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Want a Career in Human Resources? Your In-Depth (2023) Guide

Analytics in HR

Compensation and benefits : HR ensures that employees are well cared for by giving them competitive salaries and benefits. HR must ensure they receive the correct pay and benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, wellness programs, and leave credits.

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How HR tech’s people data boosts business performance


In fact, after payroll and HRIS/HCM platforms, our research found that global HR professionals (70 percent) use L&D tech more than any other, underlining the importance of investing in your people. This enables you to craft short- and long-term staffing plans more easily. full-time, part-time, contract, temp, etc.).


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Top 8 Global HR Trends in 2021


What should be the right HR technology tools to embrace the new work approach? Here is a list of top 8 emerging global HR trends in 2021. With remote work the focus on Performance Management will change too. Set agile goals, monitor employee performance and provide feedback. Remote Working is Here to Stay.

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What is performance management?

Digital HR Tech

Performance management is essential for managing people. or implicitly (“I need to make a planning with Jane because she keeps prioritizing less important tasks”). What’s in What is performance management What is the goal of performance management? What is performance management.

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21 Highest-Paying HR Jobs in 2023

Analytics in HR

Chief People Officer Salary : $245,000 – $450,000 Job description The Chief People Officer works with senior management to plan and execute workforce planning and talent acquisition strategies to ensure the company has the right talent for the right position.

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3 Trends Shaping the Future of Recruiting (A Conversation with Gerry Crispin)

Cornerstone On Demand

HR Leaders Dictate the Direction of Technology (Not the Other Way Around) Talent acquisition leaders now have access to revolutionary technology such as automated performance management software, apps that provide worker insight and marketplaces that offer access to a large pool of talent solutions that didn't exist a decade ago.

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Chosen Time

True Faith HR

In its HR Curriculum Guidebook, SHRM details 13 content areas which they believe students should master: Employee and labor relations Employment law HR’s role in organizations HR and globalization HR and mergers and acquisitions HR and organizational strategy Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) Measuring HR outcomes: metrics and the bottom line (..)