Integrating HR Systems


At some point in time, many of you, if not all of you, have had to deal with integrating one HR system with another. Integrating HR systems is not only vital to the success of the platform itself, it’s an essential business requirement beyond just being a technical issue.

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Applicant Tracking Systems Guide

ClearCompany HRM

Applicant Tracking Systems: Everything to Know & Look for in an ATS By: ClearCompany Updated: December 2017. What is an Applicant Tracking System? How Do Applicant Tracking Systems Work? Applicant Tracking System Benefits. Applicant Tracking System Pricing.

Why Public Sector Compliance Management Needs an Upgrade

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Despite being tasked with overseeing and ensuring compliance across industries , government agencies and organizations often don't have a handle on their own internal compliance practices. You have to go back and reprogram your system." The system will enforce that for you."

Strategic Reasons you need a new Human Capital Management System


A lot of systems in use today have been in place for 15, 20 even 30 years! They are “getting the job done” in terms of record keeping, paying people properly and tracking for traditional US compliance reporting for EEOC. Written by: Jacqueline Kuhn.

Small Market Buyer's Guide

The Basics of Regulatory Compliance

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Regulatory compliance is one of the central components of our GRC solution – the compliance module has even been endorsed by the American Bankers Association – thus it is a topic we are very interested in. So, what exactly is compliance and why is it so crucial to our economic system? What is Regulatory Compliance? Regulatory compliance is the function that organizations have to establish procedures that ensure internal and external regulatory compliance.

Compliance Automation – Manual Compliance Management Is Holding Banking Back

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We have recently published a detailed blog post “Why Managing Compliance Manually is a Sisyphean Task” Banking is one of the few remaining sectors where customers are still made to wait. Compliance is the Root of Banking Inefficiencies.

Technology System Design Needs Both Form and Function – Friday Distraction

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That doesn’t mean technology doesn’t offer value in compliance, administration, scalability, and more. The post Technology System Design Needs Both Form and Function – Friday Distraction appeared first on hr bartender.

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25 HR Compliance Terms to Know for 2018

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In addition to the holiday parties and secret santa gift exchanges, the end of the year also brings organizational compliance processes as your HR department gets ready to wrap things up. Are you up to date on your HR compliance terms?

Contractors, Compliance and the Cloud: How a Freelance Management System Can Help


To meet compliance and classification challenges in the emerging gig economy, it's worth considering a cloud-based freelance management system

Timekeeping Integration - The Key to Compliance

Speaker: Cynthia Hoyt, Regional Sales Director, Southland Data Processing

SOC 2 Compliance: Why Every HR Tech Vendor Needs It


For simplicity, we’ll refer to this as “SOC 2 Compliance.” What is SOC 2 Compliance? SOC 2 Compliance is relevant to all service organizations–regardless of industry, regardless of services being provided, regardless of size. SOC 2 Compliance Offers Reputation Protection.

Why Managing Compliance Manually is a Sisyphean Task

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Banks and financial institutions face a similar situation when it comes to managing compliance manually. What Makes Manual Compliance Management Such an Impossible Task? Compliance is costly and the costliest part of compliance is the personnel.

Geopolitics, Sanctions, And The Changing Role Of Compliance Management

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Predict360 Compliance Management System. Compliance management right now is more complicated than it has ever historically been. There was a time when compliance was relatively simple as the number of regulations that governed banking and finance were low. The laws haven’t held stagnant over these years – they have evolved along with changing culture, geopolitics, as well as the technology available for compliance and regulation.

H-1B Visa Lottery System Reversed

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Organizations hiring workers with H-1B visas under the annual cap will have to use a new online registration system as anticipated—but not until 2020. Immigration and Visas Talent Acquisition Compliance Workforce Planning

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HR Service Delivery software for the non-traditional workforce

with and delivering service to the workforce, while ensuring compliance. compliance risks. 7 | Compliance. System (VMS) for their contingent workers can also pull in a. of your organization raise even more compliance concerns if.

Benefits of an Online Benefits System


If your organization is still running Open Enrollment with no system and paper forms, you’re not only behind the times in the world of HR technology, but you are also missing out on the many benefits of an online benefits management system. Written By: Eric Frokjer.

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The Dangers of an Outdated Compliance Management System


Meeting regulatory expectations depends on a robust compliance management system. Here's how to decide if yours is worth replacing

How Small Businesses Can Mitigate the Risk of Compliance Failure

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Compliance system is a center segment of any bank regardless of their size. There is a noteworthy distinction in how compliance system can influence private ventures and how it affects substantial organizations in the industry. Setting up a compliance team.

The Compliance Learning Management System (LMS)


Last week Gyrus Systems earned a “Top 10” award from Talented Learning in the “ Best Employee Compliance LMS ” category. Gyrus Systems is pleased to have our efforts recognized by a well-respected organization like Talented Learning.

