Time & Attendance Software Can Help Temporary Workers Get Going

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That includes your time & attendance software. How easy it is for temporary workers to understand and use your time & attendance can make all the difference when it comes to mitigating potential time theft. But it can also be time consuming.

7 time-clock software features designed to solve attendance issues

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Department of Labor says 78 million Americans — about 59% of the workforce — punch a time clock every day. If your company has hourly workers, you know that keeping track of time and attendance is a challenge. to 5% of gross payroll to time clock fraud each year.

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Back to Basics: Making Your Meetings More Effective

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I’ve been studying and writing about organizational meetings for years. But I haven’t spent enough time discussing why making meetings matter is so important. In other words, what is the business case for changing the way you design and lead meetings?

Meeting Experiences: Survey Results

Future of Work

Last week I asked my readers to complete a brief survey to help me understand the kinds of meetings you participate in and how you feel about them. I was initially somewhat surprised by that essentially positive assessment of meeting experiences.

How to Hold Productive and Enjoyable Meetings


The right words are coming more easily than usual, and you’ve almost completely lost track of time. Just as you’re approaching peak productivity, a calendar reminder blinks onto the middle of your screen: MEETING IN 5 MINUTES. Why Meetings are a Drain. Take Meeting Notes.

11 Small Business Tips for an Epic Annual Meeting

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One of my favorite instances of this benefit is the annual ExactHire company meeting. Having at least six of these yearly meetings under our belt now, I can say we’ve definitely improved our efficiency and meeting outcomes over the years. 10 – Respect everyone’s time.

Make Meetings Matter

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Meetings do matter. For me, their main importance is as a forum for making timely decisions that will benefit the business. But most people know the feeling of frustration when the meetings they have to attend get overlong and dull, or the subjects under discussion don’t concern them.

my screen share showed an inappropriate tab during a meeting, my boss’s son is a reckless driver, and more

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My screen share showed an inappropriate browser tab during a meeting. In my role as project manager for my company, I frequently lead status or check-in meetings. We do these over video conference, and lately I’ve been sharing my screen to review the to-do list and ensure the notes that I capture are accurate. Today I was sharing my screen during a weekly meeting with a large group (nine people). I have been having a hard time for a few years now.

8 Meeting Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

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When done effectively meetings can be a major asset to organizations. But, when done incorrectly, meetings can be unproductive and a serious waste of time and money. The thing is, many individuals forego putting together an agenda for their meetings. Time is money.

my coworker is lying about attending meetings, I need to fire a volunteer, and more

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My coworker is lying about attending meetings. My fellow coworker, who is also a director in my unit, is supposed to attend a weekly meeting on marketing and report back to our staff. I have noticed that this director really couldn’t answer many of my questions about the marketing meetings when I would follow up with her reports. The head of Marketing told me that no one from our unit has attended the weekly meetings in six months.

Meet ‘Model 2’ Christina, the happier, healthier version

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Christina enjoyed her time as a student at North Dallas High School so much that she returned as a teacher. She agreed, with a caveat: She needed to be released in time to attend the graduation ceremony Saturday. Now it was time to get serious about controlling her diet.

should I ask to be paid to attend the holiday party, how do people call in sick, and more

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Should I skip the holiday party unless I’m paid to attend? It is after hours and I found out from the HR manager that we are all expected to attend. I am part-time and hourly; the “after hours” part of this is four hours after my day usually ends, and I would not be paid for the time spent. and have my time respected? Technically, if the party is truly mandatory and you’re hourly, they need to pay you for your time there.

Recruiters, It's Time to Start Texting Candidates

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I finally decided it was time to go through them (enough is enough, even I have standards people!). Adding text messaging into the mix could be the answer to more effectively—and successfully—connecting with talent in real time. And just like artificial intelligence (AI), video interviewing and chatbot recruiting assistants are becoming more commonplace to help quickly screen candidates and quicken the hiring process, so too is texting. Time to Text?

