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Garbus noted that at Marsh the L&D team has been very focused on quickly training their trainers to be proficient with the virtual classroom modality, at the same time they work to migrate core content as well.

Examining Relationship Based Physician Recruitment

Hospital Recruiting

Further complicating the effort is the physician shortage, due to retirement or recidivism due to low reimbursement or costly malpractice premiums. Total shortages in 2025 vary by specialty grouping and include: A shortfall of between 12,500 and 31,100 primary care physicians.

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How Healthcare Can Survive the Next Five Years of Talent Shortage


What is amassing on the horizon is a perfect storm: the confluence of increasing demand, as one quarter of today’s workforce will be over age 55, with the mass retirement of Baby Boomers, including one-third of active physicians, as cited by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC). Consider the contrast from the perspective of a student or new healthcare professional attending a job fair. 2025 and Beyond: Future Healthcare Recruiting Solutions.

Kris Canekeratne: “Create a psychologically safe environment in order to create a fantastic work culture”

Thrive Global

One of my favorites involves a meeting with the CFO of the largest telco in the UK. My flight to London is scheduled to land at 6 am, and my meeting is at 9 am. I should have plenty of time. Create a psychologically safe environment. Much has been written about this term.