Employer Branding Consultant – How To Find One That Gets Results

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How do you find an employer branding consultant that will get you results? Many people call themselves employer branding consultants, but a good one will have expertise in several areas – each of them critical. Make sure that whoever you work with has the required expertise – the success of your employer brand depends on it. Employer branding is core to your entire culture. Employee Experience.

Employer Brand Awards That Matter

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From Great Place to Work to your favorite workplace review site, securing a spot on a employer recognition list is a huge accomplishment that comes with a whole host of benefits. It can help you: Benchmark your company’s performance and see how you stack up against other organizations.


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Employer Brand Strategy for Startups

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Why Startups Need to Prioritize Their Employer Brand . An employer brand is a combination of how the market, current employees, and potential employees view the company. If you have employees, you have an employer brand –?even

What is employer branding? How to build a great employer brand


Your organization’s employer brand should always be top of mind. Let’s take a closer look at what employer branding is and what your company can do to organically build an employer brand that sets it up for success. What is employer branding?

Employment Branding Is Dead

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Employment branding as we know it is gone. So is consumer branding. They are being merged together to create one company brand. A brand that will be used to attract and retain customers, candidates, and employees. Some might argue that their organization already has one brand. But under that one brand, the organization creates specific marketing materials to attract customers. And if I’m an employee, I’m proud to be a part of that success.

2021 Employer Branding Strategy

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That said, employer brand strategy has experienced some monumental shifts in the last few months, and become more recognized as a core component of workplace effectiveness. The number of companies with employee value propositions (EVPs) grew exponentially in the last year.

7 Ideas to Build An Engaging Employer Brand


While some of them might offer great job openings, in an open-environment that promotes engaging work and encourages learning and development, if they haven’t built a strong employer brand, they might be left sending countless emails to potential hires. Building an attractive employer brand is not only about attracting a few people for your current job openings. Your employees are your brand ambassadors – use that.

How to Build Your Employer Brand Plan for 2022

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We hope it will help you broaden your thinking, attract more resources, refine your goals, address your employees’ most urgent pandemic-era needs, and build an internal community of supporters who can bolster your efforts into the next year and beyond.

Why Employer Branding is so Important

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In a continued celebration of being nominated as one of the top Canadian Employer Brands for the HR Awards , we are highlighting one of our clients, CGI to share a few things that make their work really special. Employer Brand is about our company culture.

Background Screening and Your Employer Brand


Employer brand is a term referred to describe a company’s reputation and popularity from a potential employer’s perspective and describes the values a company gives to its employees. It has an incredibly positive effect on employee engagement and retention.

How the Metaverse Will Change Your Employer Brand & Workplace Culture

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Employee experience, culture, employer brand and recruitment will have dramatic shifts in the next few years because of web 3.0, and I cannot help but be incredibly excited for what this will mean for the future of work. Employer Branding Future Talent

24 Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms

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24 Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms. See which employee engagement software platforms you can include in your HR Tech stack to encourage employee engagement. This is no surprise since the prevailing problem among employers is talent shortage.

Emphasising Employer Brand

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By communicating and acting on company values during times of crisis and uncertainty, organisations will bolster their reputation among employees and candidates. Singapore Airlines, airport services provider SATS Ltd., Communicating Employer Brand.

Technology Is Part of Your Employment Brand – Friday Distraction

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as a top employer in the software industry. I couldn’t help but laugh at the “fax” reference. If technology does help employees work faster and smarter, does a lack of current technology send a message about the company’s view on employee development? What I mean by this is … could workplaces that drag their feet on giving employees tech be perceived as not caring about employee morale and wellbeing?

Kronos 256

Internal Stakeholders’ Key to Employer Brand Success: An Employer Brand Master Class Series

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We want to take some time each month to feature insights from fantastic in-house employer brand leaders globally. The truth is, when we started Blu Ivy, very few executives had heard of employer branding. Often, customer and employee audiences intersect and vice-versa.

How to Build Employer Branding: A Strategy for the Employee Lifecycle

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Every interaction a potential or existing employee has with you is an opportunity to strengthen your brand—or weaken it. Let’s take a look at how to build your employer branding strategy throughout the employee lifecycle.

Why is Employee Engagement Important? Benefits and Tips


Employee engagement means motivated, excited, driven team members who bring it every day. Unfortunately, only 1 in 5 employees say they are very engaged and are planning to stay with their company for the long haul. Discover the state of employee engagement in 2021.

Advice for Employer Brand Leads In 2021

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As employer brand strategy grows in its importance and scope, it can be hard for leaders in the space to be certain of where to focus. The directors at Blu Ivy work in partnership with in-house Employer Brand heads with several Fortune 1000 and rapidly growing organizations globally.

What Skills and Capabilities You Need on Your Employer Branding Team

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With the added budget and resources being allocated to Employer Branding going into 2022, many leaders are considering how to build out their employer brand bench. Core Skills for Employer Branding. Employer Branding is all about storytelling.

What’s Next for Employer Branding?

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This has been an eventful few years for employer branding, to put it mildly. With this in mind, we’ve gathered some intelligence for you on what’s coming next for employer branding. The post What’s Next for Employer Branding? Employer Branding Future Talent

COVID-19 Recovery: Here’s Why Your Employer Brand is Vital


Employer brand is the reputation your organisation has with your own employees and the wider employment market. In real terms, your employer brand brings to life your employee value proposition which facilitates recruiting and retaining talent. .

