Talent Acquisition Strategy: The 3 Tactics Your Organization Needs

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I listened in on a panel discussion during this year’s SHRM Talent Management Conference when I hear a recruiter say, “My job is to fill openings.” A recruiter’s job is to fill the company’s talent pipeline.”. From a process perspective, organizations hire employees from their talent pipeline. Recruiters would make their lives easier if they keep the talent pipeline full because candidates will be there when the company has an opening.

Talent Acquisition Tech Is Evolving


The traditional technology configuration for recruiting and hiring at the enterprise level is changing from being solely an applicant tracking setup to one with more analytics, automation and marketing tools, said Tim Sackett, HR thought leader and president of HRU Technical Resources, an engineering and design staffing firm based in Lansing, Mich. “The reality is that TA [talent acquisition] is moving more toward marketing technologies.”


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Talent Acquisition Consultant job description


This Talent Acquisition Consultant job description template lists core skills and qualifications to look for in candidates. Similar job titles include Talent Acquisition Coordinator and Talent Acquisition Manager. Talent Acquisition Consultant responsibilities include: Determining current staffing needs. The post Talent Acquisition Consultant job description appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better.

Talent Acquisition vs. Talent Management vs. HR: A primer


The terms Human Resource Management , Talent Acquisition and Talent Management are often used interchangeably, despite being different functions. Here are some frequently asked questions about HR, Talent Acquisition vs. Talent Management: What are the disciplines of Human Resource Management? How do you define talent? What is Talent Management? What is Talent Acquisition? Why is Talent Management important?

Employer Branding: Funnel Building with your Employer Brand

Speaker: Iain Hamilton, In-house Consultant & Managing Director, People Traction

Employer branding is often viewed as a project rather than an evergreen way to attract and retain talent. In this webinar we will discuss how to build talent acquisitions funnels using employer branding content and embracing a life-hack mindset.

Talent Acquisition Specialist job description


Use this Talent Acquisition Specialist job description template to attract and hire qualified HR professionals. Talent Acquisition Specialist responsibilities include: Coordinating with hiring managers to identify staffing needs. The post Talent Acquisition Specialist job description appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better.

Is Talent Acquisition Wasting Your Hiring Manager’s Time?

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I had a conversation the other day with a corporate HR Director and we were talking recruiters, corporate recruiters. My friend had a dilemma, a classic corporate recruiting scenario. The problem is she has recruiters who are doing a decent job, but they won’t get out from behind their desk and get out into the organization and get face-to-face feedback from the hiring managers. What value do recruiters provide?

Top Conferences for Talent Acquisition Leaders in 2017


The global economic recovery has moved power from employers to employees, turning talent into a seller’s market—and making the workforce a core strategic concern for the c-suite. This means that companies are in fierce competition for top-talent that will innovate and provide a customer-centric experience. The best way to beat the competition is to equip yourself with the knowledge and expertise to outsmart their recruiting efforts. RecruitCon 2017.

2017 Talent Acquisition Sentiment Study


There are a lot of moving parts in the world of talent acquisition. We will be compiling these results into a brand new Talent Acquisition Sentiment Study that will help to shed light on recruiting priorities, challenges, and opportunities in the coming year. The post 2017 Talent Acquisition Sentiment Study appeared first on Lighthouse Research & Advisory. Recruiting

How to Find Bottlenecks In Your Talent Acquisition Process

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Take talent acquisition as an example. When the talent acquisition process is broken, everybody knows it. And in my experience, everyone blames everything on recruiting being broken. “We in recruiting isn’t something to ignore because finding top talent is essential to the business. Let’s continue using the recruitment example and focus specifically on resumes and applications. It starts with the recruiting team.

2017 Talent Acquisition Priorities (High and Low)


Each year brings new opportunities and priorities for HR and talent leaders. This year we began the inaugural Global Talent Acquisition Sentiment Study. With more than 400 votes, we at Lighthouse are excited about breaking down the data and showing what talent acquisition priorities matter most to businesses today. In addition, a third of companies are planning to prioritize alignment between recruiting and business objectives, enabling strategic impact.

The Single Greatest Metric in the History of Talent Acquisition!

