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What is e-Recruitment & Why It is Important in 2023?

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E-recruitment, also known as electronic recruitment or online recruitment, refers to the use of technology and the internet to facilitate the recruitment process. Types of e-Recruitment. Recruitment Agencies: . Advantages of e-Recruitment.

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Recruiting methods FAQ: A guide to terms and strategies


Effective recruiting translates to great employees who help your company succeed. To guide you to set up or revamp your hiring process, we answer frequently asked questions on basic and advanced recruiting terms, methods and strategies: Basic terms and methods. What is the “recruitment cycle”? What is “full-cycle recruiting”? What is “e-recruitment”? What are the steps of the e-recruitment process? What are recruiting metrics?


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100+ Top HR and Recruiting Podcasts

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Shoutout to RecruitingBrainfood that has a google doc with a lot of these which was very helpful in our research for this post. Recruiting Host: Gordon Collier About: Dropping talent acquisition value in short consumable episodes designed for the "recruiter". chattalent Host: Alan Walker About: In this podcast Alan Walker speaks to industry leaders, interesting Talent, Recruitment & HR folk, and anyone else who has a story to tell, or something interesting say.

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Everything to know about Human Resource Management


Human resource management (HRM) is the strategic approach towards effective people management in a company or organization such that it helps the business gain a competitive advantage. It is designed to maximize employee performance in the service of an employer’s strategic objectives. It is aimed at synergizing the entire spectrum of creating, managing, and cultivating the employer-employee relationship. E-recruiting.

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How Can HR Build Resilience In The Workplace?

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Amit is a passionate and energetic Human Resource leader, with more than 17 years of diverse global experience in Information Technology and ITES. Also Read: Why Transparency In The Workplace Can Help Your Business Grow