Time & Attendance for Engineering Environments

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This starts with tracking how much time your engineers and other professionals dedicate to every phase of a project or product initiative. Tracking Time to Support ROI. No new product or service, or iteration of an existing product or service, happens all at once.

Minimize Employee Absenteeism with Time & Attendance Software

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According to 2017 Bureau of Labor Statistics , the absence rate for full-time employees is 2.9%. Or perhaps they’re so disengaged that they’re taking time off to interview for a new job. For starters, absenteeism can affect how productive your teams are. The ripple of absenteeism can extend to your company’s bottom line and overall productivity. Minimize Employee Absenteeism with Time & Attendance Software. Make it a part of the onboarding process.


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How virtual onboarding is failing employees


According to Gartner analysis, business leaders project that nearly half of all employees will continue working remotely at least part-time after the pandemic. But traditional onboarding methods have not been delivering for new hires.

Reliable Time & Attendance for Employees, Managers & Business Owners

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Between the country’s economic growth and the record low unemployment rate of 4.1%, times are looking good for many companies and workers. According to the New York Times , along with raises, companies are also enhancing benefits packages, exploring new perks, and even changing the way they recruit. With a user-friendly interface and mobile functionality, stratus time helps make things easy and consistent for employees and administrators.

Time & Attendance Software for Technology Startups

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Is there a “right time” for a tech startup to add operational management functions, especially if they’re not ready for a human resources department? Some tools help companies manage payroll and benefits, while others handle functions related to recruitment, onboarding, and employee data. But what about time & attendance for tech startups? For Tech Startups, A Time & Attendance Solution is About More Than Tracking Time .

Employee Onboarding Best Practices: A Technology Perspective


The employee onboarding process is no longer used just for administrative issues. It’s true that advanced software and automated technologies eliminate duplicate entries and streamline employee onboarding, but that’s just the beginning of the array of business and employee benefits that onboarding technology can deliver for your business or HR department. Designing a new employee checklist not only streamlines employee onboarding but also reassures new hires in multiple ways.

You should be spending more time onboarding

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Overlooking onboarding is a mistake many companies make – and it has consequences. If you’re going to spend all this time and money acquiring employees and paying them to work, why not prepare them to succeed and convince them to stay?”

Tips for Onboarding Remote New Hires

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There is no question that we are in an unprecedented time in our world’s history in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s thus more crucial than ever to follow best practices when onboarding new employees that will work outside of the office. Onboarding: Planning Ahead.

How Time Tracking is Beneficial for Employees

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There are several reasons why you might want to track your employees’ time. You can keep a close on your employees, as well as help organizations to be more productive. To help get your workforce onboard, communicate how time tracking can benefit them.

The Top 22 Virtual HR Conferences to Attend in 2021

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When do you want to attend an online HR event? Why attend? Why attend? Why attend? Talent Acquisition Week offers time for the TA community to come together and share best practices in pivoting and how they can move forward in 2021. Why attend? Why attend?

How to create, implement and enforce a time and attendance policy


A time and attendance policy – the set of rules for your employees on when to show up for work and in what circumstances they can be excused – is essential for running your business successfully. It encourages productivity. Time off (paid and unpaid).

Workforce Management Simplifies Onboarding


Does your company use a structured onboarding protocol? Onboarding can get lost in the shuffle. Maybe it’s time to improve your onboarding protocol. A well-designed onboarding process has many benefits: Employees gain confidence more quickly.

How we remotely onboarded our first customer in a COVID world


Even though Operation Smile is headquartered on the opposite end of the continent from our own HQ, we had a small team eager to onboard them and assist them with their brand new intranet. Overnight we were forced to rethink our entire onboarding strategy. .

The Time Trainual Saved My Internship


Then, I saw it: Make a copy of the resource for everyone attending the event. The task was big enough to feel like an accomplishment and small enough to go home on time. And I really couldn’t tell you how I came up with this time budget or even where this confidence came from. .

The Best Employee Onboarding Experiences Ever


They have gone through the job-hunting process, perfecting their resumes, attending a multitude of interviews and finally, they have landed a job at your company! Set them up for success by creating the best onboarding experience that encompasses your company culture and values.

A Comprehensive Guide to Employee Onboarding

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Employee onboarding is like the workplace honeymoon period. It’s the time when you, as an organization, start your loving, lasting relationship with your beloved spouse, your new employee. As such, the onboarding period is where the foundation of the employer-employee relationship is being laid. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at employee onboarding. What is employee onboarding? 5 Stages of employee onboarding. Employee onboarding software.

How to Conduct a Successful Onboarding Experience


However, it’s almost equally as important for that newly hired, top-notch candidate to get a great first impression of you and how your business work—and your onboarding process is what will make or break your connection with that employee. . Review onboarding process over next 60 days .

What are the four phases of onboarding?

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Optimizing the onboarding process is one key strategy for improving your employer brand and recruiting better candidates. By the time onboarding is finished, your new employee should have an in-depth understanding of the organization's culture and values. Phase 1: Pre-onboarding.

Swipe Cards and Attendance Tracking: What You Need to Know


Swipe cards are one type of employee attendance tracking technology that can help businesses effectively monitor and follow the attendance of their employees. Employee attendance tracking is an essential responsibility for every human resource department. Today, the use of employee attendance tracking software and tools can help to shed light on employee trends and company health. The Importance of Employee Attendance Tracking. Attendance Tracking

What is the difference between new employee orientation and onboarding?


