Plan Design Laid Bare!

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Whether you are redesigning your base pay program or creating an incentive plan, it pays to learn from experienced colleagues, so I've included links to Compensation Cafe articles about each of these three best practices. Best practices for plan design?

Spring Cleaning Checklist!

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Bonuses are paid, last year's results are old news and grand plans for this year have been signed, sealed and delivered. Run your bonus plan(s)through the washer periodically. Organize to boost your productivity. Looking at clear skies these days?

Mid-Career Hires Are Tricky

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You can: Count on early productivity with limited or no supervision. At the same time, mid-career hires are tricky. Let's face it, the job switch is a life event for most of your candidates, involving substantial change and readjustment as well as career promise. Development.

How Are Salaries Affecting Millenial Engagement?

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At some point, wouldn't it be wiser to invest (in salaries, let alone other loyalty and trust issues like career development) rather than spend (on lower productivity, recruiting, orientations and so on)? Base Salaries Compensation Philosophy Incentives/Bonuses Total Rewards

Marketing Compensation to Employees and Managers? You Bet.

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After all, if you have a good product, why don't consumers just buy it and make you loads of money? They have to introduce new insurance and wellness products regularly. Base Salaries Compensation Communication Incentives/Bonuses Pay for Performance Performance Management Total Reward

Who Are We Kidding?

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I have no doubt that EBITDA is the right target measure for most companies to hang all or part of incentive plan funding on. Will it cause the manager in shipping to make an effort to improve delivery times so this year's incentive plan is funded?

Growing a Healthy Compensation Program -- The Turning Point

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New products are in the pipeline, so they're hiring engineers and scientists. HR operating context: Every department is working on developing reliable SOPs. Bonus: Healthy Gadgets' business model has shifted from "let's get going" to "grow, grow, grow."

Acing Your Next Executive Presentation

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It's the time of year for executive presentations with topics like handling the increase budget, allocating the bonus pool, budgeting for next year, doing more with less and/or introducing change. Brainstorm beforehand about ways the project could grow revenue, improve productivity, reduce recruiting costs or turnover to give the execs a solid case.

Job Candidates: How to Win Friends and Influence Their Decisions to Join You

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Candidates want to know about your company's present strengths including stock performance, CEO style, new products, customer successes and so on. They also want to know your company's plans for the future, which they will use as a road map for their own career potential in your company.

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Should Employee Compensation Practitioners Care about the Economy?

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As the economy goes, so goes your merit and bonus budget. You'll be slowing down talent acquisition and perhaps looking overseas for new markets or lower cost production options. which has had a sudden effect on production, services and staffing.

Clearing Away the Cobwebs

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In the meantime, the work world has changed immensely in terms of regulatory policies, economics, workforce priorities, data analytics, productivity through technology and so on. Somehow it felt like time to hit the reset button, so I went looking for inspiration.

Cafe Classic: Making the CFO Your New BFF

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As TW points out "HR and Finance have a shared mandate: Reduce costs, sustain or enhance productivity, and keep the talent pipeline full. Margaret O'Hanlon, CCP brings deep expertise to discussions on employee pay, performance management, career development and communications at the Café.

The Future Is Us!

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Our profession needs it, our executives are hoping they can rely on us for both and, if you notice, our careers will benefit, too. let's not just stick those incentives on a flat base pay and call it total compensation. Compensation specialists, what do we do well that others don't?

To Attract and Retain. and Beyond!

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I''m thinking I need to change my approach to that so we can increase (revenue, product value, customer satisfaction, collaboration, innovation and so on) and/or decrease (margin, expenses, time to market, and so on). sounds like professional growth and career opportunities to an employee.

Ready, Set, Go, Go, Go!!!

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They are setting up another production location and we have been talking about how to make this work. In a start up, a paycheck/incentive talks to the employee about the future as much as the present. Do I have a career here?

The CEO Pay Ratio: More Great (Gift) Ideas

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Use the communications in this form and once employees get a whiff of it, you'll be paying consultants for years to help you get your productivity back on track. She brings deep expertise in compensation, career development and communications to the dialog at the Café.

