Simple steps to create an employee handbook

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Employee handbooks are large documents that list out a variety of company policies and procedures. They’re incredibly helpful to management and staff, but creating an effective employee handbook is a large undertaking that will require proper time and planning. Outline your handbook.

How to write an employee handbook effectively


Employee handbooks are crucial for communicating company culture and policies to your team. Employees can use them to answer questions they may have around vacation time, wage and hour policies, and more. . Give a brief history of the company. Hours. Wage practices.


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How To Write And Update Your Employee Handbook For 2021


Employee Handbooks in 2021: The Definitive Guide. Many business owners overlook the importance of a well-written employee handbook. A good handbook serves many purposes. Is your handbook a useful tool for your company? Make training and enforcement easier.

What you need to include in a small business employee handbook

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When you’re trying to oversee your business’ sales, marketing, product, and finances it’s easy to put HR tasks like developing an employee handbook on the backburner. However, employee handbooks serve an important role. Why does your small business need an employee handbook ?

How To Write And Update Your Employee Handbook For 2020


Employee Handbooks in 2020: The Definitive Guide. Many business owners overlook the importance of a well-written employee handbook. A good handbook serves many purposes. Is your handbook a useful tool for your company? Make training and enforcement easier.

Handbook revisions you can’t do without for 2021

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It’s tempting to write off 2020 as the year we were all been forced to work in crisis mode. Don’t let that deter you from making essential handbook revisions you can’t do without. Department of Labor (DOL) enforcement action on the new temporary paid leave provisions.

Protect Your Restaurant from Wage and Hour Violations


The hospitality industry (particularly restaurants) faces more wage and hour violations than any other industry. In fact, throughout 2017, the Department of Labor (DOL) received over 7,000 wage and hour claims from the hospitality industry, recovering more than $483 million in back wages for employees for issues like off-the-clock work, failure to pay overtime wages and misclassifying employees.

Unauthorized overtime: does a company have to pay?


What can (and should) you do as the employer? In a rush, his manager told Joe to finish up what he was working on by 4pm, then he left the site in a hurry. Joe continued working until he finished the job, clocking out just past 7pm. Unauthorized overtime? What you should do.

What you can and can’t do when employees discuss wages


Can your employees discuss their salaries or wages with their co-workers? In fact, having a policy against it could get you in hot water with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) because such policies generally violate federal labor law. The National Labor Relations Act protects employees’ rights to discuss conditions of employment, such as safety and pay even if you’re a non-union employer. For example, the NLRB issued a complaint against a diaper supply company in St.

How to choose a PTO policy for your business

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Even the most dedicated employees need a break sometimes. Paid time off is an essential component of your employee benefits and compensation package. Having a solid PTO policy will make administering paid time off easier on human resources and simpler to use for employees.

The hits keep coming in NJ. This time we have new laws targeting independent contractor misclassification.

The Employer Handbook

In what I hope does not become a weekly feature here at The Employer Handbook, it’s time to update the readers on some new laws that NJ Governor Phil Murphy signed last week. The fines for violating the stop work order are up to $5,000 per day.

How Much ‘Side Work’ Can Employees Do and Still Be Paid Tipped Minimum Wage?

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In a recent decision, Florida Federal District Judge James Moody upheld the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) rule that a tipped employee may be paid a direct wage that is less than the Florida minimum wage of $8.10 per hour only if he spends no more than 20% of his time on duties that do not directly result in tips. That means tips are credited against—and satisfy a portion of—employers’ obligation to pay minimum wage. per hour.

Managing Employees’ Online Behavior

Affinity HR Group

We have all read stories of someone’s unacceptable or illegal actions going viral and the public using social media to identify that person and where they work and live. Train these employees on proper communication skills and how to maximize the impact on the platforms.

Are You Responsible When Employees Don’t Report All Hours Worked?

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Employers often place the burden of recording hours worked on employees. Employee handbooks may contain provisions that require employees to record and report all their time worked, and employers may require employees to verify their hours by reviewing and signing their time cards. Policies may prohibit off-the-clock work and notify employees that they must report any errors in pay. Employees Can’t Record Online Training at Home.

