The Ultimate HR Tech 2017 Preview

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The 20th Annual HR Technology Conference & Exposition (HR Tech 2017) is just days away, and Ultimate Software will be joining the thousands of HR professionals, tech innovators, and industry experts convening in Las Vegas to explore the latest advancements in HCM and preview what’s to come.

Chicago Bound: Join US at #SHRM18

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And with more than 200 seminars, workshops, and sessions, including two led by Ultimate Software’s own subject matter experts, there’s a plethora of educational opportunities for HR professionals at every stage of their careers. Ultimate Software

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“People First” in Action

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By now, we understand that employee engagement gives way to the employee experience. Meaning, it’s time to focus on automatically creating an outstanding employee experience so engagement just happens.

Employee Engagement Evolves: The Employee Experience and Finding Your Employees’ Voice

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Employee engagement is on every HR and business leader’s mind, in one form or another. The value of having a highly engaged workforce for an organization’s success is undeniable, but the way to get there remains elusive. Engagement itself isn’t the problem.

What is HR Data Analytics & How Do We Leverage It?

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Data is now the most valuable currency in the world. But in contrast to the murky ethics of sourcing and selling consumer-driven data , leveraging internal HR data analytics to make better workforce decisions has been a key Human Resources best practice for decades.

Companies Must Identify Engagement Before They Can Impact It

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(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at Ultimate Software , a leading provider of human capital management solutions in the cloud. They were recently recognized as one of the 50 Most Engaged Workplaces in North America by Achievers.

New Research: Is AI Better Than Humans at Employee Surveys?


In the past few years I have been digging very deep into AI and how it can help (and hurt) the employee experience. This year I had the opportunity to create an experiment to see how AI can help with employee survey, or voice of the employee, efforts.

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Everything #HR Needs to Know About User Experience (UX)

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At Ultimate Software’s Connections Conference a couple of years ago, I had the chance to hear about what is involved in the development of the user experience. I’ve always known user experience was important – it’s something we use every day in software, apps, games, etc.

The Employee Experience Imperative: Q&A with David Johnson

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The views, opinions, and comments expressed below are solely those of the author and do not represent Ultimate Software. This post was commissioned by Ultimate Software and the author has or will receive compensation for their work. Lower employee turnover.

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HR Technology: 13 Concepts HR Pros Needs to Know

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They’re being used in recruiting, onboarding, and employee engagement. Experience Management (XM) – Our friends at Qualtrics XM shows how experience management (XM) uses experience and operational data to measure and improve business initiatives. It’s no secret.

Moving beyond the annual survey for better employee inspiration and engagement


It’s equally, if not more important, to inspire, motivate and engage your employees over the long haul. Creating an experience of bringing new individuals into the organization and inspiring them is the key to building a highly engaged workforce that can help deliver business impacts.

Announcing the 2013 Achievers 50 Most Engaged Workplaces™ winners!


of the American working population is not engaged at work. This is a missed opportunity for employers because engagement is an effective tool to boost bottom-line results through alignment and increased productivity. Dimension Data North America. Ultimate Software.

HCM Software Marketplace – A Look Back at 2016 and a Look Forward to 2017


2016 was a very busy year in the HCM Software Marketplace. Innovations in Employee Engagement (Live H2H, Highground), Assessment (Pinsight, Pymetrics), and Recruitment CRM / Marketing (Yello,, were most notable to me. However, the acquisitions in 2016 by the major players of cloud data analytics companies, to me, are most significant. Software companies have lacked the ability to build the capability into their own platforms.

How to Improve C-Suite Visibility by Linking Engagement to Business Outcomes

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Proper data collection and analysis play a crucial role in today’s organizations, guiding decision makers through difficult decisions and directing overall corporate strategy. This seemingly simple solution, however, is anything but—unstructured data adds another layer of complications.

Changing The World – The Forefront of Reinventing HR

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The reason I joined Ultimate Software three years ago was to pioneer a change in an industry that was ripe for a better way to do things. Most literature suggests that 5-10% of a company’s employees are actually high performers.

Solidifying a Competitive Advantage with Engagement Benchmarking

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As our exposure to Big Data progresses exponentially, analytics and BI are playing an increasing role in overall corporate strategy. Few departments are exempt from regularly analyzing and reporting metrics to the C-suite, and long-term tracking of this data is invaluable.

New Tech Tools Key to Improving Engagement

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Employee engagement has been a hot topic for years, and its influence continues to make headlines. engagement since 2000, and countless studies over the past 17 years have verified the tremendous impact engagement can have on corporate success. Employees Technology

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#Nextchat: Designing the Employee Experience


. . Employee engagement levels in organizations worldwide have been in a downward spiral for decades. What does the phrase “employee engagement” really mean? But we all intuitively understand, and have troves of data to support, engagement’s impact on the bottom line.

