INTERVIEW: Dr. Jac Fitz-enz on Human Capital Metrics

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In my very first human resources manager role, I attended a weekly department head meeting. When it came time for me to talk about projects and needs, sometimes I would get what I wanted and sometimes I didn’t. Is there a place in HR for both metrics and analytics?

The 3 Key Metrics in HR Predictive Analytics

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I like to think of it this way: HR metrics tell you what happened in the past. For example, time to fill. Both of these metrics are valuable, but it’s not all the information we might need to make business decisions. Outcomes measure profitability, productivity, and retention.

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Three Ways Metrics Can Help Avoid Common Compliance Mistakes

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But unfortunately, even after organizations spend significant amounts of time and money on compliance, slip-ups happen. Below, he shares the most common compliance mistakes organizations make—and the metrics that can help avoid them.

5 Effective Metrics for Measuring Team Member Performance


However, quantifying and measuring performance metrics is easier said than done. T raditional metrics such as productivity can present a moving target and can often be misleading. T here are a number of different methods to choose from for actually tracking performance metrics.

Impress Your CEO With These Strategic Business Impact Recruiting Metrics


It’s also important to understand that you can’t impress a CEO with a large volume of tactical recruiting metrics. Instead, you must focus on metrics that demonstrate a direct impact on what CEO’s really care about, the firm’s strategic goals.

4 Drivers That Can Improve Productivity In The Workplace

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Companies build and drive productive workplace practices in many different ways. Sometimes, maintaining a productive workplace is simply baked into the company’s overall culture. Coworkers and managers sponsor competitions that promote teamwork and inspire productivity.

4 Drivers That Can Improve Productivity In The Workplace

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Productive workplace practices focus on performance and the improvement of that performance. Aligning your employees with that concept can help reinforce the significance of key productivity drivers. Creating a Productive Culture.

The 71+ Biggest HR Tech Conferences to Attend in 2019

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January 30 & 31 | Zürich | HR Analytics, Metrics, and Measurement. January 30 – February 1 | Melbourne | HR Analytics, Metrics, and Measurement. So no pressure to attend every event during the three days. Founded by Sigmar Recruitment, this one day convention surely is a great option for Europe-based professionals who can’t afford spending too much money or time at an event. It’s time to shape the future of the workplace.

HR Conferences to Attend in 2019


Which of these top HR conferences will you attend in 2019? HR Metrics & Analytics Summit (Feb. The Capabilities of Current AI-Based Recruiting Products. What Customers Have Learned in Implementing AI-Based Products. Lessons Learned From Case Studies of Product Implementations. HR metrics that matter. Here’s a template you can use for a letter to leadership to justify attending any HR conference.

The 4 Metrics You Need to Gauge Employee Performance


However, the 2014 Global Assessment Trends Report from CEB found only half of respondents use talent metrics to prove ROI, and only 45 percent currently use objective measures of potential to guide development and succession plans. A company is only as good as the talent behind it.

Report: Contract Workers Are More Productive than Full-Time Employees

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Work Market, an on-demand workforce management platform, commissioned the new research report through KRC Research to evaluate the views of CFOs and line-of-business managers on productivity and workforce utilization across a diverse range of industries and business sizes.

The 71+ Biggest HR Tech Conferences to Attend in 2019

Digital HR Tech

January 30 & 31 | Zürich | HR Analytics, Metrics, and Measurement. January 30 – February 1 | Melbourne | HR Analytics, Metrics, and Measurement. So no pressure to attend every event during the three days. Founded by Sigmar Recruitment, this one day convention surely is a great option for Europe-based professionals who can’t afford spending too much money or time at an event. It’s time to shape the future of the workplace.

Time and Attendance and Payroll at APA Fall Forum


Demystifying the Complexities and Compliance Issues Associated with Processing Time and Attendance and Payroll. I recently had the opportunity to attend the American Payroll Association Fall Forum in Orlando. 2) Big Data is coming to Payroll and Time & Attendance!

6 Tactics LinkedIn’s Product Team Used to Cut Its Time to Hire in Half

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A year ago, the hiring process for LinkedIn’s Product team was, well, suboptimal. And the average time to “approved for hire” was 83 days. To fix this, Ryan Rolansky , the SVP of Product, brought in Amy Schultz as the new head of recruiting for his team.

How Can Training Tools Supercharge your Employee Productivity

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It is undoubtedly true that a productive workforce can take your business to new heights. So how does training and development drive employee productivity? Other factors that boost employee productivity-. Flexible Learning Opportunities Avoid Time-Off for Training Sessions.

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2017 Hireology Product Year in Review


On the product side of the business, we made several updates to the Hireology platform in 2017, including the following: Payroll and Talent Management Integration.

When is it Time to Explore Predictive Analytics in HR?

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The next logical step for such companies is predictive analytics, the economic effect of which can be many times stronger. In general, any company has several options for implementing such projects, whether on its own, through contractors or using off-the-shelf products.

Retention, Engagement and Productivity: The Business Impact of Campus Recruiting


Too often, decisions are made based on time constraints and availability rather than quality. In the past, these metrics were often overlooked or were not a high priority for campus recruiting. By Madeline Laurano, Co-Founder and Chief Research Officer, Aptitude Research Partners.