Unauthorized overtime: does a company have to pay?


What can (and should) you do as the employer? In a rush, his manager told Joe to finish up what he was working on by 4pm, then he left the site in a hurry. Joe continued working until he finished the job, clocking out just past 7pm. When his manager saw Joe’s timecard was up to 43 hours for the week, he was furious and told Joe he wouldn’t be paid for the unauthorized overtime, per company policy. Unauthorized overtime? What you should do.

Ask the Expert: How Does FLSA Apply to International Travel and Work?

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Travel time: Travel that keeps an employee away from home overnight is designated as “travel away from home” by the Wage and Hour Division regulations (29 CFR 785.39). Travel away from home is paid work time when it “cuts across the employee’s workday.” This is because the employee is deemed to be simply substituting travel for other duties. on a Saturday, his time spent traveling is work time because it cuts across his normal working hours.

What every company needs to include in its inclement weather policy

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A solid inclement weather policy addresses the issues bound to arise when snow, ice, hurricanes, and other treacherous events make traveling to the office questionable or even impossible. The following serves as a guideline for what to include when creating an inclement weather policy.

How to legally manage remote employees

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Plus, creating a telecommute option opens the door to Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accommodation requests to work at home. Remote employees also need training in time-keeping and safety and accident prevention. Does the worker need careful supervision and management?

4 key steps to maintaining HR compliance


Furthermore, the perils of noncompliance are fierce: fines, penalties, potential class-action lawsuits—not to mention the hit to your company’s reputation. For example, while the federal minimum wage remains unchanged, 21 states raised their minimum wage on Jan.

Are paralegals entitled to overtime under the FLSA? Probably.

The Employer Handbook

Last Friday, I had the honor and privilege of presenting at the Philadelphia Association of Paralegals’ Education Conference. The class was essentially a primer on the basics of employment law, during which I emphasized both the types of claims on which paralegals may assist clients, and the employment-law issues that the audience may encounter for themselvesat work. And then we got to the Fair Labor Standards Act.

3 Steps to Protect Information While Leveraging Social Media

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The number of companies maintaining a corporate presence on social media rose from 34% in 2008 to 77% in 2013 according to SHRM Survey Findings: Social Networking Website and Recruiting/Selection. According to the survey, social media is primarily used to attract passive job candidates, but, according to Brian R. partner with the law firm of Faegre Baker Daniels LLP., Garrison advises that the guidelines or policies should not just be stuck in the employee handbook.

10 Things That Business Owners Using a PEO Do NOT Do

Tandem HR

You’ve heard that partnering with a PEO will boost productivity and your bottom line, but what are the benefits reaped most by business owners using a PEO ? In talking to business owners and executives, here are the top 10 things they no longer do now that they use PEO services. Most business owners do not set out to break the law but may end up with practices or procedures that are either borderline or completely outside legal guidelines because they don’t know any better.

Another appellate court dropkicks the DOL’s unpaid-internship test

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You probably didn’t come here to read about Law360 naming me one of the 20 attorneys who are killing it on Twitter. Let’s keep it here at the award-winning The Employer Handbook , and talk about internships. The DOL’s six-factor unpaid internship test takes more shrapnel. On Friday, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals doubled down and threw more shade at the DOL’s test. Wage and Hour Employees

10 Things Employers Must Know About Their Policies and Agreements

TLNT: The Business of HR

Knowing the do’s and don’ts is the first step to success. Test yourself to see if you can correctly answer the below 10 questions and learn more about the developing law governing employer policies and procedures. While it is true that the legal definition of bullying is still evolving, and to date anti-bullying laws are by in large proposed (not enacted) the implication of the increased dialogue about bullying is nonetheless clear.

