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The High Cost of Warm Fuzzies


The NYT piece quotes Jason Merkoski, a 42-year-old engineer, who worked on the team developing the first Kindle e-reader and served as a technology evangelist for Amazon who left the company in 2010 and then returned briefly in 2014. “And for a metrics-driven organizations such as Amazon, it’s a shame and a shock that neither Bezos nor team leaders across the organization have quality people data that shows what’s at work in their teams.

Preventing Workplace Shootings by Employees

HSD Metrics

The highest number of fatalities occurred during the 1986 shooting at the United States Postal Service in Edmond, Oklahoma , with a total of 15, and the deaths of 14 in the San Bernardino, California, shooting in 2015.

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Personal Disruption: Shaking Up Your Life For Good

SAP Innovation

A great example of this is Pluralsight, the online training library for developer and IT professionals. million in 2007 through its in-classroom offer, in 2008, the company began offering training online. By 2010, online revenue was $1.7 Personal disruption (n.),

Ten years after self-reflection

Thrive Global

My way to 2010. By 2010, I had much experience in serving but I had not employed my graduate years to make enough money or a career for myself. The blog then became a voluntary project aimed at training people to do the same I was doing. Together we won three times The Topblog Brazil Awards in the Marketing category, in 2011, 2012 and 2015.

Wellness Programs that Make An Impact

HR Daily Advisor

To our knowledge, this is the first study to demonstrate significant improvements in multiple quality of life metrics with a 2.5-day immersive worksite-based intervention with employees.”. 2010 Nov; 25(11): 1244–1247. [6] 2015;26(2):354-359. [7] 2010;29(2):196. [9]

Bonnie Crater: “Set the company culture right from the beginning”

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In 2013, Bonnie was named one of the “100 Most Influential Women” by the Silicon Valley Business Journal, in 2015 the Sales Lead Management Association named her one of the “20 Women to Watch” and in 2016 Diversity Journal honored her as one of the “Women Worth Watching.”

Improve Government Customer Service? Look to the Workforce


And government is stepping up, focusing on customer service skills assessments and learning, workplace culture, and success metrics to improve citizen service levels. And the agency offers many customer-service related training courses for employees and leaders. Success Metrics.