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5 Effective Metrics for Measuring Team Member Performance


Talented employees want feedback to help them grow and improve, but beyond that, it simply makes sense to keep track of what’s going on at your business. However, quantifying and measuring performance metrics is easier said than done. Team Member Performance Metric #1: Attendance.

Three Ways Metrics Can Help Avoid Common Compliance Mistakes

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But unfortunately, even after organizations spend significant amounts of time and money on compliance, slip-ups happen. What matters, research reveals, is not how much compliance training employees undergo, but if and how it gets measured.

Building Your Company Culture and Employee Engagement Dashboard


More than ever before, leadership teams and human resources departments understand the important role company culture and employee engagement play in remaining competitive and innovative in the long-term. . Recommended Company Culture and Employee Engagement Dashboard Metrics.

4 Drivers That Can Improve Productivity In The Workplace

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Companies build and drive productive workplace practices in many different ways. Sometimes, maintaining a productive workplace is simply baked into the company’s overall culture. Coworkers and managers sponsor competitions that promote teamwork and inspire productivity.

10 Data-Driven Ways to Improve Employee Engagement


Employee engagement is one of the most popular yet misunderstood organizational topics. It’s a key competitive differentiator in the modern business landscape, and unsurprisingly, highly-engaged teams perform much better than their counterparts. How engaged are they?

Employee Engagement Surveys Best Practices

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Employee engagement is suffering despite a fair amount of effort spent on employee engagement surveys. According to some studies, a mere 13% of employees are engaged worldwide. So how do you measure and improve engagement ? What to Ask Employees.

The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion On Employee Engagement


It is no secret that there is a positive correlation between highly engaged workforces and strong employee productivity and business performance. Depending on who you talk to the numbers may vary, but all the data points to the fact that engagement drives performance.

The 5 Employee Engagement Warning Signs

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This guest blog has been provided by Kevin Sheridan, best-selling author and innovator in the field of Employee Engagement. How confident are you that your employees are staying engaged? Engaged employees are all about going the extra mile and putting in extra effort.

The 5 Employee Engagement Warning Signs

Vibe HCM

This guest blog has been provided by Kevin Sheridan, best-selling author and innovator in the field of Employee Engagement. How confident are you that your employees are staying engaged? Engaged employees are all about going the extra mile and putting in extra effort.

Five Barriers to Improving Employee Engagement


And How Top Workplaces Prevent These Challenges on the Engagement Journey. After much debate about the merits of employee engagement, even the most critical executives will now admit employee engagement is a tremendous asset to an organization – perhaps even a strategic advantage.

The 71+ Biggest HR Tech Conferences to Attend in 2019

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d&i Leaders engaged to balance the carbon footprint of their attendees (speakers, delegates, and sponsors) by investing into ClimateCare projects that cut carbon. The objective is to discover and discuss new ways to meet the new employees of the future. Key themes include: Meaningful Employee Experiences, Talent Analytics, How to Future-Proof Your Workforce, Advancing the D&I Agenda, and Performance Management for teams and agile environments.

HR Conferences to Attend in 2019


Which of these top HR conferences will you attend in 2019? HR Metrics & Analytics Summit (Feb. Strategic and tactical ideas to engage and optimize your workforce. The Capabilities of Current AI-Based Recruiting Products. What Customers Have Learned in Implementing AI-Based Products. Lessons Learned From Case Studies of Product Implementations. 2019 trends for eliciting feedback from employees. Innovations in employee benefits.

How to Measure Internal Communications: Defining Your Goals {Plus Worksheet}


In my role as co-founder and chief strategy officer at SocialChorus, I get to work with leaders of with Fortune 500 companies to help them digitally transform the employee experience. 64% say they don’t have a good way to know whether employees have seen or read their published content.

How Can Training Tools Supercharge your Employee Productivity

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It is undoubtedly true that a productive workforce can take your business to new heights. So how does training and development drive employee productivity? Other factors that boost employee productivity-. Engagement with their work.

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The 71+ Biggest HR Tech Conferences to Attend in 2019

Digital HR Tech

The objective is to discover and discuss new ways to meet the new employees of the future. Key themes include: Meaningful Employee Experiences, Talent Analytics, How to Future-Proof Your Workforce, Advancing the D&I Agenda, and Performance Management for teams and agile environments. January 30 & 31 | Zürich | HR Analytics, Metrics, and Measurement. January 30 – February 1 | Melbourne | HR Analytics, Metrics, and Measurement.

How to Measure Internal Communications: An Introduction (Defining Your Goals)


How will you make sure your employees get the message? Reaching every employee is one of the top concerns internal communications leaders face, yet many don’t know how to tackle this issue or measure when they’ve been successful. Which employees do I need to reach?

Supporting New Parents and Reducing Employee Turnover after Parental Leave

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Schedules and routines are suddenly thrown off balance or completely out the window, and while still trying to navigate this new normal, the time eventually comes to return to work. For more information or to schedule a demo of our survey products, contact us today.

Q&A: How to Build a Business Case for a New Workforce Communications Platform?


Your employees make or break your business. They’re at the frontline, representing your brand, taking care of customers, and making your products. How to Build Your Case for an Employee Communications Platform. and many other metrics.

