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6 Alternatives to Culture Amp


Culture Amp played a pivotal role in creating a new category of HR Tech known as Employee Experience Platforms (EXPs). These platforms offer automated workflows, recommended best practices, and even AI-driven suggestions for improving the employee experience. Of the listed platforms, Qualtrics is the most research-oriented.

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Employee Experience Tools and Providers: 6 Vendor Types


This article is an update to a previous article, “ Understanding the Employee Engagement Survey Provider Landscape: A Guide to the 6 Vendor Types ” The employee experience is a top concern for executives and leaders around the world. 6 Employee Experience Survey Vendor Types Save. General Survey Software Platforms.


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The State of Voice of the Employee and Enterprise Employee Feedback Survey Platforms


Every year we review dozens of HR and talent technology providers during the HR Tech Awards program to identify the solutions that are trusted and proven to support employers across a range of needs. LinkedIn’s acquisition of Glint closed in 2018, though Glint has remained as a fairly independent company since then.

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10 Best Employee Performance Review Software 2024

HR Lineup

It offers a holistic approach to talent management, including learning and development. Glint : Glint, acquired by LinkedIn Talent Solutions, specializes in employee engagement and performance analytics. It provides actionable insights through real-time surveys and analytics to improve overall workforce performance.

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Employee engagement and the bottom line: HR can help make the business case


It also entails equipping leaders and managers with actionable insights to ensure they can drive improvements and actually manifest a positive employee experience. And for those companies that excel in employee engagement, it is often the result of an organization having a “near-death experience,” Bersin says.

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Why skills management is at the heart of modern business success


The talent of today counts professional development as a top priority. Recent Glint research shows that people consider learning and development opportunities the number-one factor that defines exceptional work environments. Equally, businesses worldwide are contending with a broadening skills gap and a deepening labor shortage.

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The Most Popular Talent Blog Stories of 2021

Linkedin Talent Blog

It was a tumultuous year for you and your colleagues as you confronted a topsy-turvy talent market in which wages have soared and candidates have nonetheless been difficult to find. This year’s top 10 most-read articles on the LinkedIn Talent Blog: 1. more recruiters. more recruiters. Like Ryan.