SHRM Certification: You Can Get More Than 60

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Well, I’m referring to the number of recertification credits required to maintain credentials with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The SHRM Certification team has made it very easy for us to keep track of PDCs with their app (FREE on iTunes and Android ).

How to Overcome Government Performance Management Challenges


On paper, it looks like the federal government has the right formula for performance management – an ongoing cycle of planning, monitoring, developing, rating and rewarding employee performance. However, improving employee performance is a big initiative.

Performance Management and the Employee Review Process

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When performance management is mentioned, people often think of the employee performance appraisal or review, however, performance management involves so much more. When conducting the formal performance reviews, remember to always stick to the facts.

How to Meet the Demand for Better Government Performance Management


It’s no secret that federal government has a troubling and long-standing reputation for low employee satisfaction, engagement and performance. Why is the President’s statement causing a stir in public sector management? How Performance Management Systems Can Help.

Reevaluating Business Objectives with Data from Performance Management and ERP


This hub should be filled with employee datasets to help managers evaluate the various strengths and weaknesses that make up their team. What is Performance Management? Performance management helps to give businesses key insights into its employees.

Elements of A Great Employee Performance Management System


The power of a modern performance management system comes from aligning technology, human resources and the company’s top C-suite executives in efforts to ensure that the system works as intended. Managers and staff in today’s corporate environments often dread annual performance reviews that can be subjective, demeaning, disregarded and excessively time-consuming. Any performance management system needs support throughout your organisation if you hope to succeed.

Talent and Performance Management Survey Summary

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The HR Daily Advisor research team conducted the 2016 Talent and Performance Management Survey in January, 2016. Talent and performance management are some of the most important and rigorous tasks any HR professional has to deal with. Managing Shortages. HR manager.

Competing for Tricky STEM Talent and What Performance Management Has to do With It


And while there’s a lot of literature available on how to meet the needs and expectations of this audience, it seems worth adding a few words on this tricky employee group, specifically in regards to performance strategies.

SHRM Exposition Special: New Onboarding and Performance Management Software

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Today, information on groundbreaking software that streamlines performance management and onboarding. BambooHR, well known for its HR management software, has added two major components for performance appraisal and orientation, CEO Ben Peterson announced at the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM’s Annual Conference and Exposition, held recently in Law Vegas. Performance Management. Performance management is just one part of HR’s job.

Crunching the Numbers: Why HR Metrics Matter in Performance Management Best Practices

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We also know that metrics matter in performance management, but, to paraphrase Einstein, we need to count what really counts. She has over 15 years’ experience in the talent management industry both in Europe and North America. By Dominique Jones.

The Brave New World of HR – 3 Ways to Make Your Organization More Agile


And it all begins with an effective performance management system. Your organization can’t be agile unless you review your employees intelligently, and annual performance reviews just aren’t intelligent at all. In fact, 58 percent of employees believe they’re inaccurate and 30 percent actually perform worse after them. Market research shows that traditional annual performance reviews suffer from: Recency bias. Rating variation among managers.

People Sourcing Certification Programme ~ HR to HR 2.0 and.

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1 global online influencer in talent management. #6 Social Advantage (Management 2.0 SuccessFactors Performance and Talent Management Blog. People Sourcing Certification Programme. People Sourcing Certification Programme. People management strategy.

Data-Based Strategies to Recognize, Reward, & Retain High-Potential Employees

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Developing high-potential employees is crucial for priming future leaders and improving organizational performance while building a culture that fosters growth from within. So, if high performance, personality, and manager recommendations aren’t quality indicators, what’s left?

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CONTEST – Calling for Your Worst Performance Review Stories


Everyone has that horrible performance review horror story. The one where you walked into a performance review not knowing that your manager had been stockpiling all of their negative feedback only to unleash it all at once, leaving you confused and even possibly scared. Or maybe the time that you went into a performance review with ten reasons why you deserve a raise, only to find out your manager had no idea what you were up to for the past year.

The Difference Between the PHR and SPHR Exams


The winter testing window is coming up with HRCI (the Human Resources Certification Institute, for you newbies), and you might be wondering what the difference is between the PHR and SPHR exams. Perform cost/benefit analyses on proposed projects.

Making the HR Technology Leap


Despite the availability of various “HR modules” within the system, he uses a point solution to handle recruiting needs and an Excel spreadsheet manage employee data. A few questions that have bounced around in my mind: Which type of organization has better performance?

RW Collins Selects TalentGuard to Streamline Employee Safety and Certification Compliance


will use TalentGuard’s Certification Tracking Software to manage employee certifications. an environmental remediation, excavation & UST removal company, selected TalentGuard’s Certification Tracking software to improve safety and certification compliance management. Before selecting TalentGuard, RW Collins managed employee certifications through a printed records system. RW Collins Co.

Setting Goals for the Role You Have & the One You Want


And once the weather changes, performance and learning goals are usually put on the back burner. What successful professionals have realized is that October is the perfect time to pump the breaks and think about employee performance goals. Managers notice these things.

Is Your HR Technology Controlling or Enabling?

TLNT: The Business of HR

Things like time tracking, organizational hierarchies, certification tests, and annual performance reviews tend to fall into this category. Future of HR HR Insights Organizational Leadership Performance & Personality Performance Management Featured

FAQ: How Can Businesses Determine Merit and Compensation Without Ratings?


