Contractor Makes Stupid Mistake At a Client Site – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

According to the Freelancers Union, freelancers make up 35 percent of U.S. It’s a good assignment in the low $100’s. In my excitement, I sent a note to a friend, who also happens to work for the company. The language in the note was ‘locker room’. I’ve also been letting the HR rep know about my efforts to attain additional work assignments. I don’t want the company to think I’m not doing anything but sitting around sending bad emails.

HR Glossary of Terms


ATS, employee handbook, HRIS, workers’ comp … there are plenty of acronyms and terms in the HR world to know and stay on top of. Whatever your situation is, we’ve got the ultimate HR glossary to help! Ban the Box. Cross Training. Harassment.


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4 Important Changes made to the Irish Employment Law During 2021

Global People Strategist

After a challenging year of lockdown and the uncertainty that came with COVID-19, Ireland entered 2021 with a series of reforms and made important changes to their labor code which businesses need to be mindful of. . Flexible Working Hours .

How to write an employee handbook effectively


They help establish important topics like your code of conduct and mission statements. Employees can use them to answer questions they may have around vacation time, wage and hour policies, and more. . Give a brief history of the company. Hours.

Most Important Developments for 2/5


Employers will no longer be able to participate in a federal program that allowed businesses to self-report federal minimum wage and overtime violations in an effort to avoid litigation under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The U.S. However, more than two-thirds of U.S.

UKG 52

Do You Own a Family Business? Here Are Common Labor Issues to Avoid


There’s the risk of nepotism, inadequate background checks, unclear expectations, failure to develop exit strategies, and noncompliance with employment laws. The bonds of family may cause you to view your family members in a more protective or favorable light.

How To Write And Update Your Employee Handbook For 2020


Employee Handbooks in 2020: The Definitive Guide. Many business owners overlook the importance of a well-written employee handbook. Make training and enforcement easier. The Challenge of Keeping Handbooks Up-To-Date. Terms of employment. Dress code.

3 steps to dealing with workplace tension caused by current events


How does an employer keep the collective focus on work and not allow the outside world to cause problems in the workplace? If you can prevent any potential problems before they begin, you’ll be ahead of the game. Set a good example – Turns out that age-old advice to avoid discussion of politics and religion is right on target. Model the behavior you want your employees to have. Plug in – An effective leader has the pulse of the team.

Valentine’s Day at Work: Cupid as Career Killer

Thrive Global

Caught in a bad romance… Is love in the air at your workplace on and around Valentine’s Day? While office dating can send you to the honeymoon suite, it’s more likely to land you in the heartbreak hotel, outside on the company doorstep, or in a red hot legal mess. Employees should recall the age-old adage about the perils of mixing business with pleasure. Make sure to abide by the norms and values which reflect your company culture and brand image.