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Qualified job candidates per hire: recruiting metrics that matter


While there is plenty of data on offer from key recruitment metrics, interpreting that data in a way that will improve your hiring process is complicated. and why it’s a recruiting metric that matters. Benchmarking Qualified candidates per hire. Benchmark data from Workable ).

Two Talent Metrics HR Should Know (and Why It’s Important)


As the lines between marketing and HR continue to blur, talent metrics begin to creep to the forefront of employment success. Having a well-developed employer brand plays just as crucial of a role at your organization as your company brand.

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Are Your HR Metrics Outdated? Try These Four


When it comes to getting a full, clear view of a modern workplace and the people in it, standard HR metrics—productivity, costs, and turnover—just don’t cut it anymore. Better metrics make managers react proactively—rather than reactively—to changes in workplace culture and employee engagement. That’s not to say that tracking standard metrics is no longer necessary. That’s where the following metrics come into play. Metric 1. Metric 2. Metric 3.

The Reason Companies Should Calculate Cost Per Hire

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Personally, I’m a big fan of the cost per hire metric. Internal recruiting costs include salary and benefits for everyone involved in the recruiting process as well as recruiting software, etc. According to SHRM, the average cost per hire in 2016 was $4,129.

The questions your key recruitment metrics need to answer


Hiring metrics, reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are only as useful as the questions they answer about your business. So, before we talk about the myriad of hiring metrics we can measure and plot in recruiting, let’s take a moment to think about what we’re trying to learn and why. You need to know how good you are at finding and attracting qualified people, also known as recruitment metrics analysis. Pipeline metrics will give you a lot to think about.

Average Time to Fill = 42 Days according to SHRM Survey – So What ?


The USA Today reported that a recent SHRM Survey indicated the Average Time to Fill a job is 42 days according to their Human Capital Benchmark Report. In my opinion, the “filled” metric is an “HR Feel Good” metric. Written by: Jacqueline Kuhn.

Survey 256

HR Analytics – The “GPS” of True HR Transformation


Demonstrating the business value that HR provides by putting metrics in place. Redefining the metrics of success, with metrics focused on business challenges rather than favored, traditional (read “non-business relevant”) HR metrics. What do we get if we do it well?

How HR Can Shape a CX Focused Workforce


Thanks to a well-defined and communicated plan, employees have a clear vision of the role they play in CX and are more considerate of their interactions with clients. For example, paying attention to how well candidates listen to questions during an interview can indicate how they would act if they were dealing with clients. Customer Experience, or CX for short, is a differentiation strategy adopted by many B2B organisations.

Build vs. Rent: Don’t Crash on the Do-It-Yourself Iceberg for Workforce Intelligence


To achieve this, the company hired an HR business intelligence team, standardized their reporting metrics, and invested over $3 million in a data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) software. Analysts to determine metric definitions and create reports.

How To Grow Your Team & Company Without Losing Them: An Interview With Rand Fishkin


That’s generally true for SaaS and Enterprise SaaS as well, but usually slightly less dangerous because enterprise tends to have lower churn rates than subscription SaaS. While Moz was trying to do ten things in the field, we had many competitors who tried to do just one or two things well.

The Role Of HR Analytics In Workforce Planning

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After collecting enough data regarding employment, attrition, necessary skills and performance metrics, most companies proceed to benchmarking them against ideal metrics and industry standards.

Encouraging Innovation Governance


Along with the promotion of an innovative workplace, it will also become important to set clear and defined metrics to evaluate the impact of these specific innovation plans. Benchmark with Industry Leaders. Subscribing to newsletters, blogs, and industry journals, as well as maintaining business networks, keeps business leaders informed on new ideas to help drive business results.

Time to hire: key recruiting KPIs to track


Using recruiting metrics effectively is about finding the signal in the noise. The proper role of metrics is to answer useful questions about your business. Benchmarking time to hire. Benchmark data from Workable ). What are the recruiting metrics that matter?

HR’s New Year Resolution: Move Up the Workforce Intelligence Maturity Curve


Many that have graduated from metrics to analytics use it very simplistically, often to respond to one-off data requests such as “how many employees were hired last month?” Definitions for core metrics are created.

Interviews per hire: recruiting KPIs


But it’s not as simple as compiling a few reports, recruiting metrics need to answer questions relevant to your business. We’re taking an in-depth look at the four key performance indicators (KPIs) we think are worth tracking in recruiting metrics. Benchmarking interviews per hire.

Step by Step Guide: How to Write a Job Description


It serves as the basis for interviewing candidates, and also helps later during new employee orientation and finally helps during evaluation as well. A well written job description is one of the most important places to begin with while hiring good talent. Based on the guidelines stated in the previous point, create a well defined job description keeping in mind the key criteria. They cannot be distinctly defined and identified as well.

The candidate as customer

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Posted by Arthur Mazor and Bill Cleary on November 15, 2016. What’s more, these interactions have effects that can extend well beyond whether the person ends up in the position advertised, reaching all the way into the company’s brand. The new dynamics of talent acquisition.

