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Why Incentive Solutions? . At Incentive Solutions we inspire growth – for our clients and our employees. We do this by providing award winning, incentive marketing strategies, backed by data, and driven through a variety of technology tools and rewards.

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The Incentive Solutions News blog

We're Hiring for a Sr. Incentive Solutions. Incentive Rewards. Our Incentive rewards inspire motivation in your participants and produce the most ROI for your brand. Incentive Programs. Technology. Why Incentive Solutions?


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What No One Tells You About Employee Incentive Programs

Vantage Circle

You’ve probably heard about employee incentive programs and may already have a basic understanding of what they entail. However, there’s much more to these programs than offering a simple bonus. Hence, in today’s competitive job market, offering perks or a mere bonus isn’t enough.

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The Incentive Solutions News blog

Why Incentive Solutions? At Incentive Solutions we inspire growth – for our clients and our employees. We do this by offering award winning incentive marketing strategies, backed by data, and driven through a variety of technology tools and rewards.

Should You Hire a Certified Compensation Professional?


A CCP will continuously monitor existing job descriptions and work with hiring authorities to create them for emerging positions. Salary ranges for new hires and for financial incentives and advancement of existing staff members. Bonuses and performance incentive programming.

Netchex Multiplex: How would HR handle your favorite movie characters?

Netchex HR Blog

They still slip through the cracks occasionally and get hired. The New Hire. Like Harry Potter’s first few days at Hogwarts, the first few days (and weeks) is a critical time for new hires. With email, messaging apps, and water cooler gossip, they don’t even need a Burn Book.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


We ran them through an SEO (search engine optimization) tool called ahrefs to give us an “Organic Traffic” score. Please add a comment below with the name of any hiring blog you think we missed and we’ll gladly research them for future updates. Hiring and Recruiting.

HR Glossary of Terms


Adverse impact can happen in many aspects of employment, including hiring, training and development, promotion, performance evaluation, transfer, and termination. The practice of treating someone unfairly based on their age — also called “age discrimination.” Cost-Per-Hire.

6 Ways to Ensure ADEA compliance

Accurate Background

This month marks the 54th anniversary of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA), an act which, “forbids employment discrimination against anyone at least 40 years of age in the United States.”.

Women in Leadership: #BalanceforBetter

Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software was founded in 1990 with four people: two men, two women. That aside, you will be remembered as someone committed to solutions the next time they need ideas. However, if organizations won’t do it on their own, I’m not totally opposed to legal incentives to urge and reward them for doing so. A good leader has a value system that sees the potential in all people, not just the ones that make them look good or does what they want.

Why Does Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter in the Workplace?


Systemic racism, gender inequality, and prejudice against minority groups have been calcified in the workplace for far too long, but thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement and the push for representation, organizations are finally taking real steps to abolish inequality.

What is Compensation Management?


One of the main benefits of a good compensation management system is pay equity, but there are ample other benefits, like aiding in budget creation, attracting recruits, reducing turnover, and more. It’s important for business owners and HR leaders to know how compensation management works, the benefits, and what to consider before investing in an appropriate system. . Wellness incentive programs, in particular, are having a major impact on employee compensation packages.”

11 HR Trends for 2022: Driving Change and Adding Business Value

Analytics in HR

This limited involvement, however, is unfortunate because HR has a large set of tools to add tremendous value to these projects. These tools include skills in organizational design , development , and transformation , expertise in building culture, and the capability to design collaboration.

Death By Lousy HRM — The Whole Story In One Sitting!

In Full Bloom HR

Except for our annual holiday letters to friends and family, field reports of our travels, a few blog posts about holiday traditions, and similar, I haven’t written anything in half a century that wasn’t about enterprise technology, especially HR technology, or a required paper for my MBA. It was a dark and stormy night at Metadata Hall, the restored country manor house which was the UK regional headquarters for Great Software Inc., Cummins’ discriminatory system?

How to handle compensation during uncertain times


Hiring freezes. This simply means that all hiring of new personnel stops for a period of time. Hiring freezes are often among the first strategies considered by business leaders because it minimizes the impact on the current workforce. Adjustment of annual incentives or targets.

How to Create an Effective Compensation Philosophy

Analytics in HR

A compensation philosophy guides designing compensation structures, managing compensation & benefits programs, determining compensation packages for new hires, and providing guidance on how to incentivize and retain your most valuable employees.

Colorado’s Equal Pay Act [7 Examples of New Language in Job Postings]


” Here are a few highlights and requirements from Colorado’s Equal Pay Equal Work Act: the act offers protection for employees against sex-based pay discrimination for work that requires similar tasks or responsibilities.

Cafe Classic: Do Generational Differences Matter For Total Rewards Strategies? Part 2

Compensation Cafe

In this post, we'll talk about the implications of those differences for incentives and benefits, and how to incorporate these differences in a comprehensive total rewards strategy. To give you a quick recap, CEO Magazine's article "Meeting the Challenges of Tomorrow's Workplace" summarized the differences in core values as follows: Because each generation has different core values, the types of incentives that are most effective differ by generation: .

Compensation Package: A Guide For HR

Digital HR Tech

A basic compensation package definition is a collection of information that includes all the rewards that employees receive for performing the work they are hired for. For example, a new department director role was created as a result of new technology.

Could an Early Retirement Package Incentivize Employees to Retire?


