CFA vs. MBA : What’s the Right Option for You?

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The difficulty of earning the CFA charter is also reflected in median salary data. . An MBA will give you a broader knowledge base that can be applied across various industries. Now that you’ve landed your first finance job out of college, what’s your next move? .

PlatCore LMS – Update Announcement: What’s New In Version 1.4?

PlatCore LMS

The LMS, built specifically for ServiceNow, enables tight data integration with other ServiceNow modules such as HR and GRC, or it can be a completely standalone application. PlatCore LLC continues to innovate, drive value, and listen to our customers! We are proud to release version 1.4.4

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10 Tips on How to Mentor Emerging HR Talent

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1) Let Them Experience Everything One of the greatest assets in HR is a wide knowledge base. Give recruiting exposure to compensation, let generalists do a tour of duty through organizational design and encourage everyone on the HR team to work in the business itself to gain knowledge, experience and credibility. 4) Give Feedback Frequently and Reward Often Feedback and rewards are the fertilizer in which budding knowledge and talent grows, so give it frequently and gladly.

Launching a Learning Culture with the PlatCore LMS

PlatCore LMS

Upon completion of training, the learner would email certificates to the L&D admin for verification, the admin would record the information in a training spreadsheet and then save the certificate.

Women in Leadership: #BalanceforBetter

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Do you find that many organizations believe you are not as capable without an HR certification? I will say that the HR certification is something that should be considered intentionally. Ask your manager to reconsider an off-cycle adjustment based on all this data.

Spoke saves OppLoans 126 days of work


The lending industry has a particularly complicated onboarding process because there’s extremely industry- and state-specific training and certification necessary before an employee can begin selling loans to customers. Team members ask Spoke a question the same way they would ask their manager, and Spoke’s AI replies with the appropriate link, answer, or knowledge base resource that they need.

Knowledge Management Software: 7 Things You Need to Know


When we work, we’re often unaware of the vast amounts of knowledge, insight, and understanding that inform our jobs and the tasks we are completing. Every organization has documentation on policies, procedures, and systems; product features and benefits; analytics and CRM data.

Top 10 HR Best Practices to build Better Workplaces in 2020


Sharing information about contracts, sales, different clients, objectives, policies, employee personal data, etc. Performance-based bonuses. Evaluation becomes neutral if it is based on the achievements of the employee, tracked over the year. Knowledge.

Back to Basics #1 – Advice for Choosing Your Next Global Payroll Vendor


Although I am handy enough with the basics of indoor plumbing, I decided that this project exceeded my knowledge base and that special tools I did not own would be needed to complete it. May years ago I had a plumbing dilemma. My house is over 100 years old.

How to Get Started in a Financial Service Careers?

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Learn to listen and hear, learn effective communication, personal productivity, analytical thinking, forecasting and of course, never stop updating your financial knowledge base. New knowledge will never be redundant.

To Create or Curate? Why Every Company Should Leverage Expertise


When it comes to presenting industry-standards or highly-specialized knowledge, there’s no reason for your L&D team to reinvent the wheel when expert solutions can easily be implemented. We facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and foster the pursuit of learning within our organizations.

11 Questions to Ask Yourself When Building Talent Management Requirements

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For instance, transient, or short-term workers may not be with your company long enough to benefit from more structured goal setting, or they may not need continual skills certification or advancement to make learning management worthwhile.

Postcard from the Future: A CHRO in 2021


Now, with our global economy becoming increasingly more knowledge- and service-based, the movement and application of people is what produces the most value for companies. By using analytics, CHROs can ground their policies and business advice in data, removing some of the “fuzziness” historically associated with HR. Rather than looking for patterns in a roaring data deluge, it’s more useful to outline a desired outcome and work backward.


The Future of the LMS


As well as find a way to get our entire workforce to have a similar knowledge base? It seems that even agency based Marketing firms are jumping on the developmental platform, and that is a very good thing. The Future of the LMS – Where Are We Going?

Learning and Development: A Comprehensive Guide

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Learning and development is a systematic process to enhance an employee’s skills, knowledge, and competency, resulting in better performance in a work setting. Specifically, learning is concerned with the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Understanding Expatriate Tax: Installment 2 – The Implications and Considerations


These firms will ensure expatriate tax programs created by the company based on the home and host combinations effectively use tax treaties and compensation techniques to reduce costs and increase compliance. The expatriate must complete a Certificate of Coverage (COC) at time of expatriation.

Training And Development: What’s Next?


In terms of training advancements, the 20th century has largely been about creating a knowledge base that standardizes methods, and then porting that information to computers and other devices. Today’s training and development professionals have access to much more accumulated knowledge than Benjamin Bloom, a psychologist who, 60 years ago, helped develop a set of educational objectives for trainers to use.

HR TechStack – Employee Engagement Software


Organize and maintain data collected from pulse surveys for reporting purposes. There are hundreds of software & cloud based apps for modern recruitment process, at WhoKnows we have handpicked 62 most popular, widely used & recognized vendors in the market.