AI Innovation 2019: Companies Solidifying Competitive Advantage

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From these examples, we can all learn how to leverage emerging technology to better serve our employees and customers. It’s not a new concept—the term was originally coined in 1956 —but developers finally have the processing power and data necessary to train programs to solve organizational problems and optimize efficiencies. Careful data analysis is crucial for organizations to truly understand performance.

What is HR Reporting and Which Suites Do It Best?

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The conundrum with trying to fit human beings into a mathematical equation is that ultimately we are human. The HR department of an organization manages anything employee-related such as recruitment, hiring, retainage, payroll, benefits, leave and termination.

The Source: Weekly Roundup – November 11th, 2019


In this week's edition, we explore how to enhance mental health benefits in 2020, tips for boosting employee engagement, how to support remote workers and more! This is a wakeup call for employers and managers, leaders and employees, that we need to do something about it.”.

The Source: Weekly Roundup – August 5th, 2019


In this week's edition, we look at data-driven insight to plan the perfect open enrollment, new HDHP guidelines, the future of pay transparency and much more! Data-Driven Insight to Plan the Perfect Open Enrollment . Pay Transparency: How Much Should You Share With Employees?

Top M&A News in the HR, Recruiting and Benefits Space | 2016


Kronos Acquires Empower Software Solutions. PrismHR Acquires Summit Software. Sign-up to get our weekly recap of funding announcements, M&A and partnership news from the HR technology, recruitment, talent management and employee benefits space.

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#SHRM16 Report- Day 2: Visiting the Vendors

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Ultimate Software. The social media team at Ultimate Software consisting of Desiree Parcaro and Micole Kaye, contacted me and took me to dinner. Admittedly Ultimate is not the smallest or most unique but the do offer an HRIS that a single unified solution for HR.

5 Tips For People-Oriented HR Management


Dealing with budgets, business priorities, and tons of paperwork is essential; but is it what employees need and expect to see from us? So, what can you do for employees? 2017 is the year for the utilization of HR technology solutions for employee wellness, engagement, and recognition.

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300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


Even though HR is known to be a female dominated profession, there’s still much room for improvement in the top C-suite positions, especially when it comes to closing the gender pay gap (something we will know in more detail following data received from the Equal Pay Day 2018 deadline). Lloyd , Global HCM Strategy and Customer Engagement. Claire Schooley , Independent Consultant on Learning, Recruiting, and Employee Engagement. HR Data Integration.

HR Tech 2016: 5 Powerful Trends You Need to Know about


Tools are integrating more seamlessly with one another to provide an entirely new experience, both for the HR practitioners, for senior leadership, and for employees. Payroll systems are no longer completely separate from performance management, or employee engagement.

Using the Digital Workplace to Improve Employee Experience


In short, it’s an exciting and overwhelming era for anyone who’s working to improve, enhance, and optimize the employee experience via communications and technology. Employee engagement levels are high. . Remote workers are connected, engaged, and productive. .

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Leveraging the Digital Workplace to Improve Employee Experience


In short, it’s an exciting and overwhelming era for anyone who’s working to improve, enhance, and optimize the employee experience via communications and technology. Employee engagement levels are high. . Remote workers are connected, engaged, and productive. .

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Top HR trends that will shape 2018


As organizations continue to build on employee success seen in 2017, HR executives will be looking for ways to provide their staff with the tools they need to advance, thrive and mature. Employees are exposed to more and more AI and technology in their daily lives. Analytical software.

Four Ways HR Can Support Retail

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There is less demand for in-store cashiers, and more demand for data analysis. Data is growing exponentially , include insight into how photos, videos, and social media affect sales. Disparate data sources and prohibitive costs are common obstacles to integrating systems.

Celebrating HR Wins – Relive The Magic of ‘Shots of Success’ 2018


Employees Own Their Experience. The Company : Silicon Valley tech leader, $200B market cap, 80,000+ employees, 96 countries. Additionally, streamlining the 400+ benefits offerings and creating simple, consumable benefits collateral that employees actually wanted to use was a challenge.

2020 Guide To Recruiting & HR Events, Part 1


Can’t Miss Sessions: How To Build Employee Buy-in To Your Employer Values – Maren Hogan, Red Branch Media; Wednesday Jan 29th at 2pm. Must-Attend For: Ultimate Software users looking to be more productive at work and meet UltiPro experts who can help solve your business challenges.

Influencers Discuss HR Tech’s Dramatic Shifts


In addition, define the personas within the workforce that will be leveraging the technology beyond the typical “HR-Manager-Employee”. Ultimate Software. Employers also are striving to improve security and data analytics; consolidation helps with that, too.

HR TechStack – Performance Tracking


It helps organizations establish employee performance standards and enables managers to evaluate employees’ job performance in relation to these standards. Companies use performance management software to facilitate meaningful and ongoing discussions between managers and direct reports.