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HR Functions: 10 Fundamentals for Every HR Professional


Companies depend on their HR departments for personnel management. And every aspect of HR influences the employee experience. As a result, organizations are recognizing the vital importance of HR functions and the professionals that implement them. In fact, 70% believe HR leaders belong on their board of directors.

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Creating an HR Function – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

Specifically, when and how to bring the HR function into the company. Our firm has about 80 people, and we’ve decided it’s time to ramp up our HR function. What we really need help in is recruiting, but we also need to build training, HR coaching, and other strategic HR services and systems.


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The Josh Bersin Company: 3 Ways Talent Intelligence Addresses Skills Shortages


Talent leaders still betting on traditional recruiting methods to dig their organizations out of a skills shortage are fighting a losing battle. One solution that goes beyond the recruiting process to help talent leaders solve business problems is a true talent intelligence platform. Or build internally?

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How to Build a Recruitment Operations Team


What is Recruitment Operations? Recruitment operations is a talent acquisition function designed to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s recruiting processes, policies, and technology. Technology innovations and workplace trends play a large role in shaping recruiting operations departments.

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HR Operations: 5 Proven Ways to Improve Any HR Team


HR operations fall into three main areas, they add: staffing, compensation, and designing work. . Let’s take a more in-depth look at HR’s core functions now. Key responsibilities of HR operations. Likewise, HR should introduce a performance management system across the organization. Emerging HR roles. “In

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Chief Talent Officer: Everything To Know About This Role

Analytics in HR

And chief talent officer oversees employees’ recruitment, development, and retention to help meet company goals. They build candidate pools, screen applicants, and create recruitment guidelines for hiring managers. They may also have a small team within the HR department. CTOs are on the C-suite level.

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HR Reports: The Journey and the Aftermath!

Keka HR Blog

HR reporting provides a way to gather and analyze HR data, allowing organizations to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as employee turnover rates, time-to-hire and diversity metrics. In fact, organizations that make use of HR reporting are more likely to be successful in achieving their business goals.

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