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Five HR Trends that Will Define 2019


In this competitive talent landscape, it’s vital to stay current on—or ahead of—the latest HR trends. In looking ahead to 2019, what can HR professionals expect to see? The Growth of People Analytics. Consider that only 24% and 32% of companies in 2015 and 2016, respectively, felt ready or somewhat ready for analytics.

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2018 HR Trends to Watch


HR Analytics. They’re more than hot topics, these are the trends that will be top-of-mind for HR leaders in the coming year. Here are the top HR trends we’ll see in 2018: Make people analytics actionable. Transform managers into HR ambassadors. Organizational Culture.


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Workforce Analytics Move Beyond HR

Analytics in HR

Workforce analytics have traditionally focused on HR’s use of them when their value can actually have significant overall business impacts. The availability of more people analytics tools enables businesses to understand their workforces in greater detail than ever before. What companies are getting right.

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The Future of Business: People Analytics for Everyone


Over the past decade it has become clear that organizations don’t just need people analytics, but effective people analytics. According DDI’s 2018 Global Leadership Forecast , people analytics efforts were more likely to fail than not. But those who did succeed with analytics experienced many advantages.

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5 Top HR Trends To Look Out For In 2018


Everything about Human Resources has been changing progressively – the hiring process, people analytics, the transition from paper-based to software systems etc. HR trends keep changing from time to time and it is important for everyone to stay informed […].

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Top 8 Global HR Trends in 2021


This article highlights the HR trends in 2021 that will reshape the HR world and influence the way businesses operate. With the fall of 2019, many HR trends were predicted that would have reigned in 2020. What should be the right HR technology tools to embrace the new work approach?

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Looking Ahead: The Biggest HR Trends in 2020

HR Digest

From welcoming flextime in the workplace to understanding how workforce analytics can impact business decisions, these are the biggest HR trends that you’ll see as we move into 2020. HR Management Trends in 2020. Recruitment Trends. The unemployment rate in the US is low at 3.5 Inclusivity and Diversity.

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