The Tim Sackett Project

If fact, this is a universal metric between all types of talent acquisition professionals (Corporate, Agency, RPO). Another fact, then, would be that the recruiters in your environment (corporate, agency, RPO) who actually make the most phone calls will have the most candidates willing to engage your organization in your hiring process. “0.00” or “Zero” I’ll let you decide how you want to display it, both ways work. Oh, what is this measuring?

Don’t Forget One Key Component in Talent Acquisition — The Talent

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Tyson Spring , founder, and VP of recruiting with Élever Professional, LP doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to recruiting top talent. Employees expect more from staffing and recruiting professionals, and they aren’t afraid to move on if those expectations aren’t met. No matter your title, recruiter, staffer, or hiring pro, it’s your job to create and nurture front-line relationships with candidates.

5 Powerful Talent Acquisition & Recruiting Trends for 2016


It’s crazy the number of conversations I’ve had with HR and recruiting practitioners I’ve spoken to in Q4 are telling me their staffing goals and headcount numbers are on the rise in this quarter and even more so in Q1 of 2016. It’s a good time to be in recruiting and HR. The need and demand for talent is huge if not overwhelming. We need to create differentiation among not just our product competitors but talent competitions as well. Recruiting .

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: The Best-in-Class Secret to Talent Acquisition

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Can partnering with an external Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider be a game changer for winning the race for top talent? In a recent study, Aberdeen found that nearly 60% of organizations handle recruitment internally. And those that handle recruitment internally are 11% more likely to understand what is causing their skills gaps, compared to those that engage with an RPO partner. Mounting Recruiting Pressures. in January 2017 to 4.1%

Herding Cats….and Recruiters

HR Hardball

Remember when you had a recruiting desk to manage? Now as the manager of other recruiters, you confirm what you probably suspected all along – recruiters are a wacky bunch to manage. There are a few common characteristics that seem to run in the DNA of successful recruiters, but like salespeople there are 100 different combinations of skill sets and personality traits that can result in a high-powered staffing machine.

Future of Talent Acquisition


Over the past couple of years, the term ‘talent acquisition’ has become incredibly common in the work culture. Talent acquisition can easily be defined as the process of identifying and recruiting workers whose skills match our organisational needs.

5 Talent Acquisition Experts Dish on Their Favorite Tools

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The talent acquisition world has no shortage of tools. So, we’ve gathered talent acquisition experts to share their favorite tools and how those tools are solving their talent-related issues. Mya prevents applicants from spiraling down the #recruitment black hole.

30+ Talent Acquisition Technologies That Use #ArtificialIntelligence


Earlier I wrote about different ways in which HR and recruiting can use artificial intelligence to help bare some of the administrative burden that seems to take up so much of our time. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. HR AI Artificial Intelligence machine learning recruiting talent acquisition

5 Must-Read Talent Acquisition Articles of 2016


Talent Acquisition has re-invented itself. This was a recurring theme that we saw in 2016, and thanks to analytics , Talent Acquisition has graduated from a simple candidate filling function to a strategic arm that has a direct correlation to an organization’s bottom line. This year, Talent Acquisition has experienced strategic growth and is now a critical part of the conversation that shapes an organization’s direction and vision.

To Succeed at Talent Acquisition, Go Beyond Your Applicant Tracking System


Talent acquisition is arguably the one HR area that provides the biggest advantage to a business. Research backs this up: According to one study , the ability to deliver on recruiting had a larger impact on revenue growth than all other HR areas, including onboarding and retaining new hires, managing talent, and developing leadership. It’s no surprise, then, that spending on talent acquisition by U.S. Help you optimize spending on talent acquisition.

The Changing Shape of Talent Acquisition Teams

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This applies to recruitment agencies and RPO teams as well as in-house TA. More often than not, I hear managers saying that in order to scale up recruitment they need to add additional recruiters to the team. When they tell me they’re going from 6 to 8 recruiters, I always ask how much time the existing team are spending cold contacting potential candidates. The answer is naturally around 40% and this is the biggest inefficiency in recruitment.

Talent Acquisition the Data-Driven Way

China Gorman

Visier ’s The Demand for Data-Driven Talent Acquisition report is a very quick read and gives some interesting data to consider as you plan for your 2017 talent acquisition activities. The bottom line is that still, after massive investments in recruiting technology, it’s still tough to predict the long-term quality of hires. Hiring managers in larger organizations appear to be challenged by the effectiveness of their recruitment support teams.

Spotlight: How Well Does Your Technology Stack Support Your Talent Acquisition Needs?