Peopletrail To Attend The 2018 SHRM Convention In Chicago


Peopletrail, a leading background check and employment screening company, announced today it will attend the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) annual convention, June 17-21, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. It’s About Time.

my boss sent a chat message I wasn’t supposed to see — but it popped up on a shared screen

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When it came time for the first planning meetings, I was excluded from the invites by my boss. I gather he implied it was because our other coworker wastes time with long-winded, off-topic explanations, and just having Mark there would be more efficient. My boss said that was fine and that I could bring the new team member up to speed and she could attend too. ” It was a shared screen from the project head’s computer and someone else was controlling her screen.

Business Meetings: The Dos and Don’ts

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Love them or loathe them, business meetings play a big part in our day to day working lives. From the weekly team briefing to the all-important first meeting with a new client, there are certain rules of thumb which can make these events more enjoyable (or at least more bearable). Here are just eight dos and don’ts to remember next time you host a meeting. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a meeting which is totally irrelevant to you and your role.

Free Up Your Time: 5 Types of Flexible HR Software

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Below are 5 types of HR software that can give you r HR team the flexibility they need so they are able to effectively and accurately meet the demands of your business. Scheduling is often integrated with time and attendance software. 2: Time & Attendance.

“READ … MY … FAX!” Is NOT a Good Termination Meeting!

HR Daily Advisor

Yesterday’s Advisor celebrated Back to the Future: Part II on the date of Emmett “Doc” Brown and Marty McFly time-traveling to October 21, 2015—and it highlighted a few scenes that were surprisingly applicable to HR. ’ Let’s consider the implications of this on-screen firing.

I got in trouble for saying “bite me” in a meeting, the best day to apply for jobs, and more

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I got in trouble for saying “bite me” in a meeting. I recently attended an intense work group meeting with my boss and a coworker. Everyone laughed it off at the time, but in a recent routine meeting with the boss I was reprimanded. The times I’ve tried to turn down partnerships (while giving my reason why), I’ve been met with sayings such as, “We’ll just talk it out like adults,” or, “it won’t change our relationship.”

How Technology Can Make Your Meetings More Effective


Booking a meeting room sounds like such a simple thing to do, doesn’t it? But offices only have a limited number of meeting rooms. The more employees, the more meetings, and the more difficult it gets. Especially at busy times of the year, such as during yearly appraisals. A booking system helps alleviate some of the pain by allowing employees to book their meeting rooms in advance. Simpler process, less stress, more time. Make meetings more immersive.

screening for candidates who will be comfortable with cursing and crude jokes, bringing a backpack to an interview, and more

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Can I screen for candidates who won’t be uncomfortable with our cursing and crude jokes? It’s also important to make sure that “screening for cultural fit” doesn’t end up meaning “screening for people from similar demographic backgrounds,” which it may, even if you don’t intend it to. Getting paid to attend board meetings. I’m wondering this about board members — when they attend events at our nonprofit (meetings, etc.),

9 Ways Calendar Connectivity Saves Employees Time


We’re big fans of finding ways to help you save time. That’s why we’ve combined some of our customer success stories and case studies to create a fictional account of the different ways employees can save time using calendar sync. 9:30am: Meet new employee.

my boss is constantly texting and emailing during meetings

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A reader writes: My boss, the president of our company, constantly looks at his phone during meetings. One example is the weekly meetings he sets up for my coworkers and me so we can give him weekly updates. However, he either doesn’t attend or looks at his phone the entire time. Today, he asked that I set up a meeting so he could point out some changes he’d like to see on the draft of a project I’m working on that I sent out.

my coworker loves meetings and jargon, temp is hawking health products at work, and more

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My coworker is weirdly formal and loves meetings and jargon. She’s in her mid 50s and has been in our industry for a long time, although in higher positions than she has now. She loves meetings, and takes every opportunity to schedule recurring one-hour meetings with various teams and colleagues. Her meetings are also very formal and controlled, but not in a way that is a good use of time. I don’t read resumes before I do phone screens.

