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More Than A Handbook: Maintaining Conduct Policy Compliance

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Disciplining an employee is never a pleasant experience, but no matter the size of your business, the reality hits for every employer. Additionally, your conduct policy has to have “teeth”, in order to extend to contractors who may sit outside of the every-day communication patterns of your team. Whether real or perceived, many situations could end up in a lawsuit – sexual harassment, discrimination, wage, overtime and wrongful termination.

The Value of Outsourcing Tactical HR Compliance vs. Handling It in House

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Maintaining compliance with federal, state, and local regulations is not an easy task. With emerging technology comes changes in procedure, both in house and at the government level. All in all, compliance is a hefty task, even with all of today’s digital conveniences—particularly for smaller businesses which may struggle with the everyday workload. And compliance is an area in which cost cutting can lead to serious consequences.


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The business challenges that make it hard to be an employer


But if it seems like it’s harder to run an organization now than in the past, your perceptions are correct. Factors that contribute to the complexity employers face: Increasing business regulations at all levels of government, A patchwork of rules for operating in different states and regions New expectations from employees and customers. Compliance and risk management. The requirements are complex, and there can be strict penalties for failing to comply.

Rub a Little HR Tech On It

Essium HRM

I don’t know if you ever had the life-shaping experience of scraping yourself as a kid, and when you showed your parent, they responded with, “Awe, you’ll be alright, just rub a little dirt on it.” Half joking, and half serious to the fact that you’d be okay, just add some dirt to the wound with the knowledge that “every little thing, is gonna be alright.” There’s plenty of room for mistakes, and the inevitable bumps and bruises that come with the territory.

The #1 Way Small and Medium Businesses Save Time


Think back to some of the most time-consuming activities you’ve undertaken for your business. It’s common for SMB leaders to take on the mountain of HR tasks that are required for smooth operations, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way. A major study from earlier this year shows that small and medium sized business owners consistently underestimate the amount of time and energy required to run their HR functions in-house. Training.

How to HR in a growing company – A guide for every size business


When you first start a company, amid the excitement and many competing priorities, you may not be considering the vital role of human resources (HR) in growing a company. While you can probably get away with a less-than-defined HR strategy as a startup, these policies, procedures and strategies can determine your fate as the business grows. In a perfect world, all businesses would operate in strict accordance with the laws and best practices governing HR.

HR Consulting Firms for Small Businesses: 15 Leading Experts

Astron Solutions

Effective human resources policies are probably one of the most important investments that any small business can make in its ability to continue growing! We’ve written before on the purpose of compensation consulting and some top providers in that space. Today, we’ll be doing the same for the much broader category of human resources consulting for small businesses. Here’s what we’ll cover: A quick overview of HR for small businesses.

A Full Guide to the HR Generalist

Digital HR Tech

The HR generalist is probably the most varied HR professional out there. In this article, we will answer what an HR generalist is, what he or she does, how to become one, how much you earn as a generalist, and all the other information that you’ll want to know! What is an HR generalist? What does an HR generalist do? How to become an HR generalist? What is an HR Generalist? What Does an HR Generalist Do?

Tips for Streamlining Your HR to Drive Business Growth


When every function and department within a business is optimized to perform at its best, overall organizational goals are better realized. That includes the sometimes-overlooked HR department, which is an important area for both small and large companies alike. In fact, HR work consumes up to 35% of a small business owner’s time , proving the HR function is not a place where shortcuts can be taken. Embrace the Digital.

HR Advice for Small and Medium Businesses

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Are you a small business without in-house HR expertise? Most small and many medium sized businesses have to figure out the Human Resources side of business as they go along. . We surveyed hundreds of HR consultants to find out the most crucial HR advice for small and medium businesses that they most frequently find themselves giving. When it comes to managing Human Resources, these are the gaps and blind spots that small and mid-sized businesses tend to have.

Beyond Hiring & Firing, What Does HR Do?

Jeff Waldman - Recruiting

I’ve been asked the question of, “beyond hiring and firing, what does HR do” so many times during my career that I lost count 18 years ago when my career started. Before I attempt to answer this question I think it’s very important that we talk about the history of HR and where and why it originated. For the record, I am absolutely no expert in HR history, but I think I have a fairly good idea of its origination. HR tech stack)?