Your talent acquisition technology stack will likely need to incorporate new technologies to stay competitive. Hiring and Recruiting Hiring Efficiencies Quality of Hire all industries assessments candidate experience diversity hiring managers hiring trends reference checking staffing and recruiting talent analytics

The Talent Acquisition Trends You Need to Focus on for 2018!

The Tim Sackett Project

My buddy, Kris Dunn, and I will be leading a free webinar tomorrow talking about the talent acquisition trends you should be focusing on in 2018 that will have the fastest and most lasting impact to your talent strategy success. Artificial intelligence, Google for Jobs and other hot topics are dominating conversations across the recruitment industry. Insights on key talent acquisition and staffing trends — and how they will impact your business. Hey gang!

Don’t Give Up Quality For Speed In Volume Hiring

TLNT: The Business of HR

Agency Recruiting Retention & Engagement Staffing Agencies Talent Acquisition FeaturedWhat’s the price of cheap? Getting a lot of junk that costs plenty in the long run.

The Top 7 Sources of Hire for 2017!

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Silkroad released their annual Sources of Hire 2017 report and I always love looking at big sets of data around the source of hire because I think the vast majority of organizations are misallocating their talent acquisition resources in a big way, and this data just gives me more evidence to point to! Just like the job boards, people will find value and talent at Indeed.

3 Talent Acquisition Tips for Unmasking Candidates

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One of the biggest challenges in talent acquisition is one that nobody talks about: masked candidates. Those who know about masked candidates, don’t understand how to unmask them to decipher between cleverly disguised imposters and true top talent. We asked a few hiring professionals to share how they improved their talent acquisition process by taking a peek behind candidates’ masks to find the real talent that aligned with their hiring needs.

Talent Acquisition Coordinator job description


Post this Talent Acquisition Coordinator job description template to online job boards and careers pages to attract qualified candidates for your recruiting positions. For more senior level roles, consult our Talent Acquisition Manager or Talent Acquisition Specialist job description templates. Talent Acquisition Coordinator responsibilities include: Crafting and updating job descriptions.

Fool’s Gold – The “Passive” Candidate

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“Passive recruiting” has been a buzzword in the Talent Acquisition world for as long as I’ve been in the industry. Not only is it described as the gold standard of a “strategic” Recruiting team, but “ passive recruiting ” started appearing as a job requirement for positions outside of the Human Resources organization. Thankfully, a recruiter alerted me to that non-conscious desire.

Talent Acquisition In The New Year: Are You Ready?

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We just started 2017, but it’s clear we need to prepare for a lot of changes coming this year. This is especially true in talent acquisition. If you want to stay ahead of 2017’s talent acquisition trends, check out the insights and tips these hiring experts have to offer: Saving time. Hiring managers, recruiters, and applicants are under enormous time constraints for interviewing. Since my client is recruiting across the U.S.,

Recruitment vs. Talent Acquisition: 5 Differences

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The terms recruitment and talent acquisition are often thought of as one in the same, however, this is not the case. Here are 5 differences between recruitment and talent acquisition. Strategizing Strategizing is key to both recruitment and […]. Featured recruitment Talent AcquisitionWhile both terms broadly cover the concept of hiring employees, there are some important differences to note.

Is your Organization’s Talent Acquisition Experience Driving Talent Away?


Finding right talent can often times be difficult! Decades of knowledge and experience gathered by the baby boomers are now starting to leave the workplace, which makes acquiring and retaining top talent extremely important to organizations. Human Capital talent acquisition

Yello’s Top 10 Talent Acquisition Posts of 2017


12/11/2017 // By Tracy Kelly // TALENT acquisition. As you finalize your talent acquisition strategy for the new year, don’t let 2017 frustrations stand in the way. This round-up features Yello’s top 10 articles that address the most common talent acquisition pain points, such as identifying the most relevant recruiting metrics, streamlining chaotic career fair recruitment initiatives and keeping a passive talent pipeline engaged.

The 4 Constituents in Today’s Blended Workforce

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Each group involves a unique recruiting as well as an engagement strategy. BUY is where the company hires talent from the outside. The disadvantage is that it can be expensive to attract talent from the outside. . BUILD is when the company develops talent from within. The downside is that developing talent takes time. Not every job is a full-time job, so the pro to this approach is getting the necessary talent at the moment it’s needed.