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Shifting To A “What’s In It For Me” Recruiting Prospective (Spelling out what the new hire will experience)

Dr. John Sullivan

Compared to just listing dry company benefits, seeing “what’s in it for me” is extremely powerful from a candidate’s perspective. Article Descriptors | recruiting/messaging from the candidate perspective – How to – 4 min read The “What’s In It For Me” Messaging Approach Explained When attempting to sell a product, service, or job to someone with multiple choices, it’s hard to argue against the premise that your messaging will be more convincing if

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The 1st Pitch

Everyday People

On Sunday, I had both a life-affirming and a life-changing moment. I went to the Cincinnati Reds game to see a dear friend throw out the 1st pitch. Now, if you’re a sports fan at all, this is a bucket list item for most men. We grow up watching games and fantasize about taking the mound in front of a packed stadium waiting to “bring it” with a strike right across the plate.

Global HR 117

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The 10 Most Important Features Every Performance Management App Should Have

AssessTEAM Performance Management

In the quest to optimize productivity and foster a thriving workplace, performance management apps have become invaluable tools. With so many options on the market, how do you know which features are essential for truly effective performance management? Let’s explore the 10 most important features every performance evaluation software should have to elevate your strategy and empower your team. 1.

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Podcast: Voices of CLO: Dilek Çilingir Kostem

Chief Learning Officer - Talent Management

In this episode of Voices of CLO, I speak with Dilek Çilingir Kostem, global assurance talent leader at EY, about the talent landscape, skilling and talent and learning trends in the auditing industry. Tune into our conversation , and remember to check out Voices of CLO on your favorite podcast player. The post Podcast: Voices of CLO: Dilek Çilingir Kostem appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

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How to Conquer These 4 Top-of-Mind HR Challenges

It’s a never-ending tightrope act, trying to find the balance between creating benefits offerings that adapt to the uniqueness of your people, managing your own time and resources, and maintaining the organization’s bottom line. And the ever-changing policies and laws can make cultivating a competitive employee benefits strategy feel impossible. Whether you’re concerned about adapting to new pay transparency laws, managing global benefits packages, return-to-office mandates, or 401(k) and retire

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Top 15 Reasons to Recognize Employees (With Tips)

Vantage Circle

Recognizing your team members isn't just a kind gesture. It's a powerful strategy that can truly transform your workplace. Employee recognition builds a positive work culture, strengthens relationships, and encourages continuous improvement. In this blog, we'll explore the reasons for recognizing employees from various perspectives. And provide practical tips to make your recognition efforts effective and impactful.

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60+ Powerful 360 Degree Feedback Examples


Let’s face it: traditional performance reviews can often feel like a monologue, not a dialogue. But is this one-sided approach truly giving you the full picture of your employees’ potential? Are there hidden strengths or weaknesses going unnoticed? The challenge goes even deeper. While giving feedback might seem straightforward, crafting truly constructive feedback that helps someone improve, especially when it comes to peers or managers, can be a whole other story.

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Guide: 5 Employee Engagement Campaigns that Delight and Retain Talent

Stories Incorporated HR

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s not enough to recruit great people to your company. You need to retain them. Positive company culture and employee engagement contribute to unwanted attrition. In a recent study by Gallup , low-engaged teams had turnover rates of 18% to 43% higher than high-engaged teams. An engaged workforce also contributes to other business outcomes like higher profitability, productivity, and even customer loyalty.

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The End of Behavioral Economics: Trust as the New Currency

HR C-Suite

Discover why traditional behavioral economics is becoming obsolete and learn how to build trust and genuine engagement with your workforce in a post-pandemic world.

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Hello world!

Dr. John Sullivan

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Here Are the HR Trends to Watch in 2024 + Plus Advice for Driving Impact!

The pressure is on to create a positive onboarding experience. Plus, a sub-par onboarding process can domino into other concerns such as low performance, burnout (for you and new hires), and retention challenges. Our 2024 State of HR report will give you a realistic picture of the HR landscape and tips to onboarding effectively in the year to come.

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Direct Mail Marketing: Types, Benefits, and Strategies

G2 Crowd

Put your brand directly in consumers' hands! Discover why direct mail marketing is still effective, its types, and 5 steps to launch your own campaign.

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May Main Street Health Report: Small businesses see robust hiring activity in contrast with broader economy


Small business activity was up again in May, as the number of employees working (+1%) and hours worked (+1.9%) increased and performed slightly better than the last year With stable growth across Main Street, hourly workers are feeling more content, with 4 out of 5 saying they’re happy with their jobs. Concerns around inflation and non-work stresses declined by 6% and 5%, respectively.

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8 Data Security Best Practices to Avoid Data Breaches

G2 Crowd

Is your company doing everything to increase data security and avoid data breaches? If not, check out 8 data security best practices to remain secure.

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10 Best Employee Database Software in 2024

HR Lineup

In the rapidly evolving world of business, managing employee information efficiently is critical for organizational success. Employee database software helps HR departments streamline tasks such as record keeping, payroll, and performance management. With numerous options available, choosing the right software can be daunting. What is Employee Database Software?

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Maximizing Your Health Plan Design Using Data-Driven Insights

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What Is Technical Recruiting? Techniques and Trends 2024

G2 Crowd

Does finding top developers feel impossible? Discover more about technical hiring, how it works, and proven techniques to simplify your hiring process.

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How to Create and Maximize the Hiring Process Flowchart in 2024


Attracting the best talents in the UAE has become a rat race as many companies’ HR seek to outsmart each other. Every firm is constantly strategising to attract the most qualified minds fresh out, raising the competition bar to levels never reached before. However, your recruitment process can stand out, achieving better results with the right tools.

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'It All Starts with Us': 5 Key Ways Talent Development Pros Can Drive Change

Linkedin Talent Blog

I recently attended the Association for Talent Development (ATD) conference, the largest global gathering of talent development professionals. Over five days and 350 sessions, one message rose to the top: Talent development pros are in a key position to drive business impact, whether it’s helping build AI skills, leading a skills-based initiative, or expanding career development for employees.