Study Finds the 3 Actions Taken by the Most Productive Managers

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It's a familiar complaint among managers: They aren't as productive as they would like to be because they're constantly interrupted by the demands of others. Among the findings about the most productive leaders: 1. Agree on success metrics with your team

How to Measure Internal Communications: An Introduction (Defining Your Goals)


And once you understand the metrics behind your internal communications, you’ll know exactly what’s working and what’s not—and ultimately how to capture the attention of all your employees. For many internal communicators, evaluating metrics is a weak spot. You have a merger coming.

Supporting New Parents and Reducing Employee Turnover after Parental Leave

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Schedules and routines are suddenly thrown off balance or completely out the window, and while still trying to navigate this new normal, the time eventually comes to return to work. For more information or to schedule a demo of our survey products, contact us today.

5 Ways To Improve Workplace Productivity

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Business is more than simply a collection of profit & loss reports, production facilities, websites, and other esoteric concepts. When a workplace is not as productive as it could be – when employees are dissatisfied or unhappy, unmotivated, or feel trapped with little opportunity for advancement or even anything to look forward to – the negative impact on an organization can be profound. Productivity can suffer. Automate time and attendance software.

Q&A: How to Build a Business Case for a New Workforce Communications Platform?


They’re at the frontline, representing your brand, taking care of customers, and making your products. and many other metrics. What have you seen as successful solutions for employees who are not often connected online, such as productions or shift workers? .

Workplace Flexibility Helps Employee Retention

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Starting with the company, I knew I would get less time off than what I had acquired at my prior job, but the company could have been more flexible and negotiated this option. Sometimes more time off is better than more pay.” – Actual comment from when an employee left a company.

It’s Time to Modernize Your Learning and Development (L&D) Ecosystem

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Whether its cause is generational, educational, experiential, or a mix of all of the above, employers are contending with shrinking labor pools, expanded competition for top talent, and high turnover — it’s time to revisit the quality of the learning and development (L&D) environment. Let’s just stop and contemplate this for a moment: If the LMS is so functional, then why is the workforce metric case is so bad? It’s Time to Focus on Personal Employee Development.

Preventing Workplace Shootings by Employees

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Union officials at the time stated there was a massive increase in pressure on employees, even reaching levels of harassment, to increase their productivity, which is thought to have influenced the intense reaction of the shooter.

How to Measure Internal Communications: Defining Your Goals {Plus Worksheet}


That’s why we’re launching a How to Measure Internal Communications blog series, a step-by-step guide with everything you need to know about internal communications metrics. For many internal communicators, evaluating metrics is a weak spot. What are the metrics specific to the channel?

A Few Lessons from a Few HR-Related Fiascos


Sturt and Nordstrom write: “As one disgruntled ex-employee of the company told the New York Times , it isn’t exactly fair for top performers to be compensated the same as slackers. benefits corporate culture HR leadership HR profession leave policies time and attendance

Why Do We Ignore the Tip of the Spear?

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Productivity? This opening statement frames the discussion in this paper which reports that 99% of companies do offer some sort of management training and 93% of middle managers frequently attend it.

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Do you do Capacity Modeling in Recruiting? You should be! #ghOPEN

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In simple terms, Capacity Modeling is the process of determining the production capacity needed by an organization to meet changing demands for its products. If you would like us to hire an additional 300 that would put us at “X” over capacity, so we will need the following time and resources to meet that need. Applicant Tracking Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals ATS Data Analytics Metrics TA Technology Talent Acquisition Trench HR

Handling Presenteeism in the Workplace


Old-fashioned HR managers may use attendance as the metric for measuring success , but observant people and culture pros know team members can be at work without being fully present. In short, w hen employees short up to work and work when sick, it leads to productivity loss.

Get Onboard the HR Analytics Movement

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This is time-consuming and often creates calculation errors, prompting poor business and talent decisions. An analytics strategy starts with using ad hoc metrics and reports to understand “what happened.” For example, how many supervisors attended that new supervisor boot camp?

Building Your Company Culture and Employee Engagement Dashboard


One way to get started is to create a company culture and employee engagement dashboard that monitors the increases and decreases in certain metrics over time. Recommended Company Culture and Employee Engagement Dashboard Metrics. Company Culture Metrics.

5 Reasons Why Strong Goals Can Make a Difference for Your Company

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Establish a baseline for metrics. Many organizations fail to understand how metrics should be built and the importance of making them personal for each and every individual employee. A paycheck is not a realistic goal for an individual, but many times it is their only goal for working.

3 More Trends Transforming Training

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Gaming is an intrinsically self-motivated passage of time, with people worldwide clocking in 3 billion hours of gameplay a week,” says Apollo Education Groups’ chief professional development officer Steve Rae. Training current employees engagement metrics Social Learning

Research: 70% of Companies Plan to Recruit on Campus — Do You Stand Out?


In fact, the average employer attends 41 career fair events each year. Eliminate paper resumes with a mobile-friendly check-in portal to capture candidate data — then empower staff to review, evaluate and follow-up in real time. Campus snapshot key metrics.

3 Strategies for Achieving Your Career Goals

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I don’t know that it means an equal 50/50 split of time. Having work/life balance can mean being able to attend conferences, classes, or obtain a certification that will improve our knowledge and skills. And spending time on learning and education doesn’t have an age limit.