The candidate as customer

HR Times

Posted by Arthur Mazor and Bill Cleary on November 15, 2016. What’s more, these interactions have effects that can extend well beyond whether the person ends up in the position advertised, reaching all the way into the company’s brand. The new dynamics of talent acquisition.

Recognition, from Culture to Practice!


In turn, connections between employees are strengthened, leading to greater engagement and satisfaction , as well as improved trust and collaboration. These are the elements from which our best practices and benchmarks are derived. By Traci Pesch. Recognize This! –

Employee monitoring: to track or not to track?


Exist also offers users benchmark data comparing them to other people on the platform. According to Exist’s benchmarks (based on aggregated RescueTime data), the average user clocks in a whopping 2 hours and 34 minutes of productive time a day.

A new operating model for talent acquisition

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Posted by Arthur Mazor and Bill Cleary on December 13, 2016. That means linking recruitment more closely to overall corporate strategy as well as promoting a smoother ride for candidates through the process. And that’s likely to be money well spent.

How to Recruit Top Talent and Get Them to Achieve Early Success


As we get closer to the end of 2016, we realize HR professionals are starting to plan for the year ahead. When you take that forecast and the metrics around your current hiring process into account, you can map out a blueprint for what recruiting will look like in the next year.

Cafe Classic: Reviewing Your Incentive Plan: A Three-Tiered Conversation

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One of the temptations we encounter is to try to benchmark our way into the right plan structure and metrics - looking externally at so called "best practices" in order to figure out our next design move. How well is the plan, in its current form, designed to achieve these ends?

The Integrated World of the Interactive Talent Conference


The Integrated World of the Interactive Talent Conference Published date: October 18, 2016 Home. With few exceptions, key information – from employee profile and performance plans, evaluations, benchmarks, salary history, and career development and succession plans – isn’t in one place.

Human Resources Needs a Common Language for Managing Business Data

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

True, everyone in HR shares some common metrics, such as head count and time-to-fill. These companies are developing universal standards for labor benchmarks. Head count is one of the broadly agreed-upon metrics in HR!

The Value of LinkedIn's Employee Alumni Network


I think the fact that people were really excited speaks well to the employees and the culture.” LinkedIn provides alumni with perks like a three-year subscription to LinkedIn Premium, as well as special Alumni events and communications.

How to Power Your Company Culture with Data and Feedback Loops


Sales were falling at its stores and only 16% of them were meeting the company’s customer service benchmarks. Lock In KPIs and Benchmarks. That’s why setting up internal company culture KPIs and benchmarks are essential to fully leveraging the data you collect.

Secrets And Lies: 5 Ways To Free Your Hiring Bias


They’re routinely considered “too short” to be leaders in the C-suite, as shown in a study from 2004 that turned into a long-lasting benchmark on implicit bias. Well played. Take a deep dive into hiring practices and create some metrics. Hiring bias? Did I just use the b -word?

A new operating model for talent acquisition

HR Times

Posted by Arthur Mazor and Bill Cleary on December 13, 2016. That means linking recruitment more closely to overall corporate strategy as well as promoting a smoother ride for candidates through the process. And that’s likely to be money well spent. Instead of transactional applicant tracking systems, companies are developing resource-rich interfaces that sell the company as well as the job.

Questions for Budgeting Season

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We’re well into budgeting season, which means it’s about time for many HR and comp pros to start scrambling around to calculate the necessary information for next year’s comp budget. If the job is that hot and pay is moving that much for it, consider having stricter performance metrics.

How to Measure Quality of Hire

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This entire premise—measuring how effective we are at hiring the right talent—is the basis for the “quality of hire” metric. Most organizations use a set of metrics together as a group. Surveys completed by entire team, asking about how well the company culture is being upheld.

10 signs you need an applicant tracking system


Well, not really. PS… Attract the right candidates by providing a real sense of the environment they’ll be working in, as well as the team they’ll be working with. You’d like to have some benchmarks to measure your efforts against.

5 Stages of Successful Onboarding

Rallyware for Human Resources

The whole process starts well before the hiring stage with pre-hiring. HR specialists recommend having a detailed plan prepared well in advance for the new hire to keep the necessary actions on track.

The Role of HR in a Candidate Driven Job Market


To this end, HR must rely on a balance of more strategic hiring within the HR department itself as well as the adoption of the latest tools – think big data technology – to gather actionable insight into the company’s employment data.

Business Leadership Tip: Take Advantage of Workday’s Built-In Dashboards


With 2016 just a few months old, I’ve been reflecting on just how fast our world keeps moving. The sooner I can identify any issues with these key business metrics, the faster I can act on them. There are pre-built dashboard templates for auditing, competitive benchmarking, profitability, revenue metrics, sales performance, and more on the financials side, and templates for Workday Human Capital Management , too.