Some offices call it onboarding, and others call it new employee orientation. The truth is that they are not – and that you need both employee onboarding and new employee orientation to successfully bring a new employee on board. Understanding employee onboarding.

4 Ways to Speed up Employee Onboarding and Drive Profit as a Result


Employee onboarding can make or break the success of your business. A recent study from Gallup found that only 12 percent of employees believe their employers have effective employee onboarding in place. We’ve outlined some key tips to streamline your employee onboarding below.

4 Ways to Speed up Employee Onboarding and Drive Profit as a Result


Employee onboarding can make or break the success of your business. A recent study from Gallup found that only 12 percent of employees believe their employers have effective employee onboarding in place. We’ve outlined some key tips to streamline your employee onboarding below.

A Guide to Properly Onboarding New Hires


Taking the time to properly onboard a new hire can mean the difference between retaining your new employee and re-advertising the position within months. Rapid employee turnover rates can spell chaos for a company’s productivity, and increase it’s hiring costs. Onboarding a new employee increases a company’s retention rates, reducing the risk of losing talent to competing interests and lowering hiring costs. What is Onboarding? Online Onboarding Programs.

Why is a Formal Onboarding Process Important?


Does your business have a well-designed onboarding protocol? Onboarding isn’t always top of mind. You might want to update your onboarding process. A well-designed onboarding process has many benefits: Employees hit the ground running. Employees are more productive.

Top HR Conferences to Attend in 2018


To help you find the conference that’s right for you, we’ve rounded up the top upcoming HR conferences across the country (Events with an asterisk indicate that Namely will be in attendance—we hope to see you there!) 1. Professionals from across the nation attend this conference to catch up on the latest HR legislation and stay ahead of the curve. Where is the best place to learn the latest industry trends, hear from industry thought leaders, and network with your peers?

The 71+ Biggest HR Tech Conferences to Attend in 2019

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So no pressure to attend every event during the three days. Founded by Sigmar Recruitment, this one day convention surely is a great option for Europe-based professionals who can’t afford spending too much money or time at an event. Just like the above one (happening at the same time), the event is located in the impressive venue of the Florida Hotel. If you don’t have the time or the budget to go to Miami to assist to this conference, consider the virtual pass option.

Retool Your Healthcare Workforce Practices: Schedules, Time Tracking, Leave, Hiring, Onboarding


If an employee needs time off, qualified employees should know right away that there is a shift open. Make it easy to reassign shifts when employees need time off. You can keep your teams from overlapping by enforcing clock-in time. Track all time. Onboard new hire.

Making the case for a structured onboarding program

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Onboarding is about more than having new hire checkboxes on a list in preparation for new employees. To set new hires up for success, you need an organized and structured onboarding program. That experience begins when the moment onboarding starts.

5 Critical Factors Affecting Employee Productivity at Work


Worried about your employees’ productivity? A productive workforce is the engine behind every successful business. Having a set of hard-working, productive employees will make reaching your goals and targets a breeze. There are several factors that affect your employee’s productivity levels. Here’s a detailed look at 5 of these factors and how to harness them to keep your employees productive. Employee productivity is a key determinant in your company’s success.

The Keys to Building an Effective Onboarding Program


Similarly, for managers who are already struggling to keep up with a hectic schedule and looming deadlines, making time to orient new hires can be seen as a low priority. Pairing this with another finding from Cornerstone that 17% of employees quit within their first 6 months due to insufficient training, it is reasonable to conclude that many companies are failing to execute an effective onboarding program. But what are the keys to effective onboarding? Give it time.

Tips for Onboarding Remote New Hires

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workforce, work from home at least half of the time. Onboarding a Remote Employee. When a new employee starts, it is important to have an onboarding program in place. Onboarding tells a cohesive, compelling employer brand story. This process lays the groundwork so that your new employees can become productive, successful team members for the long haul even if the employee works remotely. Onboarding could be considered the final stage of the hiring process.

How to Streamline the Employee Onboarding Process


Given that the average employee alters their career path ten times between the age of 18 and 37, employers are scrambling for new and creative ways to retain top talent. Arguably the most important impactful process to focus on is employee onboarding process. Implementing a prudent onboarding strategy will not only increase retention, it will also offset further hiring costs and create empowered employees with higher performance rates. . What is an Onboarding Process?

Five Ways to Retain Top Talent – Onboarding & Beyond

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Is it time to sit back and pop open the good stuff? Before opening up or ordering your favorite beverage, check your onboarding plan. Effective onboarding plans are the blueprint for long term provider retention. The best onboarding plan s are supported by initiatives to create connections between your new hire and the community in which she or he works and possibly lives. 3) Are our expectations for production realistic and attainable?

Is Your Time and Attendance Solution Delivering Results?


Not all time and attendance solutions are created equal. Perhaps you’re manually keeping track of time cards or your automated time and attendance system isn’t living up to your expectations. Either way, it might be time to make a change. Modern time and attendance software should deliver results —mainly savings and accuracy—for any human resources department. Accurate Time Tracking Leads To Labor Cost Savings.

How to step up your virtual onboarding program

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Onboarding is easy to overlook, but it's probably one of the most important HR operations to tailor for remote employees. When onboarding new hires virtually, it's important to have a process that gives them a feel of your organizational culture , practices, and values.