5 Compelling Invitations to Achieve Employee Engagement in Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability

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The Importance of Sustainable Engagement in Environment, Health, and Safety. Leverage engagement to achieve environmental and sustainability results. When your employees are more knowledgeable about and connected to environmental issues, your chances of getting there go way up.

Workplace Flexibility Helps Employee Retention

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Starting with the company, I knew I would get less time off than what I had acquired at my prior job, but the company could have been more flexible and negotiated this option. Sometimes more time off is better than more pay.” – Actual comment from when an employee left a company.

The Best Features of a High-Performance Engagement and Retention Strategy


At the same time, businesses of all kinds have started to struggle with employee engagement. The reality, however, is that poor employee engagement is a common problem in every industry, despite the many attempts made to improve it. Begin With the Right Metrics.

Why You Should Invest In Servant Leadership – An Interview With Marcel Schwantes


Over the past several months, my eyes have been caught by informative articles on leadership and productivity from the same author. Fortunately, he agreed to answer several questions about leadership, employee engagement, and organizational health.

5 Ways To Improve Workplace Productivity

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Business is more than simply a collection of profit & loss reports, production facilities, websites, and other esoteric concepts. When a workplace is not as productive as it could be – when employees are dissatisfied or unhappy, unmotivated, or feel trapped with little opportunity for advancement or even anything to look forward to – the negative impact on an organization can be profound. Productivity can suffer. More employee reward and recognition programs.

Should Companies Aim for Happy Employees at Work?


In a Forbes article written by Liz Ryan, she argues that “employee happiness is the wrong goal” for a company to have. Employee happiness should absolutely be a goal of every business. Degrees of employee engagement and happiness. So what do happy employees look like?

A Few Lessons from a Few HR-Related Fiascos


Sturt and Nordstrom write: “As one disgruntled ex-employee of the company told the New York Times , it isn’t exactly fair for top performers to be compensated the same as slackers. benefits corporate culture HR leadership HR profession leave policies time and attendance

4 Ways Leaders Can Shape Company Culture To Impact Revenue & Profits


But damaging a company’s culture while raising profits is counter-productive. It may seem hard to invest time and resources into something as tenuous as “company culture” when the survival of your company itself is at stake. Happy employees are, on average, 12 percent more productive.

Why Employee Training Needs To Start From Day #1

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To surpass their competitors and thrive, there’s one vital activity businesses need to engage in: continuous employee training and development. There are two things companies should understand: The brief introductory training an employee receives during onboarding is not enough. Training should be planned and delivered from the employees’ first day and become an integral part of their work life. Track response rates, response times, learner progress and satisfaction.

10 Amazing Company Culture Consultants You Should Hire Right Now


You’re aware of the thousands of dissatisfied employees and unicorn companies crumbling under the weight of their mismanaged company cultures. Throughout her career, she has learned about what works, what doesn’t work, and what needs to evolve at a company during times of transition.

7 Takeaways for Internal Communications from Social Chorus’ Most Popular Content in 2018

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We reviewed our team’s content metrics and KPIs to uncover which among our blog posts, guides, and eBooks was most popular. Gotta makes the case that employee experience is at the center of enterprise vision, where internal communications drives employee engagement.

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3 More Trends Transforming Training

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Even employees who are clamoring for more learning and development options can dread the drudgery often associated with such opportunities. It leverages some of the common elements of games—like keeping score, competition with other players, and rules of play—to engage learners.

Are We Ready for a 4-Day Workweek?


Don’t feel guilty—according to an experiment by a New Zealand company, there’s a good chance you’ll actually be more productive that week. The company in question, a financial firm with 240 employees, let its staff work just four days a week last spring. It found that the switch increased engagement, lowered overhead, and boosted individual productivity. We asked professionals that were on a four-day schedule, full-time or most of the time, for their two cents.

People Matter!

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Thanks to Sue Bingham of HPWP Consulting for this short video - a wonderful example of a company, Southeastern Mills, where culture and the engagement of the workforce have created an amazingly successful food products business.

Measuring Social Impact


We use financial statements to measure financial performance, we measure turnover, we measure social media impressions, click through rates, attendance rates, customer retention and the list goes on. When you compare your giving metrics to your financial performance metrics it can yield some fantastic results. Ideally you will take this information and develop a program that is flexible enough to support the causes your employees are already supporting in the community.

Managing A Diverse Team: The Importance Of Saying ‘Hello’ In 9 Languages


It requires knowledge of different customer preferences, employee behavior, and workplace culture, as well as local habits and traditions. Over time, I have developed kind of an own metric for each country that helps me in my daily job.

How to be a great employer to work for


These days, the idea of a loyal employee who will stay with you more than two years may seem seems blue sky thinking, especially in the millennial mindset that has caused huge shifts in the working world. Yet the Glassdoors of this world make it extremely easy for each employee to share every interaction with your company and in the process deter future prospective employees. Make sure both you’re employees (both new and existing) are not in the dark.

Hidden Problems Behind Eliminating Employee Performance Review Ratings

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I also attended a fascinating session hosted by Leslie Apony at SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW event earlier this year, and came to a few conclusions. Many organizations are getting away from traditional annual performance reviews that rate employees once a year.

Do Service Awards Still Matter?

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Yet that is the message employers send with awards for employees’ five, ten or 20-year anniversaries…” I’ve read a few posts and articles now picking up on a similar theme– questioning the value of recognition for service milestones. Let’s also look at employee engagement data for a minute.