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9 Terrific Ways To Increase Employee Engagement For Small Businesses In 2022

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Over the past few decades, employee engagement has taken center stage by becoming a top priority for global organizations. But what often goes unnoticed (and unsaid) is how impactful employee engagement can be for small companies that are looking to retain their human capital, especially in this economy.

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The Hidden Cost of Quiet Quitting: Strategies to Address this Growing Trend


Understanding the Cost of Quiet Quitting When employees leave quietly without providing any notice or reason, it can be difficult for the organisation to prepare for their departure and find a suitable replacement. It can lead to higher recruitment and training costs, lower productivity and decreased morale among remaining employees.

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3 Key Differences Between Employee Engagement and Employee Satisfaction


At surface level, employee engagement and job satisfaction sound almost exactly the same. They both revolve around happy, productive employees, right? While it’s true you want employees to be both satisfied and engaged, each concept is defined and measured in unique ways. Not exactly.

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50+ Employee Engagement Activities for Modern Teams (2024 Edition)

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With unexpected upheaval reshaping workplaces, actively nurturing employee engagement has become mission-critical. However, traditional engagement activities often ring hollow to workers demanding flexibility, purpose, and authenticity after the pandemics seismic shifts. True engagement runs deeper than surface-level benefits.

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5 Ways Small Business Owners Can Boost Employee Morale and Productivity

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Think of your effort to incentivize deserving employees as more than just a gesture of goodwill, but also a strategic investment in the success of the business. Employee incentives can inspire teams to excel, which can transform the workplace dynamic and improve the organization’s overall performance.

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Empowering Your Workforce: The Role of Employee Engagement in Driving Business Results

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Employee engagement is critical to the success of any organization, as it has a direct impact on productivity, retention, and overall performance. Engaged employees are more committed, motivated, and productive, which translates into higher profits and customer satisfaction.

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Non-monetary Incentives to Increase Employee Engagement and Performance


Many organizations use non-monetary incentives and awards as part of their total compensation strategy, but there’s room for improvement. A recent study found that 45% of employees surveyed believe their company’s recognition program feels stale and disconnected from what’s important.¹