Q&A with Aon and WeWork: How an Agile Financial Management System Impacts Their Businesses


While there, we had the opportunity to talk to Christopher Klimek, vice president of global finance and HR technology at Aon plc, and Mike Hite, director or finance technology at WeWork, about the business impact of their Workday Financial Management deployments, and why you shouldn’t replicate your current business model in a new financial management system. Aon is a leading insurance and professional services firm with 70,000-plus colleagues in 120 countries.

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Advancing Analytics: The Path Forward for Finance Leaders, Part One


Advances in analytics—powered by digital technologies such as automation and machine learning—give finance teams deeper business insights, and the ability to identify performance issues, predict scenarios, and change outcomes. Advanced analytics can help them look forward and better forecast the future with predictions such as what products and customers are most profitable, or which customers are more likely to pay their invoices on time.

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Investigating Talent Analytics

Oracle HCM - Modern HR in the Cloud

HR Leaders Must Become Proponents of Talent Analytics to Drive Business Results. One tool HR is increasingly turning to is talent analytics – tying workforce data to real business outcomes. Most organizations are just starting to use data analytics. More than a third of companies actively use analytics to develop talent, predict performance and forecast workforce trends, but only 15 percent of companies feel they have strong capabilities in this area. By Jeff Haynes.

Determine the Right Employee Salary Increase Using People Analytics


According to Aon’s 2017 U.S. When a top performer leaves the company , the indirect costs in the form of lost client relationships or stifled product innovation can be staggering. Now, with advances in analytics technology, it is also a good idea in practice.

Determine the Right Employee Salary Increase Using People Analytics

Analytics in HR

According to Aon’s 2017 U.S. When a top performer leaves the company , the indirect costs in the form of lost client relationships or stifled product innovation can be staggering. Analytics News & Blogs

People Vs. Machine: Where Do We Fit In The Future Of Tech?


High employee engagement has been shown to result in significant positive benefits for businesses, including (but not limited to) higher employee retention, a better customer experience, and greater productivity. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning, robotic process automation (RPA), and other types of automation and their underlying technologies are reaching unprecedented levels of advancement and adoption.

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How Customers Are Using Workday to Respond to COVID-19


I’ll also highlight another customer, Aon, a global professional services firm with 50,000 employees in 120 countries that uses Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) and Workday Financial Management. Aon was able to deliver a fully remote, 100% virtual financial close for the first time. Can you tell us more about the COVID-19 product configurations for managing the impact of the pandemic? Are there specific products you’re seeing our customers use more right now?

5 Performance Measurement Myths


In fact, Aon Hewitt has reported that for every incremental one-point increase in employee engagement organizations saw a 0.6% This new approach – measuring the frequency of peer-to-peer, intra-team and team recognitions within a powerful digital and social recognition program – provides better quality insights and has the potential to foster a far more positive, and productive, work culture.

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The 10 Best Pieces of HR Content in 2019

Visier - Talent Acquisition

Catch them if you can: How leaders in data and analytics have pulled ahead . McKinsey’s research department has been reporting since 2017 that data and analytics will make a huge impact on businesses within the next decade of work. People analytics in SMBs: Small data, huge impact.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Employee Engagement Survey

Achievers - Recruiting

Why go through the process of actually asking questions, when predictive analytics solutions promise to sort out who will quit and who is engaged? Scott Judd, Facebook’s head of People Analytics, notes in Harvard Business Review that even though they could learn what they need simply by surveying a sample of employees, they like to include all employees in their survey because the opportunity to provide input is so essential to morale and engagement. Use Analytics.

HR Tech 2019: PILOT coaching platform wins Pitchfest


PILOT is the industry’s first scalable SaaS platform for employee coaching and is designed to help HR executives quickly and affordably deploy high-impact coaching at scale, with analytics to prove impact. Customers include MetLife, CBS, Aon, Thomson Reuters, Pandora Radio and more. As the founder of PILOT , one of just a few LGBT-owned HR tech startups, Ben Brooks is used to being in rare company.

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8 Steps To A More Weatherproof Supply Chain

SAP Innovation

The top weather-induced disasters (leaving out other natural disasters such as earthquakes) in the last four years were flood, tropical cyclone, and severe weather (thunderstorms), which accounted for around 75% of global natural disaster losses, or around USD $130 billion in 2015, according to Aon Benfield. Floods, thunderstorms, and droughts usually affect water availability and quality, influencing agriculture and food production in the longer-term, often even on a global scale.

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Bridging The Gap Between HR And Business Outcomes

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With the new technological advancements in people analytics, it’s becoming increasingly important for HR to strategically integrate with the business and operate efficiently. While many HR decisions were and still are focused on individuals, on culture and on office dynamics, people analytics finds a way to organize all those instances where HR decisions were made, compare them to workforce trends and improve HR processes, supporting the execution of business strategy.

Workday Rising Daily: News Highlights from Innovation Keynote


Innovation Keynote: How Predictive Technologies Will Fuel New Products. During the Workday Rising Innovation Keynote, our leadership team announced a number of new products that focus on helping our customers plan, execute, and analyze, all from a single system.

How To Prepare Your Supply Chain For The Next Winter Storm – And Why You Need It Anyway

SAP Innovation

The top weather-induced causes (leaving out other natural disasters such as earthquakes) in the last four years were flood, tropical cyclone, and severe weather (thunderstorms), which accounted for around 75% of global natural disaster losses of around USD 130 billion in 2015, according to Aon Benfield. As the supply agricultural products is relatively concentrated, effects can add up. Identify resource and product substitutes across your supply chain.

