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ClearCompany has processed millions of applicants, created thousands of hiring programs, and taken hundreds of talent acquisition teams to the next level with their industry leading ATS, Sourcing Module, Onboarding Platform and Video Interviewing capabilities. Learn more with The Best of @ClearCompany: #Hiring Edition. Welcome to Best of ClearCompany: Recruit and Hire Edition. ClearCompany offers a simple, streamlined path to starting your text recruiting journey.

5 Steps for Sourcing Candidates with Recruiting Analytics

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Talent Sourcing Strategic Sourcing ClearCompany SourcingProper sourcing can help you both widen your candidate pool by reaching out to more sources of hires, and help you pare down your talent pool when you need to sort the best from the great.

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How to Get the Most Out of Sourcing Candidates with Your ATS

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Talent Sourcing Strategic Sourcing ClearCompany Sourcing candidate sourcingModern tech is all about making everything simple, fast and easy. The more a piece of technology does for us, the more we value it.

Discover the Power of Your ATS Database with ClearCompany Talent Communities

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Discover how to unleash its power with @ClearCompany Talent Communities: Research shows: 90% of global professionals are interested in hearing about new job opportunities, but only one-third of them are actively looking. By setting up ClearCompany Talent Communities.

#RedBranchWeekly: The Key to Working Effectively and Efficiently

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ClearCompany: Cut the Conflict and Improve Productivity with These 5 Tips. Creating work that impacts in an effective and efficient manner is the key to the industry we reside in. Getting to that point is not always the easiest journey, though.

4 Economic Trends Impacting Talent Today

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However, for the last 15 years, ClearCompany has been working in the talent economy, and we’re here to identify the trends most likely to impact your role as an HR professional. in 2015. The market for talent has always been and always will be changing.

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5 Items to Add to Your HR Budget in 2019


With a whopping 50% of all employees citing poor management as a reason for leaving their jobs ( Gallup, 2015 ), it’s more important than ever to invest in management skills as a serious retention strategy.

Entrepreneurial Life in the USA is Complicated - Here's a Snapshot of Why.

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2015 Share. ClearCompany. I've got a saying that goes something like this: "The best thing about America is that anyone with a good idea can start a company. The worst thing about America is a lot of them do.". Let me explain that comment a bit.

Fair Hiring Practices: A Foundation For Workforce Culture Transformation


According to Glassdoor’s 2015 Top 50 HR and Recruiting stats, 67% of active and passive job seekers rank a diverse workforce as a critical factor in evaluating potential employers and job offers.

Making Employee Experience (EX) a Priority

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Airbnb , for example, appointed a “Global Head of Employee Experience” in 2015, and the year after that topped Glassdoor’s list of Best Places to Work. ClearCompany provides EX support through the employee’s entire career, assisting talent retention and HR initiatives. EXceptional EXperience, EXcellent Employees. By now, we know that the way to attract and keep employees is to consider their experiences while working.

The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018


ClearCompany ( A common question I get asked is: “What are the top applicant tracking systems I should consider using?” ” So, every year the Ongig team and I find the top ATS’s used by employers actively hiring…and we publish the details.