How to Help Recognition Stick with Collaborative Tools


In this age of the empowered employee, it’s important for companies to create and nurture a culture of recognition that inspires employees to devote their time, skills, and brain power to help an organization succeed. Building engagement on your recognition platform.

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IC ROI: 8 (surprising) ways internal communication technology impacts your bottom line


There’s a broad acknowledgement that internal communication, when done correctly, delivers a positive impact on ‘ employee engagement’ This, in turn, can impact on business results. It’s about supporting employees to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

What is an Intranet and Is It Still Relevant to Your Organization?


And, as companies adopt more and more advanced technological tools to communicate with and engage employees in highly effective ways, there may soon come a time when intranets are seen as dusty relics of an older era. . Easy ways to communicate among employees. Employee empowerment.

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