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Credential platform aims to be game-changer for HR, employees


Employers can reap the benefits by applying analytics and AI to the data for job matching, learning and development, and tailored talent-management and retention programs. “In In turn,” adds Cameron, “this will provide the much-needed uplift to productivity, which has been below par since 2011, despite huge technological advancements.”.

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Talent optimization: making the case for budget

PI Worldwide

Recently, we reviewed the 21st HR Metrics and Analytics Summit report: How to Hire and Retain the Right Talent in 2019. It shed light on HR’s journey with regards to using metrics, data, and people analytics in the workplace. Why is the need to invest in talent optimization and people analytics still not obvious to the financial decision-makers? Use analytics to understand people and their impact on the business.

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Workday Positioned as a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites


We believe it also supports what we’ve known since delivering Workday Financial Management —that the CFO role has been evolving, and the pressure on finance teams to provide analytical insights and decision support requires a different way of thinking and doing things. Christopher Klimek, vice president of global finance and HR technology at Aon plc , said, “We’ve always been acquisitive, and Workday supports our M&A strategy.

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M&A Friday! This Week’s HR Deals


People analytics firm, Peakon secures another $22M, in a Series B round led by Balderton Capital. Aon Announces Strategic Partnership with Leading Emiratization Advisory Firm. Sun Life and Collective Health kick off partnership to deliver innovative benefits products for self-funded U.S. Happy Friday. Our weekly recap of funding, mergers & acquisition, and partnership news from the human resource, recruitment and employee benefits marketplace is below.

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The World of Pre-Employment Assessments is Changing


Thanks to advances in tech and AI, a wide range of assessment products are available that can make life easier for candidates while improving HR’s ability to determine whether they have the skills and culture fit necessary for a mutually beneficial employment relationship. Naturally, HR leaders should proceed cautiously when deciding which if any of the new assessment products is right for their organization.

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the dying employee engagement survey: new ways to measure engagement

O.C. Tanner

Today many organisations struggle with something called “presenteeism” meaning that employees are present at work, but not productive. And a recent survey by Aon Hewitt showed only a 65% engagement rate among employees of the Asia Pacific region. So with so many employees present, but not productive, what is to be done? This will allow you to naturally adapt to the constantly changing business world of today and maintain a relaxed, yet productive company culture.

Ericsson: Uplifting Employee Engagement Scores With Achievers


According to Gallup , engagement leaders see 21% higher productivity, 22% higher profitability and 41% higher quality of work. This is also supported by Aon Hewitt , which found that a 5% increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3% increase in revenue growth in the subsequent year. Did you know companies in the top quartile of employee engagement see significantly better business results than bottom quartile organizations?

Looking Ahead: Three Big Forces Impacting CFOs and CIOs in 2017


2016 was a year of political, social, and economic disruptions,” says Neil Shastri, leader of global insights & innovation at Aon. While there’s plenty to think about in the coming year, we found that most predictions pointed to several forces impacting finance, human resources, and IT: Legislative change, taking action on data and analytics, resiliency planning, and keeping up with the changing workforce. Taking Action on Data and Analytics.

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How Just-In-Time Training Leads to Sales Growth

Rallyware for Human Resources

Of course, there is a wide range of incentives including bonuses, cash rewards, discounts on company products, and so on. It is based on smart training technologies and uses people analytics about who needs what kind of customized training, and when they need it. Sales success isn’t magic. It’s the direct result of an organized and well-balanced system comprised of the right people with the right focus who are fully engaged in their work.

Well-being for Remote Employees: Inside HP’s CubeFit


In the past decade, telecommunicating has increased more than one-hundred percent, according to a survey by Global Workplace Analytics. They have learned from research and firsthand experience the multiple benefits of engaging their employees with health and well-being programming—from lowered healthcare costs to a more engaged workforce to higher productivity to stronger employee loyalty. By: Torrey Landers and Julie Andrews.

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #243: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

HR Examiner

PeopleStrong appoints ex-Aon Hewitt CEO Sandeep Chaudhary as President Link ». It’ll be it’ll be good such I’m also going to be speaking at the PSAW the people analytic group that Alan and his friends that I get, they’re doing a session down there as well. Because you stop being a company that’s going somewhere and you start being a company that’s just a guide to the various relationship between functionality and new products.

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #225: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

HR Examiner

For me it’s called Mind the product and it is about product management it done differently than than most of the things that I see one day. And one agenda six speakers on the topic of the relationship between product management and company success. So in product management you get the issues like interface design and usability integration. But if you’re actually going to do something like analytics against the H.R.

Workday Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Core Financial Management Suites for Midsize, Large, and Global Enterprises for Third Year in a Row


As a business we talk a lot about the importance of the feedback we receive from our customers and how we use that to enhance our financial management product. In addition, disruptive technologies like machine learning and augmented analytics will transform the way finance operates, by automating mundane tasks to free up workers to be more strategic. These are exciting times, and our recent fourth quarter was our best quarter ever for our Workday Financial Management product line.


Understand Important Trends in Recruiting and Hiring in 10 Minutes


Hiring science and analytics - Google found that interviewing is a waste of time. According to an AON Hewitt study, 52% of workers said they’re open to new job opportunities. These can be created to anticipate weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual recruiter productivity needs. If you missed Paycor’s inaugural Make Your Next Hire Day, we’ve got you covered.