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Onboarding Gaps and How to Close Them

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Onboarding is a critical part of the talent acquisition process. Still, it has become arguably more challenging for employers over the past few years as more employees are being hired—and onboarded—remotely. The onboarding process is the first step in acclimating new employees to their jobs, colleagues, and the company culture.

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Road Safety and Traffic Management Firm Expedites Time-to-Hire, Saves 1,200 Hours in Employee Onboarding with UKG


Prior to UKG, the company’s human capital management and workforce management processes were manual and time consuming, based on spreadsheets, email, and paper. With its full-suite UKG solution, ATS Traffic has removed the complexity from its HR practices and experienced significant results, specifically in onboarding new employees.

UKG 40

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What is a learning management system?

Zoho People

Manually arranging these programs is not easy, and this is where a learning management system, also known as an LMS, is very helpful. If you are wondering if investing in an LMS would be worthwhile, here are some compelling reasons why an LMS could be one of your organization's best tech investments: Onboarding training.

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How to Use Video for Remote Onboarding


But using video for onboarding employees enables greater institutional efficiency and more information – quicker. Here are 5 tips regarding how you can leverage videos for remote onboarding of recruits. 5 Tips to Use Videos for Remote Onboarding. Video is Crucial for Remote Onboarding. Conclusion.

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The 9 Best Employee Onboarding Software 2024


Starting a new job can be overwhelming with all the paperwork, emails, and repetitive tasks involved in the onboarding process. It’s exhausting for the team managing the process and the new hires, who may feel overwhelmed before settling in. Here, the best employee onboarding software steps in as a solution.

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Best Learning Management System for Telecommunication Industry


In the dynamic landscape of the telecommunication industry, it’s imperative to have a Learning Management System (LMS) that can adapt and evolve with the fast-paced technological advancements. How can an LMS help in onboarding new telecom employees? This foster improved efficiency and a competitive edge.

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Six Ways a Learning Management System Helps Grow Your Remote Workforce

Netchex HR Blog

A Learning Management System (LMS) provides value to everyone at your company, especially remote workers. Workers appreciate diversity, freedom, and flexibility , while management appreciates the built-in management and reporting. Easy remote onboarding. But it doesn’t have to be! Clear reporting and tracking.