The process was based on a combination of ratings on a five-point scale and manager discretion. Because goals are actively recorded, tracked and measured within the HighGround platform, managers can easily see goal progress by employee, team, department or even companywide.

Cafe Classic: Stop Spreading the Peanut Butter and Start Feeding the Eagles

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Editor's Note: Classic insights - and some great quotes - on risk aversity versus risk leveraging in pay management via Jacque Vilet. " Just as top management finds it critical to balance the risk and reward of their strategic decisions, HR also needs to incorporate risk into their thinking.

Too Little, Too Late: Why People Look to HR as a Last Resort


That’s most evident when a manager wants to fire an employee or executives are planning a reorganization and call on you at the very last minute for assistance. Essentially, they expect you to do the difficult work as if your HR certification came with a magic wand. But when a manager calls HR late in the process, it doesn’t make it easier for any of the parties involved. Employee Engagement Performance ManagementHR can be a dirty job sometimes.

What You Need to Know About the Changing Function of HR


See also: The real cost of performance reviews. In a recent HR Certification Institute report , seven out of 10 leaders said their organizations adopted strategic HR after listening to HR leaders or seeing industry research to support their claims. Read more: How to get executive buy-in for evolving performance management. Using Total Rewards to Invest in Greater Employee Performance. Enhanced Departmental & Employee Performance Tracking.

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Too Little, Too Late: Why People Look to HR as a Last Resort


That’s most evident when a manager wants to fire an employee or executives are planning a reorganization and call on you at the very last minute for assistance. Essentially, they expect you to do the difficult work as if your HR certification came with a magic wand. But when a manager calls HR late in the process, it doesn’t make it easier for any of the parties involved. Employee Engagement Performance ManagementHR can be a dirty job sometimes.

When "Exceeds Expectations" Is "Meets Expectations"

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You think performance management is difficult in your neck of the woods, let me tell you it could get even dicier. All of these incumbents have to be experts when they perform their jobs. And you can't afford mediocre performance on their part, either.

Cafe Classic: Happy Holidays & an Evidence-Based New Year!

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In his article Evidence-Based Rewards Management in WorldatWork's Journal, Robert Greene talks about the importance of moving our profession to a more evidence-based approach. When was the last time you picked up a copy of Academy of Management Journal ?

4 Ways Leaders Can Shape Company Culture To Impact Revenue & Profits


There are several strategies you can use here, ranging from basic goal checklists in a spreadsheet (not ideal), to hierarchical objectives and key results (OKR) models tracked in a performance management system. 3) Manage Performance via Feedback.

5 Ways To Ensure Higher Employee Retention Rate With Effective Training

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Theirs is futile to train an employee on a subject that won’t help him to perform his core tasks better. On the whole, an employee’s personal development plans should include a blend of formal training or e-learning, self-study, exam certification, coaching, and study leave.

HR On-Demand and Augmented Reality


It also made me think of managers I deal with on a daily. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but when I do, I binge watch. I admit it. I’m far too busy with life, work and family to watch things when they happen live.

Not All Rewards Jingle

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Plaques, certificates, framed pictures, etc., all become treasured mementos proudly brandished on the performer’s Ego Wall. Compensation Communication Incentives/Bonuses International Compensation Pay for Performance Performance Management Recognition Sales Compensation Total Rewards


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Typically management view the provision of Outplacement services as a benevolent act to assist former employees find another position and move on with their lives, and whilst this is a major objective of an Outplacement program there are more cogent reasons to ensure that proper Outplacement support is provided to former employees. an employee self harms or became violent to management) then the structure exists to quickly act to prevent and/or minimise these possibilities.

Pay, Power and Boilers

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A relatively recent government rule imposed for worker safety now required him to hold the same technical certification already held by the two hourly boiler operators he would supervise. Then I learned that the certification board for the required operating engineer's license to run an industrial boiler was composed of past and current officers of the Operating Engineers Union. Base Salaries Performance Management Regulations & Public Policy Total Rewards

Leadership Development: Managing Business Performance


This article outlines a structured process for ‘Leadership Development’ through ‘e-Learning’ It defines an approach to build leaders to manage your company’s business. Let us understand which all competencies/ skills are applicable to different levels of management. JUNIOR MANAGERS. MID-LEVEL MANAGERS. SENIOR MANAGERS. Managing Vision & Purpose. Innovation Management. Junior Manager. Mid-Level Manager.

The #1 Thing You Should NOT Do at #SHRM17

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It is hard not to read several articles a day bemoaning the performance appraisal process, and how it should be abolished. It is embarrassing that individuals who should know how to do performance appraisal appropriately, provide such poor and inadequate feedback. Would you like to receive this comment about you and your performance? I know many of you have prepped for and passed the certification exam with SHRM and/or HRCI.

Make Your HRIS Work for You!


Licenses & Certification. For example, in an industrial setting there may be a need to track OSHA certifications, trainings on different machines, safety training, and other topics. Additionally, when an employee leaves the organization and HR is searching for a replacement, they can look at the employee’s record to see what type of licenses and certifications may be relevant for the incumbent. Reporting and maintaining organizational certifications.