How 5 companies are succeeding with their Jostle intranet


I think every business has this one universal trait

3 reasons why your small business needs an intranet


A lot of smaller businesses, even those experiencing rapid growth, are sometimes reluctant to adopt new tech tools, especially tools geared towards growing culture, increasing employee engagement, and improving communication. Culture

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3 effective time management strategies to help you tackle the inevitable


Let’s be honest, when is time management ever not an issue for most of us

Pros and cons of a modern intranet


So, your organization is looking to invest in an intranet. Maybe you’ve never used one before, maybe you have one but it’s ancient, broken-down, and more of a hindrance than a help. Either way, there are probably needs that aren’t being met.


Live Webinar: Competing in a Candidate Driven Market – How to Recruit in 2018

With unemployment at an 18-year low, recruiters are now faced with a unique challenge that they haven't had to face in some time. The market is hot and the best candidates are often receiving more than one offer. In an environment where candidates are "ghosting" interviews and even offers, how do you compete? Join us on September 27th, 2018 for a live webinar with Scott Conklin, VP of Human Resources at Paycor and learn what candidates really care about and how to get the offer signed.

Should you be building an intranet with SharePoint?


If you’re looking for a definitive answer to whether or not you should be using SharePoint to build your company’s intranet, unfortunately you’ve come to the wrong place. Connected Companies

Why a 4-day workweek does wonders for employee engagement


After a flurry of recent reports , scientific studies, and public interest pieces, the tantalizing concept of the four-day workweek is once again on everyone’s mind. Culture

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6 intranet best practices: how to save your intranet from becoming a deserted wasteland


Intranets are supposed to help create connected and vibrant workplaces, but a poorly designed and maintained intranet does exactly the opposite. Connected Companies

8 ways to completely destroy your company culture


For some leaders, a strong workplace culture is a no-brainer. You treat employees with respect, communicate well, inspire others to do the same, and the whole company will reap the rewards. Simple, right? Connected Companies Culture

7 reasons why organizational culture is important


Why does it matter that your organizational culture is one way rather than another way? Culture


There’s Not a Skills Gap in the U.S… or Is There?

Your search for the perfect candidate has resulted in zero perfectly skilled applicants. What’s going on? Enter…the skills gap. This report, ‘The Employment Skills Gap and What To Do About It’, breaks down the issue with solutions you can apply now.

Is your intranet dead?


Whether they’re traditional or social, employee intranet platforms seldom work. Even worse, employee participation rates under 10% are the norm. Clarity


Sorry, your company culture doesn't make you unique


I was so excited to hear psychologist and management expert Adam Grant’s position on company culture. Finally, someone said out loud what I (and many others, let’s be honest) have been thinking: no, your company culture is not actually that unique. Which is not to say it's unimportant. it just may not be what helps you attract and retain a highly engaged and productive workforce. Culture

How to be more productive at work in 3 easy steps


We’d all like to be more productive at work. Purpose

5 steps to finding the right company intranet portal


Finding a new company intranet portal can be a gruelling process. There are so many different options, how’re you supposed to know which one to choose? This article’s step-by-step process will set you on the path to intranet success. Purpose

Live Webinar: Train Like a Boss – Close the Skills Gap and Boost Employee Retention

Recruiting quality employees is no easy task. With unemployment at an all-time low, it's now more crucial than ever to engage and retain the employees you've hired. A demonstrated investment in employee development can set you apart and help attract more quality candidates. According to a recent report from Linkedin, over a fourth of HR professionals expect to be increasing their budgets in learning and development. Join us on 8/30 for a live webinar with Greg Goold, Director of Learning and Development at Paycor.

4 storytelling tips for better internal communications


If you want better internal communications at your place of work, it's time to start telling stories. Move beyond bland announcements and start publishing content with life, impact, variety, and colour. Here are four ways to help you do just that. Clarity

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Dr. Marla Gottschalk joins Jostle’s Board of Directors


Vancouver, Canada (October 27, 2016): Dr. Marla Gottschalk , workplace effectiveness expert and Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, has joined Jostle Corporation’s Board of Directors. Dr. Gottschalk specializes in workplace success strategies and organizational change.

10 ways to connect people in your workplace


Our Radically Better Organization of the Year Jostle Award celebrates customers who demonstrate amazing organizational transformation, regardless of company location, size or industry.

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Jostle Awards 2016: Finalists revealed!


