The art & science of organizing and labeling Workable settings


Here at Workable, we have a long list of things we are eager to add to our roadmap. Not only can users take full control of their options and preferences, but it also allows us to cater to different types of users who can use Workable in ways specific to their needs.

Zup Innovation hires 40% of employees through referrals using Workable


Smaili, Talent Acquisition Strategist at Zup Innovation, focused exclusively on upgrading the referral program and making it more efficient. As he explained: “Many of our talent acquisition specialists accept referrals through informal channels. The challenge.

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Alexander Dennis saves over $300K in agency fees in the first year of using Workable


Build a business case to purchase and implement Workable. Tasked with reducing spend, David Raphael, Head of Talent Acquisition, made the business case to purchase Workable, saving Alexander Dennis $300,000 on agency spend in their first year with Workable.

Valiant Finance more than doubles in size within a year with Workable


million in Series B funding , Valiant’s Talent Acquisition Lead, Joshua Minzie, was tasked with doubling the employee base within a year. With Workable, everything’s been perfect,” said Joshua. With Workable by its side, Valiant enhanced its brand. The challenge.

Cytora scales by 3X in 2.5 years, securing top talent for niche roles with Workable


Struggling to find top talent at scale. Source passive talent through People Search. In Workable, Cytora found a partner who understands the importance of having the whole team on the same page. With Workable, Cytora now has all hiring information in one centralized location.

TOP 11 recruitment software to look out for in 2020 [+ G2 reviews]


This article looks at the *top 11 must-have recruitment software in 2020 that could benefit your business. SmartRecruiters ’ Talent Acquisition Suite is built for recruitment marketing on a modern cloud platform with an open marketplace for 3rd party recruitment services.

A Complete Guide to Hiring iOS App Developers : Skills, Rates, and More (2020)

Career Metis

Simply saying, the main responsibility of any iOS developer is to make the app workable and user-friendly. The post A Complete Guide to Hiring iOS App Developers : Skills, Rates, and More (2020) appeared first on

6 talent assessment methods to use for recruiting in your company


That’s where a talent assessment would come in handy. The concept of a ‘talent assessment’ as part of the hiring process isn’t new , but it’s still going strong. These talent assessment tools have been shown to be the most effective in predicting job performance.

Have We Finally Outgrown HR?

Linkedin Talent Blog

Even within the field of HR, we’ve seen the gradual shift from “recruiting” to “talent acquisition.”. Some prefer variations of talent: talent, talent & culture, talent operations.

HR community reacts to Hire by Google announcement


Much of Hire is based on technology Google acquired with the Bebop acquisition. 1, 2020, Google announced. I always expected Hire by Google to end up in the Google graveyard at some point,” says Dwaine Maltais, co-founder and CEO of talent management vendor Talentegy.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


Josh_Bersin : Corporate Talent, HR, & Learning Analyst, Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, research and advisory firm focused on management, leadership, HR tech. Talent advisor. elaineorler : Talent Acquisition Consultant focused on the harmony of People and Technology.