Best Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Blogs and Newsletters 

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The best employer branding blogs and recruitment marketing newsletters provide insights and inspiration you won’t find anywhere else. They help culture communicators bring clarity to candidates and they provide elevated, exciting content strategies to practitioners.

How company culture affects employee engagement


What is Employee Engagement? While many leaders think employee engagement surveys alone can improve their organization, CultureIQ’s decades of research show that improving overall culture is a far more effective way to improve business outcomes and propel growth.

Creating your Employer Brand Architecture

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As we’ve explored over the last few weeks in this series, there are several components that contribute to developing and maintaining your organization’s Employer Brand. Statistics show that employees are likely to leave a company that failed to engage them in an innovative way.

Employer Brand: How the Benefits You Offer Employees Can Make or Break It

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It can be easy to understand how value-added benefits could help an organization maintain its employer brand reputation and increase employee satisfaction. Here we’ve put two employer journeys side-by-side. As you can see, the employer journey is a cycle.

5 Things Your CEO Needs to Know About Employee Engagement 


If you’re a CEO, do you treat employee engagement as solely the domain of the Human Resources (HR) department? And if you’re an HR professional, do you find yourself trying to persuade your CEO that employee engagement should also be a C-suite concern?

The Connection Between Business Strategy, Employer Branding and Employee Experience

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Visualization of the Foundations for Employer Branding and Employee Experience. Diving into the theory behind Employer Branding and Employee Experience can be confusing for even the most experienced Employer Brand professionals.

What is Employer Branding and Why is it Important?

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The answer to both is Employer Branding! . Let’s try to understand what exactly is employer branding and how to build your employer brand. . What is Employer Branding? Importance of Employer Branding. Employee Ambassadors.

Protected: Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Is Critical to Your Employer Brand, Culture, and Business

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To view it please enter your password below: Password: The post Protected: Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Is Critical to Your Employer Brand, Culture, and Business appeared first on Blu Ivy Group Employer Branding Agency and Employee Engagement Consultancy.

Employer Branding: Harness the Power of Your Story

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More time on my hands has probably helped as well. . Some have pivoted, some have leaned in, some have pulled back or pressed pause to allow for thoughtful evaluation and planning, but all have responded quickly and intentionally with the well-being of their employees and customers in mind.

Improve your employer branding: business guide | HR blog


You’ve probably spent a lot of time on your company branding. Maybe you’ve consulted experts, carefully considered your colour scheme, invested in a new logo, and trained your staff on representing your brand well on social media and in customer interactions.

Introducing Our Employer Branding and Engagement Professional Certification!

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Looking for a way to support your people, your organization, and upgrade your skills in employer branding and employee engagement? We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Employer Branding and Engagement Professional Certification (EBEP)! “We

Rethinking Your Employer Brand Before and After Lockdown

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If you are a business owner or HR executive in today’s COVID-changed world, you may be wondering: ‘Will there be a permanent impact on our employer brand?’. Should our employer branding messaging change, even as lockdown ends and we move closer to a vaccine?’ . “Do

An Employer Brand Masterclass Series – Featuring Thomson Reuters’ Director of Global Employer Branding

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As Employer Branding continues to grow and we see more organizations building internal leadership roles and departments, Blu Ivy seeks to highlight rising stars. Emily leads Thomson Reuters’ employer brand strategy and brings it to life through all internal and external channels.

Employer Branding Measurement and How It Can Maximize Your ROI

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When we talk to organizations about the challenges they’re facing and where they’re at with employer branding measurement, we see the same issue come up, time and again: they don’t know how to measure employer brand ROI. In fact, organizations are often using so many different metrics in their attempts to measure employer brand ROI that they get lost or aren’t sure what impact they are really having or they are forgetting critical data.

How to Create Your Employer Brand Recipe


In today’s world of work, every business needs a compelling employer brand. A great employer brand is an organization’s gateway to top talent. Whether it’s a small local business with a big future or a Fortune 500 company with a massive global footprint, an employer brand helps an organization define who they are, their values, and what they can offer to prospective candidates. Culture Drives Employer Brand.

The Connection Between Business Strategy, Employer Branding and Employee Experience

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Visualization of the Foundations for Employer Branding and Employee Experience. Diving into the theory behind Employer Branding and Employee Experience can be confusing for even the most experienced Employer Brand professionals.

The Link Between Employer Brand and Workplace Culture

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There are varying levels of agreement on which is more important in talent attraction and engagement, Employer Brand or Workplace Culture. What is an Employer Brand? Whether you actively manage your employer brand or not, all organizations have one.

#TChat Recap: How Employee Engagement Empowers The Employer Brand


This week Stacy Zapar, Founder of Tenfold , and recruiting strategist, trainer & advisor joined us to discuss how employee engagement empowers the employer brand. Spending ridiculous amounts of money to source sought-after skill sets and recruit top talent won’t get you very far when your employer brand has hit the skids. Engaged employees share their stories (personally, through social, etc.)

9 Best Employer Branding Examples That Are Unique & Inspiring


As a matter of fact, 85% of workers disagreed with joining a company or continuing to work if the company had a poor reputation among the former employees or the ordinary people. A company needs to create a powerful employer brand for attracting and retaining top talent.