Compensation 101: A Beginner's Guide to Compensation Management

You can analyze them for compression, below- range pay and compliance concerns like gender pay equity and pay for other protected classes. Freshness: The freshness will depend on how updated you keep your internal systems. keep your internal systems.

The Current State of GDPR Compliance in Marketing

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After all of the panic leading up to GDPR enforcement, we can safely say that the marketing world has not grinded to a halt due to compliance challenges. As GDPR enforcement ramps up, compliance will depend in large part on the evolution of your third-party data usage.

Strategic HR vs Compliance HR: What’s the Difference?


Compliance has traditionally been HR’s main focus and area of responsibility. Compliance HR continues to have its place in modern human resources, but growing access to employee data has seen the rise of strategic HR and the alignment between human resources and company goals. Defining Compliance HR. Compliance HR has two main goals: to ensure the employer treats employees fairly and to prevent the business from running afoul of legal repercussions.

Reasons Why Businesses Should Go For Leave Management System


This becomes more complicated when managing employee records, processing leave information and ensuring compliance with leave policies. The post Reasons Why Businesses Should Go For Leave Management System appeared first on SutiHR.

Understanding PCI Compliance for Small Businesses

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Compliance Management System. PCI compliance continues to be important for businesses, but not a lot of business owners are aware of what it exactly is. Let’s look closely at PCI compliance, why the standards were formed, and how small businesses need to comply with them. What is PCI Compliance? PCI Compliance for Small Businesses. The truth is that PCI compliance for small businesses is just as important as it is for large businesses.

Compliance Challenges


Compliance is not for the faint of heart, a mantra every HR professional knows instinctually. Compliance Challenges Diversity and Inclusion In the past, diversity and inclusion, sadly, was a numbers. So, what does compliance look like when applying it to diversity and inclusion?

Managing Compliance Risks needs Synergy between Culture and Technology

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Managing compliance risk in banks is an important objective of management but having the wrong culture makes it hard to achieve improvements in compliance levels. What is a Culture of Compliance? A culture of compliance is a work culture that is naturally compliant.

Why Your Business Needs Regulatory Compliance Software 

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Management often wonders where this need for regulatory compliance software suddenly came from, and we cannot really blame them for thinking this way. There is an increased focus on compliance due to sanctions. Compliance monitoring software can be implemented painlessly.

Non-Profit Wage & Hour Compliance

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In our previous article, we looked at how wage and hour compliance issues can affect a small business. The issues around wage and hour compliance affect non-profit organizations just as much, if not more so,” he says. For Non-Profits, Wage and Hour Compliance Issues Are Often Related to Timesheets. When compliance issues are related to timesheets, it can be extremely detrimental to a non-profit’s viability. Non-Profits Should Spot Wage and Hour Compliance Issues Early.

21 CFR part 11 compliance training with gyrusaim LMS systems


GyrusAim now ensures 21 CFR part 11 compliance training release. This technology which sets the standards of electronic records and signatures for organizations

Detect Issues and Violations Early Through Compliance Monitoring

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The importance of compliance controls cannot be overstated. Having the right compliance framework is important not just to management, but to the regulatory bodies as well. The biggest compliance penalties are usually levied on banks which did not have the proper controls in place, because it represents a structural failure. That is why compliance monitoring is such an essential cornerstone for any compliance program that aims to be as effective as possible.

An Automated Compliance Management System Is No Longer A Luxury – It’s A Necessity


Compliance is a continuous process. The post An Automated Compliance Management System Is No Longer A Luxury – It’s A Necessity appeared first on Replicon. Time and Attendance Management Time Intelligence compliance Overtime compliance time tracking labor law compliance legislative compliance global compliance automated compliance management

Improving Risk and Compliance Results With Smarter Data

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Any business that wants to get more out of its risk and compliance efforts also needs to realize the importance of data and what it can do for their organization. Target uses customer data to predict demand and to recommend products customers would genuinely be interested in buying – their profiling works so great that their system knows if a customer is pregnant and they can then recommend pregnancy related products to the customers. Risk and compliance data.

5 Reasons Why HR Compliance is More Complicated Than Ever


Because compliance is changing so quickly on the state and federal level, HR departments are finding it more and more challenging to keep up with current regulations and changes to employment law. A vendor partner can be the HR practitioner’s best support to help navigate the fast-moving legal compliance landscape that includes background screening, reference checks, and employment verification. Non-Compliance in HR is Complicated and Expensive.

Do Your Organization’s Compliance Officers Have The Compliance Tools They Need?

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Predict360 Compliance Management System. We all expect the highest level of performance from the compliance departments within our organization. Compliance is critical to any business in a regulated industry, and a misstep in compliance can cause significant damage to the business, its reputation, cash flow, and even its ability to make its own decisions. However, they are also not risk or compliance solutions.

The Difference Made by a Proactive Compliance Risk Management Approach

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Every business knows that it has to manage its compliance risks, but not every business is able to achieve the level of compliance they want. Reactive approaches are the only possible approaches when compliance risk is being managed manually.