TalentGuard Adds Deep Neural Network Machine Translation into it’s Product Suite


today announced that Microsoft’s Translator technology powers translation features across TalentGuard’s product suite including Performance, Career Pathing, Succession Planning, Certification Tracking and 360 Feedback. Our integrated technology helps organizations automate performance management, 360 degree feedback, career pathing, succession planning, individual development planning and certification tracking.

The 7 Elements of an Unforgettable Employee Experience


We have all heard of the customer experience which is defined as the resulting product when a customer interacts with your brand. The Customer Journey and the Employee Journey When customers interact with your website, products and brand, their experiences are critical in today’s digital marketing environment where short attention spans are common and unhappy customers can leave your site in a second. Before computers, employees developed personal relationships with customers.

Performance Management In The Post-Rating Era – Quo Vadis?


If this culture is to remain intact – in the form of pay-for-performance, for example – how will salary and career development decisions be taken if ratings are no longer used?

21 Newsletters Every HR Professional Should Read


This newsletter to leaders in disruptive workplaces come with several incentives like: Special access to case studies and practitioner-focused information. With self-development at its core, SocialTalent is the go-to newsletter for HR professionals looking to upskill. percent bonus.

Growing a Healthy Compensation Program

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If you're an HR office of one, busily juggling everything from beneficiary forms to incentive awards, it's hard to believe that you share any pressures with other HR managers. HR operating context: Predictable revenue and productivity are the company's overarching operating goals.

Growing a Healthy Compensation Program -- Part Two

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In today's article, it's about eighteen months later and they have a new product that's taking off in the cardiac care market. The annual bonus was affected by production outlays for the new product. This is the second article in a series. "If

How to Diminish Employee Turnover: Modeling Elite Companies

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Work isn’t just about productivity; it’s about relationships, collaboration, and real-time problem-solving. Get to know what your top competitors are offering, do your market research on fair wages and incentives, and offer benefits that your employees actually want.

It’s beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas!

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You often hear about more and more large companies discontinuing bonuses and Holiday office parties. They work harder, happier, and more productively. This is another great career development gift that should align with your employee retention goals, as well.

8 Influential Employee Engagement Trends for 2019


When employees feel engaged, results have shown that organizations benefit from higher customer satisfaction levels, improved productivity, and greater profits. Professional Development. Today, young and ambitious professionals view personal career development as extremely important.

The Job Perks Your Employees Really Care About


The best employee engagement and retention strategies include programs designed to give employees more control over their jobs and careers while ensuring that they feel valued and supported at work. Employee development plans must include more than books and online courses.

The Job Perks Your Employees Really Care About


The best employee engagement and retention strategies include programs designed to give employees more control over their jobs and careers while ensuring that they feel valued and supported at work. Employee development plans must include more than books and online courses.

Is Variable Compensation the Right Choice for Your Company?


states that it can be incorporated into many different aspects of compensation, including commission pay, annual incentives, bonus plans, lump-sum payments, gainsharing, and so forth.

The Employee Experience: how the right benefits can bolster engagement


And like any good asset, growth and development are to be expected, even welcomed. High turnover rates, low engagement, and decreased productivity are easily blamed on employees, but unfortunately, the blame lies with the organization. Career Mobility.

New Oracle HCM Research Reveals the 7 Themes That Drive Employee Engagement

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

But as the workforce becomes more empowered and technologically savvy, organizations need to change the way they measure and analyze employee sentiment, productivity, and loyalty. Development and Progression Opportunities. The traditional model of employee engagement worked in the past.

TalentGuard Announces New Reseller Partnership in Latin America


Austin, Texas – April 10, 2017 – TalentGuard, the Predictive People Development company, today announced that WWT has joined the TalentGuard Channel Partner Network. TalentGuard’s SaaS offering includes a comprehensive suite of applications including competency management, performance management, succession planning, career pathing, 360 degree feedback, development planning, certification tracking and robust analytics. Business Development Director.

7 Dos and Don’ts of Communicating Total Compensation Reports

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As a PayScaler and a people manager, one of my all-time favorite features of our PayScale Insight product is the (newly updated!) This report should prompt conversation about pay, and ideally conversations about performance and development.

Talent and Performance Management Survey Summary

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Highlights of the Talent and Performance Management Survey: When survey takers were asked if they expect to face shortages of talent in areas that will impact their productivity or success in 2016, the majority (71.4%) answered “Yes.”. Formal Career Planning Program. Productivity.