“If I could press a button and instantly vaporize one sector of employment law?” (redux)

Ohio Employer's Law

Nearly six years ago, Walter Olson , writing as his Overlawyered blog, asked the following question: “If I could press a button and instantly vaporize one sector of employment law…” ? This was my answer : The Fair Labor Standards Act. The FLSA needs to go because compliance is impossible. Congress enacted the FLSA during the Great Depression to combat the sweatshops that had taken over our manufacturing sector. The FLSA isn’t going anywhere.

The 6 Tell-Tale Signs That Someone is an Employee and Not a Contractor

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They gave me a desk, a computer, training, a supervisor, job instruction, and a not-so-fat paycheck. The U.S. Department of Labor would not approve of the Meyer summer job situation. Indeed, in a memo released yesterday , a Labor Department administrator expressed concern that the misclassification of employees as independent contractors is on the rise in the U.S. Certainly, it’s not the label that a business slaps on the worker. By Eric B.

#SCOTUS ambushes employers on agency rulemaking

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Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously held that the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division had the authority to alter its prior interpretation of the FLSA’s administrative exemption and exclude mortgage-loan officers from its coverage. The decision— Perez v. The Supreme Court could have used the opportunity presented by Perez v. Defer disputes over voter eligibility until after the election. Train Supervisors.

Ask the Expert: Are Airline Carriers Exempt from New Overtime Regs?

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Question: We are an airline carrier covered under Title II of the Railway Labor Act. We have several exempt employees well below the $47,476 threshold set to take effect December 1. Do we have to pay them according to the FLSA Final Rule? . 213(a)(1) of the FLSA. If an employee does other types of work, unrelated to air transport, for more than 20% of the employee’s workweek, the employee may not be exempt.

Get Your Business in Shape with the Homebase Compliance Toolkit


Big companies have HR teams to keep track of all the changes and requirements, but local business owners have to do it themselves, along with everything else that comes with running a business. . Check out what’s included in the toolkit below. Minimum Wage Increase Calculator.

4 Ways to Support Employees During a Crisis


Over the last few weeks the environment has changed dramatically when it comes to work and life. As an HR leader, I can remember other times of crisis in the past, such as when our employees had their homes destroyed by tornadoes. At home, that’s not the case.

Punching In & Out for Bathroom Breaks Costs Employer $1.75M


company with offices in several states required employees to punch out on the time clock to go to the bathroom or take other short personal breaks. The effort has clearly backfired, as a U.S. District court judge fined the company $1.75 The cost in lowered productivity due to poor morale, and added turnover rate, are immeasurable. Summary of the case. From 2009 to 2013, the company operated 14 offices in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New Jersey.

Employment Laws: Where Employees Work or Live – Ask #HR Bartender

HR Bartender

He accrued paid-time-off (PTO), but would not be eligible for it until he completed a 60-day introductory period. He is telling us that, due to California law, the company owes him the accrued PTO. Since he isn’t eligible under the company policy, I wondered if it was correct. If he had completed the 60-day introductory period, then we would pay it out. I met Andrea through the Employment Law Blog Carnival , which if you don’t read, you should.

California Employees Can’t Be ‘On Call’ During Breaks

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Employers cannot require that workers in California remain “on call” during mandatory rest breaks, the state’s Supreme Court has determined. California generally requires that employees take a 10-minute rest break for every 4 hours worked. And, according to the court’s new ruling, “[a] rest period, in short, must be a period of rest.”. The court reached that conclusion in a lawsuit filed by a group of security guards working for ABM Security Services.

Business law basics for HR: 8 things every HR professional needs to know

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Business law isn’t just for lawyers, HR professionals also need to know the basics. From the Constitution to contracts and employment law, here are some top do’s and don’ts. The constitutional basics of business law. Because the U.S. The U.S.

7 FLSA record-keeping violations and how to avoid them


If you look at your employee files right now, do you have the necessary records of who worked, when and for how long? Not understanding the rules established by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) means you could run the risk of an inspection for possible violations, legal battles and significant fines. What is the FLSA? In other words, every exempt employee may not be exempt from the same requirements. The U.S. per hour as of July 24, 2009.