Annual raises and bonuses can put these staff members at the highest level of compensation, often for decades, as their organization waits for them to retire. If they don’t, it may be time to develop an Early Retirement Incentive Program. Incentives that make retirement appealing .

How Gender Pay Gap Affects Your Business

Vantage Circle

Every woman needs to know when she's being discriminated against and what the reasons are why she isn't getting equal pay so we can close that pay gap. That resulted in a settlement of a bonus in pay equal to that paid to men workers. Direct discrimination based on sexual orientation.

How to Save Human Jobs?

Biva Joshi

Five years ago in 2017, a new rule of increased bonus depreciation to 100% was introduced in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which allows organizations to write off the cost of property during the first year of its use. is encouraging big firms to use advanced technology.

The Truth About Unconscious Bias in the Workplace


Women are still discriminated against professionally, whether it is directly through compensation or indirectly through the way we are treated or spoken to. Unconscious Bias in Hiring and Promotions. If left unchecked, unconscious bias can thrive in hiring, promotions, and in feedback. It is important to hire a diverse workforce to be competitive. Studies have shown that it affects hiring decisions, salaries, and ultimately, career advantages.

What Is a Longevity Increase?

HR Daily Advisor

While most of us are familiar with the ideas of raises, bonuses, and incentives, a longevity increase is not one that is in everyone’s vocabulary. It can be a recruiting tool, emphasizing that employees are rewarded for their loyalty. This can help to attract new hires. If you do opt to implement longevity increases, be sure to do so fairly and consistently to ensure that the program does not become a source of frustration or fuel for claims of discrimination.

Your Guide to the Most Common HR Legal Documents


Is the employment at-will—meaning they can quit or be terminated for any legal reason, at any time—or is the employee being hired for a specific time period? (As What about bonuses, commissions, stock options, or other common forms of incentive compensation? Retention Bonus Agreements As companies evolve, it’s only natural that some may get acquired or go through another significant “life” event (e.g.,

California HR Trends for 2017—Don’t Get Burned!

HR Daily Advisor

California does not permit incentive compensation to partially meet the “white collar” (i.e., All employers who pay employees by piece-rate must review their compensation systems and revise them accordingly,” says Siegel. Piece-rate is often confused with commissions or bonuses. Commissions are strictly regulated in California, says Siegel, and bonuses are a bit more flexible if you meet the right definition. “If

“Take care of yourself during this time.” Suzanne Sibilla and Parveen Panwar, Mr. Activated

Thrive Global

of Engineering and was the 250th or something employee that Healtheon hired. I’ve applied the tools and techniques to my own life with immense success. Now, with the pandemic, companies have hired external vendors to facilitate health and wellness virtual fairs.

Preventing Whistleblowers in the Workplace: OSHA Expands the Rights of Whistleblowers

HR Daily Advisor

Section 11(c) prohibits employers from discharging or discriminating against employees for filing a complaint or institute or cause to be instituted any proceeding under or related to the OSHA Act or participating in any such proceeding. Second, employers should ensure that it has a responsive complaint system in place where employees can bring issues of suspected retaliation to an employer’s attention before going directly to an administrative agency or a court. by Kara M.

Updated List of Cities and States with a Salary History Ban


Another reports that bonuses and other forms of incentive pay add to the problem. Small steps, such as examining records, re-categorizing jobs, and reviewing hiring practices, and utilizing software to ensure equal pay across your company, can help. An example of how the law can increase equity could be that a company is hiring several new team members for the same job.

2019 HR & Compliance Web Summit: Executive Summary


This should be someone who understands your professional challenges and can recommend solutions. W&H is now permitting employers to use nondiscretionary bonuses and incentive payments paid on at least an annual basis to satisfy up to 10 percent of the salary requirement Want to learn more around wage and hour? How much is it going to cost to recruit and hire them? Metric: Cost-per-Hire. Do we have hiring issues or managing issues?

6 Impactful Steps Companies Can Take to Fight Racial Injustice and Foster Inclusion at Work

Linkedin Talent Blog

and beyond, many companies are recognizing they need to do more to build truly equitable hiring practices and inclusive workplaces. John also recommends digging into staff relations complaints and issues that have been brought up by Black talent during the hiring process.

Understanding the Gender Pay Gap: The Importance of Gender Pay Equity


On the other hand, pay equity dives deeper by looking at the inequalities that might lead to the gender pay gap, such as systemic issues, conscious or unconscious biases, race, ethnicity, sex, and ability.

Google's 10% Raise: We Don't Care About Our Employees

Evil HR Lady

And because of the logistics of my hire date relative to annual reviews, it meant that in the 2 years I had worked at that company this was the only raise I had received. I thought the news article said there are bonuses on top of the uniform 10% raise. And a $1000 bonus on top of that! The only incentive to really push yourself in one of those positions (other than personal pride), is so you can be better compensated elsewhere. Evil HR Lady Why am I evil?

How to Disappoint Your Employees in One Easy Step


One of the memorable scenes in the movie is when Clark opens up what he expects to be a holiday bonus only to find a “jelly of the month” membership card. After all kinds of crazy experiences, that bonus was his last opportunity to bring some sense of closure to the season by giving an amazing gift to his family (a pool). He even carries around a brochure to look at and share when necessary, demonstrating how excited he is about the coming bonus. Discriminate.