Hiring & Onboarding Staff Virtually


As virtual recruiting becomes part of the new normal, HR leaders are also being forced to adjust to a virtual onboarding process in lieu of the typical face-to-face meetings with direct managers and team members. This can present some challenges, but we’ve put together a few tips and best practices to help you onboard virtually and create a memorable first impression during these challenging times. Make Virtual Onboarding Purposeful. Assign an Onboarding Mentor.

Use your LMS to automate onboarding


In addition, onboarding accounts for a significant expense. According to an analysis by GlassDoor , just the paperwork and administrative parts of onboarding can be costly. Using your learning management system (LMS) to automate onboarding can significantly reduce costs, shorten your onboarding process, and make it more efficient and appealing to new workers. Below are some of the benefits of automating onboarding through LMS. Customize Learning.

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Hire or Train? Things to Consider When Building an All-Star Team


According to a recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average cost per hire is $4,129—on top of their salary and benefits package. In 2014, companies spent an average of $1,229 per employee on learning , with 32.4 learning hours being used per employee. Integrate these services with your existing learning management system to make implementation, tracking, and follow-up part of your team management process.

Top 4 HR challenges and how HRMS software can solve them

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As today’s workforce is becoming more dynamic and diverse, HR management is becoming more challenging. Here are the top four challenges faced by HR departments and how HRMS software can help: Challenge 1: Developing an efficient onboarding experience.

Case Study: CertaSite


In addition, employees and managers alike needed a user-friendly way to accurately track job costing for each assignment and ability to clock in and out remotely. Manual applicant tracking and onboarding. Customizable learning tracks and certification. Onboarding.

Case Study: County Fire Protection


In addition, employees and managers alike needed a user-friendly way to accurately track job costing for each assignment and ability to clock in and out remotely. Manual applicant tracking and onboarding. Customizable learning tracks and certification. Onboarding.

The 10 Best Tools for Increased Employee Engagement


From new hire onboarding to everyday appreciation and recognition—there are different tools to create a culture of engagement. Let’s discuss employee engagement, learn more about its importance, highlight some good examples, and then we will get into the list of best employee engagement software. iCIMS Onboard. All-In-One Management Software. ProofHub – Online Project Management Software | Loved by 85,000+ Teams. Human Resource Management Software.

Managing HR operations remotely with Zoho People

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With current technology, managing HR functions remotely shouldn’t be a problem. We’ve put together a complete guide that lists the different ways in which Zoho People eases remote workforce management: Onboard your employees with ease. With Zoho People, new employees can be onboarded without any hassle even as you work remotely. Create a checklist of all the activities that new hires are expected to perform to ensure successful and complete onboarding.

How HR software eases workforce management for the finance sector

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However, HR professionals in the finance sector are facing challenges in people management due to rapid digitalization and globalization. Performance management is one of the major issues facing the finance sector. This is where the performance management system in HRMS can help. With a performance management system, you can manage your employee’s performance effectively with regular reviews. Caters to the learning needs of your employees.

5 Ways to Mitigate HR Compliance Risk


Herein lies the challenge for many HR departments (or teams of one): you just don’t have the budget or the resources to manage compliance alone. 5 ways the right HR partner can help you manage compliance effectively. But compliance training shouldn’t just be part of onboarding.

4 Best Practices for Transitioning From Offline to Online Learning


And, this includes their employee training and development programs as well as onboarding initiatives. Are you planning to onboard new hires? All you have to do is locate your materials, then organize and package them as handbooks, guides, videos, PDFs, or PPTs. Next, bulk upload them on your online training delivery platform such as a learning management system (LMS).

Developing employee skills with generous training incentives

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Attracts employees who value and participate in life-long learning. The keys are to understand the purpose of each learning campaign, who will benefit from it, and how to include it as part of a compensation plan. Here are some ways to create an incentive around employee learning programs. A learning program is only as good as its ability to translate into real-world, actionable results in the workplace. Then create learning around the gaps. Tess C.

The ultimate guide to selecting a Human Resource Management System

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A Human Resource Management System, commonly abbreviated as HRMS, is a software application that enables HR professionals to automate all essential HR operations, including onboarding, talent management, performance reviews, attendance tracking, and more. On the whole, an HRMS has everything you need to improve your workforce management. An HRMS has all the necessary tools to manage a remote workforce. Employee database management. Exit management.

The Keys to Recruiting and Compliance Success in Manufacturing


Instead of wasting hours sorting through paper resumes or an email inbox, recruiters and hiring managers can have instant access to the data and information they need to make quick and informed hiring decisions. Giving new hires a memorable onboarding experience is the first step to improving retention and increasing productivity. Employers should also consider pairing a new hire with an experienced onboarding mentor who can help guide them through the transition.

9 simple but effective ways to improve employee productivity


Many times, going back to the basics of good people management is all it takes to generate greater productivity from your workforce. For an accounts payable manager, displaying caring customer service may mean helping a patient sort out a billing error that would have cost them a lot more out of pocket. First, a well-written job description clarifies the responsibilities of a position and helps managers and employees establish clear, relevant performance goals. Manage growth.

The Top 12 Free and Open Source HR Software Systems for Your Small Business


Grouped into two categories—free HR software and open source HR software—this list of products ranges from simple options to manage needs such as personnel tracking and absence management, all the way up to HR suites with modules for strategic needs such as recruiting and performance reviews.

What is a PEO?


Through the co-employment relationship, a PEO takes on many of your employee-related employer responsibilities, while you continue to manage and run your business. You’ll still maintain control over managing your employees’ daily to-dos and core job functions as well as maintaining your organizational structure. This way you can spend less time managing various vendor relationships. The PEO also manages and resolves your claims in the event of an on-site injury.