We’ve spent the last few weeks looking at more than 70 entries to Jostle Awards 2016 from 39 Jostle customers across the globe. These stories of people, purpose, and transformation wowed and inspired us. And now, it’s time to announce our finalists! Jostle News

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Just Released – Our 2018 Third-Party Recruiting Benchmark Report

BountyJobs curates the most impactful data in their marketplace: trends in salaries and fees across key verticals, emerging industry game changers, and other valuable analytics sure to influence your hiring strategy for the back half of the year. Download it!

7 ways to create psychological safety in your workplace


I was talking with a colleague recently, when I made a complete fool of myself. I misspoke and made up a phrase. Instead of saying that something would dovetail with something else, I said “Oh that will pigeon-toe well.” It was a funny moment, but what does it have to do with psychological safety? Everything. Trust

Losing your best employees? Here's how to change that


Taking the temperature of your organization is important. Are your people happy? Do they feel recognized? The best leaders are connected to their organizations - they know if things are going well or something is awry. Furthermore, if something is awry, they're ready to take the steps to fix this.

A case for kindness in the workplace


Employee engagement is a topic that’s hard to avoid. It feels like every day or so I read the same statistic: over 85% of employees declare themselves disengaged at work. Culture

5 company culture gimmicks that need to go


It’s 2pm on a Wednesday and the Sales Manager challenges you to a friendly game of ping pong. There’s too much work to be done and everyone, including yourself, is well aware of the effect the noise has on the tech team, whose desks are within earshot of every single backhand. But you know you can’t say no or you’ll be accused of not adhering to the ‘flexible’ company culture. Culture

Newton’s Guide to OFCCP Compliance

For federal contractors, keeping up with OFCCP regulations can be a major challenge when recruiting and hiring. Download our guide to OFCCP compliance and learn the major regulations that you must adhere to.

We, the people, love servant leadership


We, the people, love servant leadership. Why wouldn’t we? We’re the ones being served. Culture


6 steps for introducing technology into the workplace


People don’t like change. That’s especially evident inside the workplace, particularly when it comes to technology. While some people see the immediate value of adopting new technology, many don't.

5 reasons why employee engagement is important


Employee engagement is a term that has a different meaning depending on who you ask. Some might say it means enthusiastic employees, whereas others are adamant that it means happy or satisfied employees. In general, employee engagement describes people who’re committed to their work and the goals and values of their company. To put it another way, engaged employees show up and are involved, not only because they’re paid to be, but because they’re invested, emotionally or otherwise. Recognition

Five for Friday: Workplace vitality


Your organization's physical space can affect the physical and mental health of your team members. Not to mention playing a role in the overall level of engagement that your employees feel.

How Recruiters Can Create a Predictable Candidate Pipeline

Even the most experienced recruiting professionals face challenges filling critical roles in their organizations from an inability to establish, nurture and grow a sustainable talent pipeline. Download this eBook to get a jump on sourcing and learn how to build a high performance recruiting pipeline.

Five for Friday: Leaders at work


Being a leader isn't easy. Even if you've got the natural flair and communication skills, there are often challenges to overcome: dispersed offices, siloed teams, misaligned company culture. That's why we're focusing t his Five for Friday on real leaders who are tackling these challenges head on.

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Here's why your employee experience strategy won't work


Employee experience means everything to your people, so it makes sense that you’d want to find ways to ensure that their experience is a positive one. But because employee experience is so vast and nebulous, companies need to come to terms with the fact that their employee experience can’t really be managed or controlled with an “employee experience strategy.” There’s simply too much that’s out of their hands. Connected Companies

JostleTV is here!


We’re excited to tell you our big news! Jostle has just launched a new feature: JostleTV. Jostle News


5 tips for leaders to build trust


According to the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer report , almost a third of employees don’t trust their employer. That’s a big chunk of the workforce, and its impact can’t be ignored. Employees with low trust are typically skeptical, disengaged, and less productive.

Compensation Dictionary

We’ve compiled a list of fundamental compensation terms and why they’re important to know. Think of this as your comp cheat sheet—terms you need to know to put you on the fast track to becoming that cool comp kid we know you can be. Sure, you’ve heard some of the terms before, but you have no idea what they mean. Not to worry! Download this eBook and you’ll be ‘comp’letely fluent in no time. This ebook contains four sections: Section 1: Comp 101. Section 2: Market Pricing. Section 3: Pay Structures. Section 4: Pay Concerns and Pay Raises.

How workplace design impacts employee engagement


Although the nature of work is changing, many employees still spend a significant amount of time in a physical place of work, such as an office building.