The Link Between Employer Branding and Employee Engagement

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Employers have lots of concepts to juggle. Time-to-fill, return on investment, employer branding, turnover, engagement. Employee Engagement Employer Branding Sometimes these concepts bleed together, and sifting through them for the right plan of action can be difficult.

Employment Branding Is Dead

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Employment branding as we know it is gone. So is consumer branding. They are being merged together to create one company brand. A brand that will be used to attract and retain customers, candidates, and employees. Some might argue that their organization already has one brand. But under that one brand, the organization creates specific marketing materials to attract customers. And if I’m an employee, I’m proud to be a part of that success.

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Why Employer Branding is so Important

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In a continued celebration of being nominated as one of the top Canadian Employer Brands for the HR Awards , we are highlighting one of our clients, CGI to share a few things that make their work really special. Employer Brand is about our company culture.

How company culture affects employee engagement


What is Employee Engagement? While many leaders think employee engagement surveys alone can improve their organization, CultureIQ’s decades of research show that improving overall culture is a far more effective way to improve business outcomes and propel growth.

Technology Is Part of Your Employment Brand – Friday Distraction

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as a top employer in the software industry. If technology does help employees work faster and smarter, does a lack of current technology send a message about the company’s view on employee development? What I mean by this is … could workplaces that drag their feet on giving employees tech be perceived as not caring about employee morale and wellbeing? Why make employees do double or triple the work if a technology solution can help produce results faster?

Emphasising Employer Brand

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By communicating and acting on company values during times of crisis and uncertainty, organisations will bolster their reputation among employees and candidates. Initiatives like these provide continued employment to staff during a time of uncertainty when business is down, and offer a sense of meaning for those involved. Even if they’re not hiring immediately, activities like these will definitely build brand value for the employer. Communicating Employer Brand.

How to Use Company Reviews to Enhance Your Employer Brand


Well, in the modern talent-driven workplace, retaining the most qualified and skilled employees is a must for every company. For example, would you prefer to join a company with a bad reputation among its employers? What are Employees looking for in Employers?

COVID-19 Recovery: Here’s Why Your Employer Brand is Vital


Employer brand is the reputation your organisation has with your own employees and the wider employment market. In real terms, your employer brand brings to life your employee value proposition which facilitates recruiting and retaining talent. . Facilitate recruiting, talent acquisition strategies and increase employee retention with a strong EVP. The benefit of having a strong Employer Brand? Why focus on employer brand now?

What is the difference between Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing?

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Reading Time: 7 minutes The way to attract talent has changed, and the key lies in understanding what is employer branding. As candidates act more like consumers, you must adapt your talent attraction and engagement strategies. . What is an employer brand?

Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing. What’s the difference?

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Blu Ivy Group has been fortunate to be singled out as one of the top ten Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing companies in the world and I am so proud to be leading their creative department. I am often amazed at the lack of understanding of what employer branding is.

The Rise of Employer Brands on Tik Tok

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Savvy employer brands have long been using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to share compelling culture and recruitment messaging. Why is Tik Tok Interesting for Employer Brands to Consider? Employer Branding

6 Reasons Your Employer Brand Is Struggling


A strong employer brand is viewed as a necessity for attracting, recruiting, and retaining good people in a competitive market. It's basically the reputation of a company as seen from the point of view of the employees already working there. Why is employer branding important?

How Employer Branding Affects Employee Engagement | Xoxoday


Employer branding has a powerful influence over the product and morale of employees. It often results in better focus and dedication in all the work and output

Employer Branding Measurement and How It Can Maximize Your ROI

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When we talk to organizations about the challenges they’re facing and where they’re at with employer branding measurement, we see the same issue come up, time and again: they don’t know how to measure employer brand ROI. In fact, organizations are often using so many different metrics in their attempts to measure employer brand ROI that they get lost or aren’t sure what impact they are really having or they are forgetting critical data.

Employer Branding Will Supersede Traditional Advertising Strategies in 2020

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These things are driving the business and branding decisions we make now. That’s where Employer Branding comes in. Iconic brands such as these are no longer promoting the products that once defined them. Brand and Media Trust Is at An All-Time Low. .