First-Time Conference Speaker: 8 Things to Know Before Facing the Firing Squad

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A Stanford study by Bower and Clark found that subjects recalled six to seven times the information (93 percent versus 13 percent) when they constructed it into a narrative. When you are sitting through an hour-long talk, it’s easy to find your head drifting at times.

can I refuse to travel for work, I got emotional in a meeting, and more

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I subscribed to a ADA newsletter, watched webinars, and attended conferences. This same training was offered online just not at that time, which I was willing to do. I got emotional in a meeting. We have meetings every couple of weeks, and I expect him to be involved in hiring decisions. Today, I had a meeting with Max to critique my work from this summer. One of his oldest friends, who I’ve met and spent a lot of time with, passed away unexpectedly.

4 Tips to Effectively Manage Remote Teams


Choose an online-based system employees have access to wherever they are, like FingerCheck time clock software. If you’re managing remote workers that never come into the office, face time is important. Consider using video conference technology for meetings.

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How to Offer Employee Time Clocks to Your Customers


If you’re selling a software solution that helps your customers manage employee time and attendance data, you need to include time clocks as part of your offerings. Inserting the time clock discussion into your typical discovery process.

How CASIS Saves a Huge Amount of Time with Video Interviews

Spark Hire

Spark Hire has been attending SHRM for many years and this year, SHRM was conveniently hosted in downtown Chicago. I was sent to the conference to meet with some of our customers. It’s an absolute time-saver for me.

How do you know it’s time to purchase recruitment software and what are your tips for success?


If you knew something wasn’t going well and you wanted to implement changes, you needed hiring reports to support your case (for example, you could see how much time hiring teams take to hire or exchange feedback to advocate for more training for them). I’d share the value of time-saving—which is priceless. When doing research and attending demos, it’s useful to have specific criteria in mind: Think of your company’s unique requirements.

6 Tactics LinkedIn’s Product Team Used to Cut Its Time to Hire in Half

Linkedin Talent Blog

And the average time to “approved for hire” was 83 days. The average time to approved for hire has dropped from 83 days to 41, and 93% of the time interviewers are now completing their feedback (usually, within 24 hours). Or, “Not right now, but maybe at another time.”.

Compensable working time : FLSA :: Disability : Pre-2009 ADA

Ohio Employer's Law

It goes like this: Compensable working time : FLSA :: Disability : Pre-2009 ADA What does this mean (and how dare I make you think about your SATs for the first time in forever)? Busk , last year’s Supreme Court case which held that the time warehouse workers spent waiting for and undergoing post-shift security screenings were noncompensable postliminary activities. I believe Congress will do the same with the definition of compensable working time under the FLSA.

How do you know it’s time to purchase recruitment software and what are your tips for success?


If you knew something wasn’t going well and you wanted to implement changes, you needed hiring reports to support your case (for example, you could see how much time hiring teams take to hire or exchange feedback to advocate for more training for them).

ICYMI: How to Actually Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

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By holding himself accountable and with the help of his co-workers, Bollinger is confident he will help reduce screen time in 2020. Not only has this helped cut down screen time, but it has helped to boost productivity and build better relationships internally.

Preshift Activities: Compensable or Not Compensable? That Is the Question!

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According to Albert Einstein, “Time is an illusion.” The workers, who were required to travel to their worksite by bus, claimed that the time they spent waiting to work after they arrived at the site and before their shift began was compensable.

I want to bill an employer who wasted my time, returning to work after working in the adult industry, and more

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I want to invoice an employer who wasted my time in an interview process. A week later, I reached out to the recruiter to be told the company never got approval for it to be a remote position (which was what I was told the entire time). I am considering sending them an invoice for my expenses and time. I have three small children and we are a one-income family, so $400 is a lot of money to us, plus missing that time with my kids and wife means a lot to me.

Recruiters: 8 Things Job Seekers Want from You [poll results]

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It took me some time to read through the responses and categorize them. Empathy : We spend a lot of time talking about the importance of the candidate experience because a poor one can impact the bottom-line.