How To Build a Successful Mentoring Program

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Companies want to make sure their organizational knowledge and history is passed along to new employees, who will lead the organization forward. One last thing to consider is developing the metrics for evaluating the mentoring program. Most mentoring programs have three goals: 1) to assist in career development, 2) to increase staff retention and 3) to improve employee engagement. So the metrics should correspond to those goals.

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Stop Wasting Time Measuring HR Data


Payroll: what is more valuable to the organization, calculating how many zip codes employees live in or calculating how many have benefits and how that number trends over time? Employee relations: how about this? General MetricsPlease. For goodness sake, please stop measuring HR data. See, I know why you’re doing it. You heard this “ big data ” thing it was a good idea, and you started gathering information.

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This Is What Companies Do When They Are Getting Kicked by Entry-Level Turnover.

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Bertolini told employees at a meeting Monday the company is raising its minimum wage to $16 per hour in April. It will be a pay boost for about 5,700 employees, of which 26 are in Connecticut. Most of the employees who will benefit are in Texas, Arizona, California and elsewhere. The vast majority of Aetna''s 6,121 employees in Connecticut earn more than $16 per hour already. I hope it benefits our employees, and we will learn how it helps our overall business.

The Importance of Analytical Thinking Ability in HR

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Said competencies (along with the nature of HRG/employee relations roles) tend to position talented HR pros well to facilitate cross-functional dialogues between leaders and individual contributors alike. But as HR plays an increasingly strategic role in the arenas of talent management and employee relations from the line to the C-Suite, I don’t know that I (anecdotally) see it adding quite as much strategic value in the arena of people and business analytics.

Effective Performance Management…

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I ask because this morning, whilst combing the internet for my daily dose of HR knowledge I came across the following nugget of wisdom from Kris Dunn here : Some of you that are seasoned HR Pros know the cautionary tale when it comes to employee surveys. Rely on them too much or send the wrong signals to your workforce related to how they can be used, and they can become witch hunts toward capable managers with difficult workgroups.

The Wonders of a 6-Hour Workday

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Do you feel overwhelmed with the number of metrics at your fingertips? Start on Tuesday, December 15, 2015, with a free interactive webcast— Metrics that Matter for Managing Employees. Employees gain valuable time to spend outside of work. It can even help with employee wellness because it can allow employees to be less stressed and can provide time for more activities to be done without encroaching on sleep—it can even allow time for fitness-related activities!

#Employee Feedback Is The Killer App #HR


A new market has emerged: Employee feedback apps for the corporate marketplace. As the economy grows and the job market gets hotter, employee engagement and retention have become a top priority. As attention shifts toward the health and happiness of staff, employee engagement remains surprisingly low. Gallup tells us that only about 1/3 of employees are actively engaged, Glassdoor data shows an average engagement of a C+ (3.1 Employee Feedback Is The Killer App #HR.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Where Do We Start?

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Everything – the entire employee life cycle, from recruitment & hiring practices, to organizational culture, to employee exit. Employ a diverse set of interviewers – Not only will using a diverse set of interviewers allow for different perspectives, candidates are more open to joining organizations when they see employees that resemble them. since 2015. since 2015. A thorough pay equity audit is an effective first step to address compensation related issues.

7 Reasons Why it is a Great Time to be in Human Resources!


There are awesome predictive models for accelerating hiring, improving selection reliability, leadership, performance management, the success of mergers and acquisitions, and increasing employee engagement, to name a few! They use the best academic research and their own process metrics and analytics to understand what is going on in their workforces. The following article was originally posted on Victor's blog in July 2015

5 Steps To Stellar Year-End Reviews

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Just 7% of employees understand their goals and what they need to do to achieve them. You don’t have goals and no metrics for success exist. Facts make a huge difference in employee ranking and the pay and promotion pipeline – but very few managers are really disciplined about cataloging them for their direct reports. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of achievement, so set metrics and milestones in smaller increments to enjoy that satisfaction more often.

Determine what the best HR certification for you is.

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Do you focus on operational functions like recruitment and employee relations ? Though HRCI has been administering exams since 1976 and SHRM only since 2015, both are highly respected in the industry.

What Will HR Look Like in 2021?


The results suggest that HR is more metrics-driven than ever, and increasingly willing to embrace technology to deliver measurable insights on HR initiatives and strategies. That marks a big change—in 2015, people analytics ranked in at 7th place for trends impacting HR. 40 percent of HROS respondents said their workplace encountered employee relations issues related to diversity. What does the future hold for HR?

BLR’s 2017–2018 Pay Budget and Variable Pay Survey

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How much of an increase in pay are your employees receiving in 2017? last year and 16% the year before) of employers awarding merit increases of up to 2.5% (averaged across all employee types). awarded as much to employees at the management level, 19.7% awarded it to non-management salaried exempt employees, 20.6% awarded the same to hourly office employees, and 18.8% of base pay as an increase to hourly non-office employees. in 2015, 35.7%