Introducing Our Employer Branding and Engagement Professional Certification!

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Looking for a way to support your people, your organization, and upgrade your skills in employer branding and employee engagement? We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Employer Branding and Engagement Professional Certification (EBEP)! “We So, whether you’re a client or ours or not, we want to support you on your Employer Branding and Culture journey. Building Your Employer Brand Architecture. Employer Brandin

Employer Branding: Harness the Power of Your Story

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Some have pivoted, some have leaned in, some have pulled back or pressed pause to allow for thoughtful evaluation and planning, but all have responded quickly and intentionally with the well-being of their employees and customers in mind. Storytelling is a major component of employer branding, and probably my favourite component. The most impactful stories are not those where employees regurgitate the values they have seen posted on the wall of the break room.

How to Create Your Employer Brand Recipe


In today’s world of work, every business needs a compelling employer brand. A great employer brand is an organization’s gateway to top talent. Whether it’s a small local business with a big future or a Fortune 500 company with a massive global footprint, an employer brand helps an organization define who they are, their values, and what they can offer to prospective candidates. Culture Drives Employer Brand. Recognition Fuels Engagement.

Employer Branding Superheroes, unite! Who do you need at your Employer Branding table?

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In building an employer brand, the survival of the human species may not hang in the balance, but still, there are a few key people in your organization with specific abilities who can help to ensure the success of this endeavor and maximize its impact. Enter employer branding.

The Link Between Employer Brand and Workplace Culture

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There are varying levels of agreement on which is more important in talent attraction and engagement, Employer Brand or Workplace Culture. What is an Employer Brand? An Employer Brand is a company’s reputation as a place of work, and is shaped by an employee value proposition (EVP), what employees value most about an organization. Whether you actively manage your employer brand or not, all organizations have one.

Great Employer Branding is a Foundation, Not a Facade

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When thinking about core HR strategy, for most people, employer branding doesn’t come to mind. In recent years, core HR has gone beyond the basics to include employee experience and employee voice, which are both seen as essential for today’s HR professionals and leaders to understand. But what about employer brand work? Great Employer Branding is Grounded in Research. Employee Voice and Engagement Surveys Can Only Do So much.

The Benefits Of Corporate Charity Partnerships On Your Employer Brand

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Purpose allows an organization to make company values public and to differentiate itself to both customers and employees. It’s an increasingly important part of the Employer Brand as more and more workers seek employment that is meaningful to them and in line with their own values. With a thoughtful approach, there is no question that your company can make an impact on a cause that is aligned to your purpose and that will make your employees feel proud.

Employer Branding Consultant – How To Find One That Gets Results

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How do you find an employer branding consultant that will get you results? Many people call themselves employer branding consultants, but a good one will have expertise in several areas – each of them critical. Make sure that whoever you work with has the required expertise – the success of your employer brand depends on it. Employer branding is core to your entire culture. Employee Experience. Employee Experience.

How Summer Internships Can Help Build Your Employer Brand

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Internships may only run for eight to twelve weeks, but they can have a long-term impact on your employer brand. We’ve posted before about the importance of engaging all your stakeholders in defining and delivering on your employee value proposition (EVP) – and your summer interns are certainly part of that group. How will summer internships help build your employer brand? That saves time and money, and supports your brand as an employer of choice.

How to Pick an Ideal Employer Branding Agency

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Are you experiencing challenges recruiting the broad mix of employees you need in a timely manner? If the answer is yes, you likely have an issue with employer branding. Read on to learn all about employer branding and what the right agency could do for you!

Data Proves that Culture, Values, and Career are Biggest Drivers of Employment Brand

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million employees and I wanted to share a few important findings. Employee Engagement Sourcing and Recruiting career culture development employment brand glassdoor recruitingWe just completed a detailed analysis of Glassdoor data among more than 6,000 companies and 2.2 If you consider “Would you. Bersin & Associates, Leading Research and Advisory Services in Enterprise Learning and Talent Management.

