebulous topic and improving it can be tricky. We've found that a main ingredient in the secret sauce to better engagement is a vibrant communications platform that connects employees and gives them a voice.

Improve employee engagement using recognition and reward


If you're suffering from poor employee engagement rates, it's time to do something about it. And that doesn’t mean throwing money at the problem. Recognizing and rewarding your staff through other avenues is often a far more effective solution. Culture Trust

Jostle is Ready to Rocket yet again!


Vancouver, Canada (March 3, 2017) — For the third year in a row, Jostle Corporation has made the Ready to Rocket list for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

2017 Recruitment Media Benchmark Report

In this benchmark report, Appcast analyzed 2016 pay-for-performance recruitment media from over 750 companies across every major industry. Learn the trends and results that leading employers are getting from their recruitment media.

Dude, where's my desk? The effect of millennials on the workplace


By 2025, millennials (also referred to as Gen Y) are expected to make up roughly 75% of the world’s workforce. This generation approaches work in a radically different way to the generations before them, leading to a ripple effect of change in workplace trends and operations. Culture Clarity

How an intranet makes workplaces less complex


Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends report is a compelling read. Based on more than 7,000 survey responses from over 130 countries around the world, it actually shows that workplaces are changing for the better.

5 ways to improve your matrixed organization


Matrixed teams are more prevalent than ever before. Gallup has found that a whopping 84% of employees are matrixed to some extent. This means fewer teams are structured traditionally (a group of people reporting up to just one individual) and less work is being done in a “traditional” way.

Dr. Marla Gottschalk joins Jostle’s Board of Directors


Vancouver, Canada (October 27, 2016): Dr. Marla Gottschalk , workplace effectiveness expert and Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, has joined Jostle Corporation’s Board of Directors. Dr. Gottschalk specializes in workplace success strategies and organizational change.

Creating the Ideal Candidate Experience

Modern job seekers have high expectations when applying for jobs. Download Newton’s guide for creating the ideal candidate experience to learn how you can attract top candidates and drive them to apply to your positions.

How to navigate business growth as a team


Navigating business growth isn't simple. You can't simply pick a destination and follow your compass from A to B. There will always be changing conditions and lurking dangers. Your best chance of success?

Five for Friday: Keeping good people


New research via Deloitte reveals retention and engagement are key concerns for 86% of business leaders. And for good reason. The competition for talent is fierce and the replacement cost of lost skills and knowledge is high.

How workplace design impacts employee engagement


Although the nature of work is changing, many employees still spend a significant amount of time in a physical place of work, such as an office building.

Five for Friday: Get a raise


Asking for a raise can be one of the trickiest topics to tackle in the workplace. It's often hard to know how to ask for more without appearing greedy. Don't distress! This week's Five for Friday will help you figure out if you deserve a raise and how to politely ask for one. Purpose

Download Now: Busting Millennial Myths

Millennials in the workforce are here to stay and we'll show you what really wins them over (think opportunities for growth, mentorship, transparency, and your company's mission). Download the Ebook now.