#TChat Recap: How Employee Engagement Empowers The Employer Brand


This week Stacy Zapar, Founder of Tenfold , and recruiting strategist, trainer & advisor joined us to discuss how employee engagement empowers the employer brand. Spending ridiculous amounts of money to source sought-after skill sets and recruit top talent won’t get you very far when your employer brand has hit the skids. Engaged employees share their stories (personally, through social, etc.)

Employer branding is crucial in the war for talent

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To get more out of your recruitment efforts, you need to revisit your employer branding. So employer branding itself is crucial. Job seekers spend time researching a company online before applying for a job, furthering the point that employers present an attractive brand.

Rethinking Your Employer Brand Before and After Lockdown

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If you are a business owner or HR executive in today’s COVID-changed world, you may be wondering: ‘Will there be a permanent impact on our employer brand?’. Should our employer branding messaging change, even as lockdown ends and we move closer to a vaccine?’ . “Do Do we really need a new employer branding strategy ”. Now is the time to pause and reflect on your employer branding strategy. Employer Branding

6 Employee Engagement Stats That Will Blow Your Mind


Most businesses know that employee engagement matters. Most of them understand what aspects of their business are affected by engaged or disengaged employees. More and more businesses embrace employee engagement strategies, but.

COVID-19 and the Impact on Employee Experience: 2020 Employer Branding Report

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Faced with an avalanche of talent management challenges, employers and HR leaders have struggled to deal with restructuring, layoffs, and transitioning staff from the office to home-based working environments in impossibly short timeframes. We wanted to understand how COVID-19 may have changed employee expectations of their leaders and workplace. Culture Employer Branding HR and Marketing HR Consulting Management Consulting

Conference Twitter Primer: Employer Branding Strategies Conference #EBrandCon


Event Name: Employer Branding Strategies Conference. Charlotte_Co : Employer Brand | Recruitment Marketing | Speaker | Talent Attraction | Equestrian | Scuba Diver |. Fishdogs (Craig Fisher): CMO + Employer Branding Leader @AllegisGlobal | Keynote Speaker + GM @TalentNet Recruiting/HR Events | TX Dad 3 boys. Authenticity activator, corporate brand humanizer, #TalentBrand philosopher and occasional #Keynote.

How to Effectively Tell Your Employer Brand Story


As competition for top talent continues to heat up, here’s a recruitment strategy worth embracing—tapping into your company’s biggest assets, your employees. They’re “ the living, breathing embodiment of what you stand for as an employer ,” writes Adam Glassman, a recruitment strategies manager. What they say about your corporate brand on social media and online job sites matters. To attract the right talent, your company needs to effectively tell your employer brand story.

Improve Employer Branding With These 7 Tactics In 2020


An Article by Susan Craig on how to improve employer branding in this era of gig economy. Here are 7 ways you can improve your employer branding. It is for this reason that you need to create a strong employer brand that will stand out among the rest.

What is Employment Branding?

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Most employers want to be known for being a good place to work, but it takes active management to drive this perception both internally and externally. This is where employment branding comes in. Have you heard of employment branding? Also known as employer branding, it’s the strategy used by employers to influence the awareness and reputation of the organization from an employment perspective. Why Care About Employment Branding?

Employer Branding is Critical during Layoffs and Restructuring

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So while it may seem intuitive to put aside employer branding initiatives during this time, and focus instead on change management and transition plans, it’s during these times that an employer brand is most vulnerable and most critical. Here are 3 ways to safeguard your employer brand if you’re going through layoffs or organizational restructuring. . So when people act in a way that reinforces and supports your employer brand, make sure to thank them.

Employee Offboarding Gone Wrong Will Damage Your Employer Brand

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When it comes to welcoming a new employee and on-boarding, organizations really go above and beyond to make sure their first impression is a positive one. Because first impressions matter and all these efforts have a direct impact on employee retention. Employee offboarding is a vital moment for any organization as well—but we don’t always get it right. In fact, often the process for offboarding an employee is ad hoc or neglected altogether.